Hans Dekkers - Hedikhuizen (NL) wins 1-3-4-5 Nat. NPO Blois 3.800 pigeons

Absolute trendsetter in ‘the race of the year’ – with 4 pigeons in the top 5 in the National classic Blois in province 7, Hans and Janny Dekkers from Hedikhuizen carry out that predicate with verve

Four talented yearlings are responsible for this magnificent follow-up of the 1. NPO Nanteuil by ‘De Koot’, earlier in 2010 … a new highlight for a great champion; who enjoys the success to the full.

National champion 1-day Fondspiegel in 2005, 2008 and 2009 … 3. National Ace pigeons youngsters 2009 … 1. NPO Nanteuil in 2010 against 9.000 pigeons … a list including the 1.-3.-4.-5. Nat. Blois prov. 7 in 2010 against 3.800 pigeons possibly sticks out above the rest … although Hans Dekkers is no stranger to excelling in the prestigious NPO classics … 48 Teletekst listings up until 2010 are proof of this. In 2010 only 3 top 10 places had been added to this, until Blois … and all of the opponents were left behind. The old bird season in figures looks therefore very impressive:

Mantes la Jolie (8-5) 391 km against 18.405 pigeons: 23., 50., 89., 384. etc. (20 prizes, 34 pigeons)
Salbris (15-5)  531 km against 5.333 pigeons: 43., 46., 48., 52., 79., 85., 91., 115. etc. (14 prizes, 20 pigeons)
Nanteuil (22-5) 335 km against 14.308:       2., 5., 11., 18., 21., 27., 97., 98., 100. etc. (28 prizes, 35 pigeons)
Salbris (13-6)  531 km against 5.008 pigeons: 8.(TT), 15., 17., 48., 53. etc. (13 prizes, 17 pigeons)
Bourges (26-6)  553 km against 4.826 pigeons: 5.(TT), 31., 34., 242. etc. (8 prizes, 15 pigeons)
Orleans (10-7)  484 km against 4.514 pigeons: 33., 61., 62., 113., 140. etc. (8 prizes, 14 pigeons)
Nanteuil (17-7) 335 km against 6.683 pigeons: 1.(TT), 44., 60., 88., 114. etc. (9 prizes, 14 pigeons)
Blois (24-7)    538 km against 3.800 pigeons: 1., 3., 4., 5,(TT), 22., 24., 25., 35., 61. etc

Hans began the season with 24 cocks and 12 hens in widowhood … but as the season progressed, only the very best were entered for the races.

1st. NPO Blois winner
Winning pigeon is the NL09-1363047, naturally christened ‘De Blois’ … this pigeon convincingly beat the silver medal winner Jan Hooymans and he even had a 5 minute lead on the winners of 3., 4. and 5. National (all from Hans). “He comes out the best lines in my loft,” says Hans Dekkers. He is inbred to ‘Brilliant Boy’ from Comb. IJpelaar and Zn, a super stock pigeon wherefrom descendants in 4 generations have raced no less than 35 Teletekst listings. He is also grandfather of Olympiad pigeon ‘Misa’. This basis runs like a thread, together with pigeons from Jos Leures en Zn., Wal Zoontjens and Zn., Comb. van Dongen through nearly all my pigeons … later supplemented with pigeons from Berrie van den Brand and Dick van Oort. “‘De Blois’ didn’t perform exceptionally well as a youngster, but I saw something in him … I don’t know what,” says Hans. “Fantastic of course, that he has repaid this trust in this classic.” ‘De Blois’ previously won a.o. 2. St. Quentin against 2.168 pigeons, 2. Pommeroeul against 219 pigeons and 6. Duffel against 665 pigeons.

The three yearlings that made the triumph complete with their 3., 4. and 5. place are:
- 3. National Blois; NL09-1363016, son of ‘Max’ (7. NPO Salbris 7.599 pigeons), which was bred out ‘Marco’ (3. NPO Bourges 4.347 pigeons and father of two Teletekst pigeons) x the winner of 1. Epehay against 13.164 pigeons (granddaughter ‘Brilliant Boy’). Mother of the 016 is ‘Vicky’, winner 1. Morlincourt against 10.104 pigeons and granddaughter ‘Autowinnaar’ (top son ‘Brilliant Boy’), also lines Wal Zoontjens.
- 4. National Blois; NL09-1363054, once again inbred to ‘Brilliant Boy’, out son x granddaughter. Mother of this pigeon also comes out the ‘Champion 1’, which achieved Teletekst twice in addition to the 1. Houdeng against 5.022 pigeons and once again comes directly out ‘Brilliant Boy’ … now also a crossing with Zoontjens.
- 5. National Blois; NL09-1363049, has as mother a full sister of the 054, just now described as winner 4. National in this Blois … father was loaned from Berrie vd Brand, out a son of ‘Kannibaal’ Bosua x ‘Gouden Crackske’ (1. Golden Crack East-Brabant), line ‘Witbuik’ Gijzen x Koopman.

1st NPO Nanteuil
Earlier in 2010 Hans Dekkers was allowed to climb the highest step of the honour podium in the NPO race from Nanteuil with his NL09-1363056 ‘De Koot’. More than 9.000 pigeons were entered for this competition. ‘De Koot’ comes out ‘Orleans’, sort IJpelaar and winner 1. Bourges against 1.596 pigeons, 9. NPO Orleans 13.179 pigeons, 4. Houdeng 5.706 pigeons, et cetera. Mother leads again to the old lines, namely a daughter of ‘Champion 1’ (son ‘Brilliant Boy’) x sort Wal Zoontjens.

Without doubt we can rank Hans and Janny Dekkers as the outside category of the Dutch pigeon sport … not surprising that during this weekend of the 24th of July – the weekend of Blois – they are fully in the spotlight … Super pigeons with passionate coaching – it has to be said - prove the most important conditions for many excelling for many years!