Gyselbrecht-Leliaert (Knesselare, BE) win 1° and 2° local & 1° and 6° Provincial Bourges 3,470 yearlings with 1° and 2° nominated

This is a great achievement at the first national race of 2012 in Bourges, with a great national result as well: 5° and 16° national against 16,867 yearlings! The wonderful ‘Dees’-line of Frederik Leliaert has played an important role in this achievement.

We had a reason to celebrate here in Knesselare at the PIPA office, home of the combination Gyselbrecht-Leliaert. Few fanciers are capable of taking a win in a grand middle distance race with extreme long distance pigeons … but Frederik Leliaert proved that it is possible: their first and second nominated yearling have won in Bourges. He is the loft manager and takes care of the colony of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht-Leliaert.

Locall  557 yearlings 1-2… enz.
Prov  3,470 yearlings 1-6…
Nat. 16,867 yearlings 5-16…

In 2011, their first season, the colony took the victory in Bordeaux and Narbonne with the yearlings in the strong middle distance club of Eeklo. Their first prize with the yearlings provincial in bourges is their first big win since this combination started in 2011. It is their first big victory after only two seasons’ time and probably not their last one. This could be the first in a series of great successes. Last week was Dr. Carlo’s birthday; Frederik could not have thought of a better birthday gift!

We noticed that the breeding line of the illustrious ‘Dees’ plays an important role in this colony. Frederik imported this line from Aardenburg (The Netherlands). The three brothers Dees, Horus and Aron belong to a successful line that gained international fame with some important (inter)national victories and top-rankings:

-‘Dees’ NL05-1452924

1° Intnat Bordeaux  7,213 p. ’07
1° Nat Bordeaux ZLU 3,992 p. ’07
1° Nat Narbonne ZLU 3,816 p. ’08

-‘Horus’ NL09-1239246

1° Nat Bordeaux     3.835 YL ’10

-‘Aton’ NL09-1239239

7° Nat Narbonne     3.849 YL ’10
104° Nat Bordeaux   3.835 YL ’10

It is remarkable that the above flights took place in very hard circumstances at a speed of about 1100m/m… comparable to last Saturday.

The provincial win in Bourges against 3,470 yearlings (and 5° Nat against 16,867 YL) was for  BE11-4100613 (1° nominated yearling) , which also won 25° Bourges against 1,025 youngsters last year: a first glimpse of his talent. His father was ‘Blue Carcassonne’ BE04-2063075 (a crossing Dubbele x Swing x As-Deridder) which Dr. Carlo bought from Erik Limbourg at the PIPA sale in Thorn by the end of 2009. In Brussegem he was co-winner of the title of 2° National Champion ‘Grand distance’ 2008 with several great results, including:

’06 Carcassonne Nat  3,911 p. 33
              I.Nat 10,448 p. 63
’07 Perpignan   Nat  5,547 p. 24
              I.Nat 14,576 p. 44
’08 Tarbes      Nat  4,660 p. 37
              I.Nat 12,537 p. 64
’06 Vierzon   I.Prov 5,888 p. 92
’08 Bourges   N.Zone 7,838 p. 191
’08 Montélimar  Nat  8,634 p. 564
’08 Perpignan   Nat  7,603 p. 703

The mother is a full ‘Sister Dees’ NL09-1239227 which was bred from ‘Vader Dees’ NL01-1971151 x ‘Moeder Dees’ NL01-1971144 (50% Scharlaekens). Both come from the loft of Dees van Kerkhoven from Terhofstede (NL).

The full pedigree can be found here

The second prize locally (6° Prov & 16° Nat) was won by BE11-4100935 (as second nominated yearling), a summer youngster from 2011 and full brother of Eduardo, one of Frederik Lelieart’s favourites, which died last year:

-‘Eduardo’ NL09-3909177

1° Beste ZLU-duif WHZB 2010
11° Nat. Narbonne ZLU  3,850 p. (904Km)
17° Nat. Tarbes ZLU    2,950 p. (931Km)
94° Nat. Bordeaux ZLU  3,835 p. (769Km)

‘Eduardo’ comes from a joint breed of Frederik Leliaert with a ‘Dochter Dees’ NL06-1125788, coupled with ‘Vader Eduardo’ NL04-2127041. This is a cock of his good friend Eduard Ulijn from Waterlandkerkje, and comes from Blauwen Charel Becue 007/98 x ‘111-duivin Ulijn’ 111/97. Last summer, Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht purchased Vader Eduardo to reunite the parents of Eduardo in Knesselare. The couple has bred yet another national top-flyer: click here for its pedigree.

One week earlier, both top class pigeons were also the first two yearlings in the provincial race of Vierzon, but this time they arrived home in the opposite order with a 19° and 38° prize locally against 325 yearlings. This result heralded their big victory in Bourges, where the two champions were basketed as first and second nominated.

Frederik Leliaert was very ambitious when he came to Belgium last year to run the Gyselbrecht-Leliaert colony, and this win outlines his ambitions in Belgium. Back in The Netherlands he proved that he is capable of getting the most out of a pigeon and turning it into a successful pigeon… and now he proves himself as a great fancier here in Belgium as well. We wonder how long it will take before he brings a national win to Knesselare? After his successes in Bourges he will be even more ambitious, especially for the international races coming up soon. These are the favourite races of the Gyselbrecht-Leliaert colony anyway.

In Knesselare we celebrate last week’s provincial win and national successes in Bourges, and we are all hungry for more…