The Gyselbrecht pigeons maintain a leading role within the international ‘grand distance’-happenings

The Gyselbrecht family have raced at the top of our (inter)national pigeon sport for more than half a century. We can and may say that the Gyselbrecht pigeon has withstood all the evolutions within the modern pigeon sport with success.

The introduction of the Andre Vanbruaene-pigeons into their old stock… where especially the lines of the ‘Zwarten’ (2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1970) and the ‘Vooruit’ (self 1° Prov Angoulême and 1° Prov Chateauroux…) swung the sceptre… allowing the Gyselbrecht family, from the middle 80’s onwards, to play a leading role in the ‘international races’… whereby they left their mark more and more on the ‘Barcelona happenings’… not only at local level (with 11 x 1° prize Barcelona in the period 1986-2007), but even at national and international level. The victory of the 1° International Barcelona 20.925 p. in 1995 not only crowned their work, but also opened the gates to ‘eternal fame’ for them!
It put the pigeon happenings in the Gyselbrecht household in a faster gear… because the Gyselbrecht pigeons were not only in great demand… many also found reinforcements, and with the introduction of those very strong Gyselbrecht pigeons laid the basis to ‘international successes’ in the pigeon sport. They already have a cartload of references… and it does not stop. The 2010 sport season has just finished, and once again remarkable references pour in from people who have played a leading role in 2010… in which the Gyselbrecht pigeons have played an important part! We have selected some of the most striking for you :

Jan van Engelen from Hedel (NL)

Has in his ‘Don Tarbes’ ring NL07-2007100 a real ‘marathon crack’! This clapper managed to reach his loft on the day of liberation from Tarbes for the 2° year in a row and bridge the 1025 Km gap in one go. He stems from a ‘grandson’ x ‘daughter’ of the ‘Witpen Ruffec NL95-2237021’ (who won 6 x national per 10 by 6 baskettings, and is a son of the ‘Tarzan’ from Andre Vanbruaene). See here his pedigree and performances :

NL07-2007100 ‘Don Tarbes’

Father: NL02-1863046 ‘Marathon’
Self winner 190° Nat Perpignan 6.300 p. ’05 (499° Intnat ), 197° Nat Perpignan 4.719 p. ’06, 693° Nat Bergerac 20.261 p. ’04, 582° Nat St.Vincent 8.438 p. ’05 etc…
GF: NL00-2218666 ‘Tarzan’ Jan Van Engelen. Self father of the ‘Marseille’ (19° Nat Marseille, 125° Intnat Marseille etc…), the ‘Marathon’ etc… He is self a son of the ‘Witpen Ruffec 021/95’ x ‘Daughter King’ B99-4449315 Gyselbrecht (out the famous ‘King 816/91’ x ‘Sister Slim Laureaat 328/97’).
GM: JPN-94-ZA00078 ‘Rising Sun’… a 100% Andre Vanbruaene out the ‘Ribot 516/88’ (Son of ‘Odin 665/82’ x ‘Daughter President 427/82’) x ‘Valerie 604/91’ (out the  ‘Mistral 382/82’ x ‘Sagreira 439/87’).

Mother: NL04-1039790 ‘Sister IV’ – Super breeding hen
GF: NL95-2237021 ‘Witpen Ruffec’… won self 7° Dax 6.397 p., 94° Ruffec 6.868 p., 112° St.Vincent 9.729 p., 182° Dax 6.473 p., 340° Dax 6.326 p., 362° St.Vincent 8.467 p… and has now developed into a real ‘super breeder’… and is a.o. grandfather of the 4° Nat Ace pigeon Overnight 2009 and 1° Ace Pigeon Z.K. by P. Steeghs from Uden. The ‘Witpen Ruffec’ is self son of the ‘Tarzan 759/90’ (direct Andre Vanbruaene out the ‘Mistral 382/82’ x ‘Sister Diplomaat 687/82’) x ‘Mini 782/90’ (Jac van der Wegen).
GM: B99-4449247 ‘Utah’… Direct Remi Gyselbrecht and Sons, Knesselare… where she is a half-sister of ‘Schumacher’ (2° Intnat Ace pigeon ‘Primus Inter Pares’ over 5 years Barcelona 1997-2001). She is daughter of the super crack ‘Senna 990/85’, a 100% A.Vanbruaene (self 84° Intnat Perpignan 11.614 p., and 3 x prize from Barcelona… and son of the ’Marathon 596/84’ x ‘St.Vincentduivin 522/84’) x ‘801 van der Wegen’ 801/94! This ‘Utah’ is an excellent breeding mother and self grandmother of the 1° Mont de Marsan 104 p., 1° + 2° Tarbes ZLU, 3° + 7° Limoges, 4° + 8° St.Vincent, 5° + 6° + 7° Bordeaux, 8° Brive, 13° Barcelona etc 

The ‘Don Tarbes’ is cut from ‘good wood’ then… and he immediately proved it with :
In 2009:

·    542° national St. Vincent 6.765 pigeons (989 mpm) 1025 Km.
•    189° national Tarbes ZLU 3.607 pigeons (1118 mpm)1025 Km.
Clocked on the day of liberation at 22.02. He further won 6° in ‘Fondunie 2000’ against 469 pigeons (only 6 pigeons home on the day of liberation in the Fondunie 2000). 2° local in the club against 81 pigeons .
In 2010:
·    202° national St. Vincent 5.698 pigeons (887 mpm). 8° local in the club against 145 p, 15° district 483 p, 68° in ‘Province 7’against 2.113 p.
•    1° Tarbes ZLU in ‘Fondunie 2000’ against 359 pigeons (only pigeon to arrive home on the day of liberation, clocked at 22u11...), good enough for 30° national Tarbes ZLU 2.950 pigeons. Further 1° local in the club against 74 p, 1° Fondclub Utrecht 131 p .

-NL07-2007047 ‘Lucarno
Full brother of ‘Don Tarbes’!  This ‘Lucarno’ won the following prizes with 4 baskettings :
In 2009:
·    7° Limoges club 153 p, 24° district 985 p, 132° in ‘Province 7’ against 5.702 p, 300° national 13.195 pigeons from 713 km (915 mpm).
•    6° Bordeaux club 224 p, 30° district 727 p, 199 in ‘Province 7’ against 3.166 p, 408° national 8.058 p. from 875km . (1076 mpm).
In 2010:
·    4° St. Vincent club 145 p, 10° district 483 p, 40° in ‘Province 7 against 2.113 p, 105° national 5.698 p. from 1025 km (908 mpm).
•    1055 national Cahors  4.998 pigeons  (888 Km).

Dennis Steeghs, Uden (NL)

There is also a real ‘marathon crack’ in the lofts of Dennis Steeghs, which has the noble Gyselbrecht blood flowing through its veins. So as you were able to read in the comments by the pigeons from Jan van Engelen, the line of the ‘Witpen Ruffec’ also lies at the basis of a top pigeon here .

-NL06-4051361 ‘Acecock 361’


Father: NL00-2220400 ‘Spikkel’
Is in addition to being father of the ‘Acecock’, also father of the 7° NPO Bergerac 2005!
GF: NL95-2237021 ‘Witpen Ruffec’… the super crack and top breeder by Jan van Engelen (see above)
GM: B98-4567632 ‘Verena’… a direct Remi Gyselbrecht &Sons as daughter of the 1° Internat Barcelona 1995: the ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ x ‘Cleopatra 232/94’ Van Steenhyuze-Vanbruaene (daughter of the  ‘Barcelona II 141/79’… 1° Intnat Barcelona ’84).

Mother: B98-4567544 ‘Half-sister Ronaldo’
A direct Remi Gyselbrecht & Sons… and self mother of the 7° NPO Bergerac ’05, grandmother of the 3° Nat Ruffec ’04, grandmother of the 9° NU Orange ’10 by G & G de Graaf.
GF: B93-4659088 The ‘Schift 088’… father of ‘Ronaldo’ (22° Intnat Barcelona 24.908 p. ’97), and a 100% van der Wegen pigeon (out the ‘Marathon 635/90’ x ‘Daughter Turbo 252/91’).
GM: B96-4605726 ‘Inteelt Laureaat’… daughter of the 1° Intnat Barcelona ’95: ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ x ‘Daughter Cahors 741/95’ (the ‘Cahors’ is half-brother of the  ‘Laureaat Barcelona).

The ‘Acecock 361’ performed as follows :

   1°  Ace pigeon Z.K. 2010
4°   Nat. Ace pigeon Overnight 2009
  4° NPO  Bergerac        4.651 p.
16°  Nat  Tarbes          9.955 p.
70°  Nat  Mont de Marsan 10.231 p.
102° Nat  Montauban      18.668 p.
146° Nat  Bergerac       16.041 p.
His full sister ‘257/04’ also performed brilliantly with
  7° Z.K. Bergerac        5.071 p.
70°  Z.K. Bergerac        5.046 p.
157° Nat  Montauban      18.668 p.
235° Z.K. Bordeaux        6.164 p. etc   



Guido & Tom De Rijck, Lier (B)

Guido & Tom also found the ideal ‘marathon blood’ in the Gyselbrecht pigeons for reinforcing and expanding their colony. One of the most important figures which came to the foreground here, and commanded the ‘leading role’ in this success story… is without doubt super hen ‘Marilyn’… a 100% pure Gyselbrecht hen bred out 2 direct pigeons bought from the breeding source in Knesselare .

-B04-6282924 ‘Marilyn


Father: B02-4423657 ‘Blauw Gyselbrecht’
A direct Remi Gyselbrecht & Sons… out the ‘Laureaatlijn’!
GF: B00-4384032 ‘Son King’… son of the ‘Barcelona topper’ the ‘King’ B91-3314816, which won self 96° Nat Limoges 19.250 p., 61° Nat Barcelona 11.214 p., 173° Nat Barcelona 9.452 p., 166° Prov Chateauroux 4.953 d… etc, and is already father of the 96° Nat Barcelona 13.966 p. and the 78° Nat Barcelona 13.659 p. (as son of the ‘Son Tee 242/83 E. Denijs x ‘Laureaat hen 034/86’, own nest sister of the ‘Laureaat 972/86’, father 1° Intnat Barcelona 1995) x ‘Daughter Laureaat Barcelona’ B98-4573702 (so out the 1° Intnat Barcelona 1995: ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ x ‘Daughter 17 Simons’ 665/90).
GM: B99-4449114 ‘Daughter Young Emperador’… daughter of the ‘Young Emperador 712/90’, father of the 1° Barcelona 143 p and 197° Nat 7.767 p., 26° Nat Chateauroux, 134° Nat Bourges 6.886 p… and a direct Vanbruaene (out the 157° Intnat Barcelona 21.545 p.: ‘Emperador 326/81’ x ‘Ariane 208/81, mother of the famous ‘Diplomaat’ and daughter of the ‘Late Elektriek’) x ‘Granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona 507/98’ (out the  ‘Schift 088/93’ Vd Wegen x ‘Slim Laureaat 327/97’).


Mother: B03-4337116 ‘Blauw’
A direct Remi Gyselbrecht & Sons, Knesselare!
GF: B00-4384032 ‘Son Schift 088’… so as his name suggests, a son of the top breeder ‘Schift 088/93’ Van der Wegen (father of the 22° Intnat Barcelona 24.908 p., 90° Nat Brive 20.611 p., 308° Intnat Barcelona 20.129 p.) x ‘Sister King Junior 533/96’.
GM: B98-4480008 ‘Sister Schumacher’… full sister of the Barcelona phenomenon ‘Schumacher’, 2° Intnat Ace pigeon ‘Primus Inter Pares’ over 5 years Barcelona 1997-2001. She is a daughter of the super crack ‘Senna 990/85’, a 100% A.Vanbruaene (self 84° Intnat Perpignan 11.614 p., and 3 x prize from Barcelona… and son of the ’Marathon 596/84’ x ‘St.Vincent hen 522/84’) x ‘Bijou 253/93’ (a super breeding hen, a direct A&L. van der Wegen).
‘Marilyn ‘has then a pedigree which includes more or less all the ‘Barcelona toppers’ from the Gyselbrecht family. She did her heritage proud, because in addition to being an excellent racing hen… she has now grown to be a top breeding hen of format… the following figures more than prove it 

She won self :

  1° Barcelona            87 p.
 19° Prov Barcelona    1.559 p.
 87° Nat Barcelona    13.503 p.
  1° St.Vincent          108 p.
  5° Prov St.Vincent   1.451 p.
 33° Nat St.Vincent   10.022 p.
‘Marilyn’ is self already grandmother of a.o. the
  8° Intnat Tarbes    15.028 p.
 33° Prov Cahors         727 p.
 41° Prov Marseille      477 p.
 42° Prov Orange         490 p.
 47° Prov Tarbes         499 p.
 51° Zonal Souillac   2.296 p.
 82° Zonal Montélimar 2.317 p.
193° Zonal Brive      4.411 p.
332° Nat Orange        5.237 p.
603° Nat Montélimar    7.191 p . 

Admit it, once again a nice list of references for the Gyselbrecht pigeons... whereby we have limited ourselves to the most appealing from the long list. This more than proves that anno 2010 the Gyselbrecht pigeons are playing a more prominent role within the ‘international competition happenings’… in other words in the ‘international classics’ of the ‘grand distance’. Pigeons for the ‘hard labour’, for the ‘tough work’… competition conditions in which these pigeons feel at home, and are capable of the ‘greatest performances’! That was not only more than proved in the past in the Gyselbrecht lofts self… but now, anno 2010, has spread and developed further in numerous other lofts !