Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Brummen, NL) are rewarded for their efforts in pigeon racing

The Eijerkamp fanciers really enjoy their hobby but they are also destined to win and they are capable of reaching their goals. That is what makes Team Eijerkamp so successful. Team Eijerkamp had a splendid 2013 season as well with a few impressive achievements.

Best races in 2013

24-06 Blois 	(611 km)   529 p. 1-2-3-4-7-8-9-11-17-etc.  (40/104)
15-06 Nanteuil 	(408 km) 3,447 p. 1-9-10-11-12-13-23-etc.   (25/48)
08-06 Vervins 	(299 km) 1,314 p. 1-4-9-15-16-29-25-etc.    (35/48)
01-06 Nanteuil 	(408 km) 1,692 p. 1-3-8-13-22-34-49-51-etc. (44/118)
27-05 Orleans 	(556 km) 2,351 p. 5-7-8-9-10-11-17-18-etc.  (34/45)
25-05 St.Quent. (323 km) 1,304 p. 3-4-7-15-16-23-25-28-etc. (25/43)
04-05 Lessines  (227 km) 7,384 p. 2-3-4-5-11-12-14-etc.     (69/101)
27-04 Wolvertem (182 km) 2,059 p. 1-2-9-11-15-16-24-etc.    (58/100)
20-04 Duffel    (162 km) 2,257 p. 2-3-5-26-27-34-etc.       (44/100)

We noticed when reading through the results that top prizes were won in races from 162 to 611km and it seems clear that team Eijerkamp wants to excel in every distance. We give you an overview of the ace pigeon titles they have won in the region:

1st Ace Pigeon Sprint Region 4          - NL10-1273194 Royal Blue
3rd Ace Pigeon Sprint Region 4          - NL11-1341334 Karen
1st Ace Pigeon Middle dist. Region 4    - NL10-1273398 Claudine
1st Ace Pigeon Allround Region 4        - NL11-1341334 Karen
4th Ace Pigeon Allround Region 4        - NL10-1273398 Claudine
7th Ace Pigeon Allround Region 4        - NL11-1341752 Leanne
9th Ace Pigeon Allround Region 4        - NL11-1341334 Paaltje
3rd Ace Pigeon 1Day Long Dist. Region 4 - NL10-1273141 Golden Girl
4th Ace Pigeon 1Day Long Dist. Region 4 - NL11-1343171 Tiger
6th Ace Pigeon 1Day Long Dist. Region 4 - NL10-1274834 Rochelle
9th Ace Pigeon 1Day Long Dist. Region 4 - NL11-1342535 Amber

1st and 3rd Dutch Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2013

In January 2013 Olympic Lisa and Olympic Vivian were sent to the Olympiad in Nitra in Cat. B (300-500km) as first and third Dutch Olympiad Pigeon. It was a great reward for their clear vision in the last few years. Olympic Vivian is for instance a 100% Heremans-Ceusters hen bred from Jackpot x Artemis (a sister of Finette, second Olympiad Pigeon in Dortmund in 2009). Olympic Lisa originates from the renowned Heremanc-Ceusters pair Rossi x Spinneke, while also being a granddaughter of the world-famous Flits (NL91-1560085).  

Long distance challenges

We know that Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp are always looking for new challenges. In 2013 they agreed to cooperate with Albert Willems and his son Michel from Eisden-Maasmechelen (BE). Knowledge and experience was exchanged and the result was a win-won situation for the two parties, which have both been able to excel in the national and international long distance competition in Belgium.


The best sprint and middle distance pigeon of this loft is without doubt Honda NL11-1342886. She won the following prizes in the district in 2013:

27-04  Wolvertem  182 km  11 - 2,059 p.
04-05  Lessines   227 km   2 – 2,419 p.
01-06  Nanteuil   408 km   1 – 1,692 p.
08-06  Vervins    299 km   4 – 1,314 p.
13-07  Meaux      420 km   5 –   834 p.
10-08  Duffel     162 km  11 – 2,432 p.

A faulty chip ring cost her a teletext notation from Nanteuil on 15 June. She arrived home shoulder to shoulder with Usain, which took an excellent first prize in this teletext middle distance race.

This wonderful blue coloured hen originates from the bloodlines of such legendary pigeons as Flits, Rocky, Goldrush and James Bond. Her sire is Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Lucky 16 and her grandfather is Messi (2nd nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint WHZB 2008 and 3rd nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint NPO 2008). Her grandmother Hester won the title of 2nd national Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance. Click here for the pedigree of Honda NL11-1342886.

NPO results 2013

Click here for the 2013 results in the NPO, which clearly illustrate the talent of the Eijerkamp pigeon family.

Tiger NL11-1343171 was clearly the strongest pigeon in the one day long distance competition:

08-06  Salbris     (599 km) NPO 48 - 2,076 p.
24-06  Blois       (611 km) NPO 48 – 1,626 p.
06-07  Chateauroux (671 km) NPO 56 - 1,398 p.
20-07  Bourges     (620 km) NPO  6 -   963 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Tiger NL11-1343171.

Another special pigeon of Eijerkamp is Leanne NL11-1341752; she has won the following top prizes:

Hassel     14 – 1,718 p.
Geel        2 – 1,441 p.
Duffel      1 – 1,123 p.
Nanteuil    4 -   901 p.
Peronne     6 –   687 p.
Nanteuil   11 – 1,192 p.
Duffel     15 - 2,432 p.
Quievrain   1-  1,613 p.

This pigeon has been basketed 40 times up to now and she took no less than 36 prizes, which means she was successful in 90% of the races. This is quite an impressive percentage, given the top prizes she won. This star is a 100% Heremans-Ceusters hen. Her father is Heracles, a grandson of Olympiade and a grandfather of the 1st NPO Peronne against 13,203 pigeons. Her dam is Hera, a daughter of Wonderaske x Olympiade. Click here for the pedigree of Leanne NL11-1341752.

Eijerkamp successes in other lofts in 2013

Other fanciers have been remarkably successful with pigeons of Eijerkamp as well, which is demonstrated by the following list:

  • Beute Gert-Jan, Wilhelminaoord: 1-2 Hapert against 13,553 pigeons and a 1st NPO Sezanne against 5,051 pigeons (The Netherlands)
  • Saliba Michael and Reuben, Santa Venera: 1st national Champion Long Distance of Malta (Malta)
  • Kramer F.S., Wormer: for instance a 7th Nat. Bergerac against 7,655 pigeons Sector II (The Netherlands)
  • van der Stouwe - Douna, Donkerbroek: two district wins from Gennep and a 1st Tongeren against 1,538 pigeons (The Netherlands)
  • Roodbeen, G., Heteren: 1st NPO Chateauroux against 4,345 pigeons (The Netherlands)
  • DeVries Oscar and Linda, South Mountain, Ontario: 1-2-5-8 Smooth Rock Falls Classic against 2,030 pigeons (Canada)
  • Hakvoort Corrie, Urk: 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint Province 11 Friesland (The Netherlands)
  • Savic Jovan and Subotica, Serbia: for instance a 1st Olympiad Pigeon Serbia Cat. Middle Distance (Serbia)
  • Paliama Johnny, Deventer: for instance 1st Duffel against 1,651 pigeons and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint NPO in 2013 (The Netherlands)
  • De Jong brothers, Almen: 1st St.-Quentin against 4,268 pigeons (The Netherlands)
  • van de Merwe Peter, Dordrecht: 1st NPO Chateaudun against 8,855 pigeons (The Netherlands)
  • Gorupec Branco, Croatia: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Donji Miholjac (180 km) against 1,897 pigeons and 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2013 (Croatia)
  • Van de Veen Nico and Ivo, Dalen: 1st Duiven against 9,041 pigeons (The Netherlands)
  • Józsa Janos and Cegléd: 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Hungary in Cat. H (Hungary)
  • Miquens: 3rd Olympiad Pigeon Portugal (Portugal)
  • v.d. Linde H., St. Jansklooster: 1st Nat. Morlincourt against 6,297 pigeons (the Netherlands)