Guy Van der Auwera (BE): best breeding & racing birds + selection of youngsters

The top class racing team of Guy Van der Auwera and his son are among the main favourites in races ranging from the shorter to the longer middle distance almost every single week. This team has won an impressive number of first prizes again in 2017, this time including two provincial victories in two weeks' time. These outstanding results can be attributed to three main bloodlines: Gladiator (Geerinckx), Kaasboer (Goovaerts), and Antonio (De Saer). PIPA is now selling the best breeding and racing birds of this pigeon breed in an online auction!

Their three provincial first prizes were among their most noteworthy results this season:
20/05/17 Vierzon Prov. 2,363 olds: 1st-2nd-6th-77th-140th-176th-442nd-461st-747th (9/12)
20/05/17 Vierzon I.prov. 8,177 olds: 1st-2nd-7th-157th-290th-376th-1063rd-1116th-1934th (9/12)
27/05/17 Bourges Prov. 3,538 YLs: 1st-11th-34th-35th-57th-66th-161st-191st-231st-232nd (15/31)
07/09/17 Chateauroux prov. 2,553 p.: 1st with a 2 minute lead; as well as 7th Nat. 12,149 p.

For team Van der Auwera only the best is good enough to breed youngsters with. This clearly shows in the pedigrees of their best racing birds, which are all closely related to the renowned bloodlines of Gladiator (Geerinckx), Kaasboer (Goovaerts/Van de Wouwer), and Antonio (De Saer). These bloodlines are almost destined to lead to great results!
The number one stock breeder in this team is Super 481, winner of 5 first prizes. His descendants, which include national winners and national ace pigeons, have already won more than 100 first prizes. We take a look at some of the best results of the Super 481 descendants over the past two years; these top prizes were won in the lofts of Peter Van de Merwe, Peter Potten, Bernard van Oerle, Jacob Poortvliet, Henk Hoekstra, Sapin, and of course in Van der Auwera's own loft as well:

1st-2nd-7th s-Nat. Vierzon 8,177 p.
1st NPO Ruffec 4,122 p. 722 km
1st NPO Nanteuil 9,982 p. and fastest of 16,765 p.
1st I.prov. Bourges 1,127 p.
1st NPO Sezanne 3,618 p.
1st Noord-Friesland Morlincourt 4,321 p.
1st Heusden Zolder 3,516 p.
1st prov. Dourdan 1,291 d. and the fastest of 8,973 p.
1st prov. Bourges 2,297 d.
1st prov. Bourges 1,415 p.
1st Asse Zellik 1,278 p.
1st Duffel 2,349 p.
1st Arras 1,503 p.
1st Duffel 1,064 p.
1st Nat. young bird NL PIPA Ranking 2015
1st Olympiad Pigeon cat. G Brussels 2016 by Sapin
1st final Krakus One loft race Poland
1st semi-final One loft race Costa del Sol
4x 1st prize in 2017 for Billy Kitchenbrand South Africa