Gustaaf De Bisschop (Asse, BE) claims title of 1st Nat. Champion Young Birds KBDB 2013

Gustaaf outclassed his opponents and he was simply too strong in the sprint competition. He started competing in the middle distance instead, where he managed to win the title of First Nat. Champion Young Birds KBDB 2013 already in his second season. This is the success story of the Gustaaf De Bisschop pigeon family.

Gustaaf and his son Jan De Bisschop in front of the loft

Gustaaf was exceptionally strong in the races from Quiévrain and Noyon and he often overpowered his opponents in the Pajottenland region, sometimes with the 10 or 15 first prizes in the region or ten pigeons in the top 15. He was simply too strong and his opponents began to lose their motivation. He decided to start competing at the middle distance instead and some said he would have a hard time in this discipline. It soon turned out that his opponents in the middle distance would have a hard time: the pigeons of Gustaaf De Bisschop continued to perform at a top level and Gustaaf and his son Jan eventually decided to take their chances in a few national races in 2012 with their young birds. It was a great success and they agreed to further focus on the young bird national races in 2013.

First national champion already in their second season

It was thanks to their outstanding yearling Jefke that they started to become ambitious in the national races. This great racing pigeon managed to claim the zonal victory (zone B1) in the race from Montluçon, as well as several other wins and top prizes. They realised that they had great potential in the races of 500km. Their pigeon Jefke (BE12-2018059) is winner of the following prizes:

Montluçon     262 p. 1
   N.Zone   3,721 p. 1
Argenton      313 p. 1
Angerville    764 p. 1
Angerville    364 p. 2
Bourges       775 p. 3
Angerville    343 p. 5
Gueret        159 p. 16
Angerville    449 p. 20
L.Souterraine 141 p. 30
Argenton      519 p. 36

Sire: Louis 584 BE11-2002584
A direct Louis Vandeneynde bred from Barbie BE10-2121941 (a grandson of Bliksem, Vandenabeele) x Dochter Swing BE02-2100172 (also the dam of the 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB)
Dam: Louiske 590 BE11-2002590
A daughter of Gold Jewel BE09-2100795 (from the sire of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2009: Venus 936/04 Vandenabeele paired to Jewel II 543/06 Vandersmissen) x Dochter Dikke BE07-2013103

They knew what to do: their young birds were being prepared for the important races. It was for the first time that their entire team of young birds was basketed for the national races and they had high hopes. Would their pigeons be strong enough? Would their young birds be just as successful in the national races as they were in the sprint and shorter middle distance? The fanciers from Asse would find out soon enough: their pigeons were able to maintain their level of performance in the races of 500 to 550km! The Gustaaf De Bisschop pigeons were unstoppable and they took one prize after another.

This resulted in the title of First National Champion Young Birds KBDB 2013. Keep in mind that 2013 was only their second season in which they competed in the national races. It was in fact the very first season in which their entire young bird team was focused on the nationals and they actually managed to win a national championship title! This title was won with the following performances:

Argenton II       N.Zone B1  2,903 p.  39 - 136
La Souterraine II N.Zone B1  1,993 p.  23 – 5
Nevers            N.Zone B1  1,785 p.  22 – 18
Gueret II         N.Zone B1  1,975 p. 292 - 29 

This resulted in a total coefficient of 25.7767%, which was the highest in Belgium!

They started the 2013 season with 14 widowers and they had 24 breeding pairs which bred 150 young birds (four rounds from their best pairs). In other words, only their breeding pairs have bred young birds. The first three rounds are put to the test very often while the fourth round is kept in a separate loft; they act as the reserve team. The youngsters are darkened until mid-June (10th of June) from 8pm to 8am. They are also lightened from 21 June to maintain the longest day of the year (from 6am to 11pm). The cocks and hens were kept together until one week before Bourges; from then on they were raced with the sliding door. The problem was that there were too many hens for the 18 cocks and some cocks tried to mate with up to three different hens. This has probably made a lot of the hens jealous, which might have helped motivate the pigeons as well. However, the very best young bird had not been paired; she probably got her motivation from trying to defend her territory. 
The pigeons were together one hour before the basketing. When they came home, they could be together until the following afternoon, sometimes even longer. The young birds completed five to six national races; the cocks were kept home after La Souterraine (except for Feniks). Given the bad weather conditions for Bourges, only ten pigeons were basketed for this race.

A Versele Laga Champion Plus mixture is provided on Saturday when the pigeons come home and glucose is added to the drinking water as well. For the following three days the pigeons get the young bird mixture Junior Plus. A 50% portion of Champion Plus is added to the feed on Tuesdays, followed by a full portion of Champion Plus on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The drinking water is supplemented with Sedochol on Sundays and herbal tea on Mondays. In the course of the week amino acids, vitamin supplements and oil is added to the feed as well. The pigeons are trained twice a day. Gustaaf’s son Jan thinks good training combined with a good meal is the basis for success! The pigeons were not taken away in between the national races anymore; it was enough for them to train around the loft. There was a one day treatment against respiratory diseases every two weeks. During the day, the pigeons are kept in open aviaries in front of the loft, which means there is plenty of fresh air. The pigeons get eye drops up to three to four times per week to prevent them from contracting one eyed cold. This approach has allowed the pigeons to win an impressive number of prizes:

Montlucon N.Zone (B1)3,721 YL 1-10-11-63-68-191-249-290 (10/14)
Blois 167 YBs 1-2-3-4-5-6-9-12-13-16-17-19-21-23-24 (23/38)
Bourges FCD 1,121 YBs 58-68-75-79-87-180-300 (7/10)
Chateauroux FCD 643 YBs 14-40-58-84-85-113-120 (10/23)

Argenton Club 581 YBs:
1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10-11-13-14-16-20-23-26-35-37 (37/62)
FCD 1.204 YBs:
1-2-3-5-8-9-10-11-13-15-17-46-50-65-84-85-90-98-112-116 (35/62)
N.Zone 2.903 jo : 1-2-3-6-12-13-14-15-17-20-22-39 (35/62)

Issoudun FCD 1,130 YBs:
1-2-7-15-27-62-64-66-97-98-106-113-118 (32/58)
N.Zone B1 2,655 YBs: 3-6-18-32-81-162-165 (30/58)

La Souterraine Club 353 YBs:
1-2-7-8-11-12-21-26-27-28-34-36-37-39 (30/54)
FCD 873 YBs: 2-3-10-11-15-19-36-53-55-56-72-80-82-84-90 (30/54)
N.Zone 1,993 YBs: 3-5-23-24-29-36-75-100-102-103-136 (29/54)

Nevers Club 331 YBs: 2-3-5-6-7-8-20-31-32-33-36 (19/33)
FCD 704 YBs: 8-9-11-14-15-18-39-57-58-59-64-85 (17/33)
N.Zone 1,785 YBs: 18-19-22-27-28-34-123 (16/33)

Gueret FCD 791 YBs: 18-64-67-75-96-112 (16/28)
N.Zone 1,975 YBs: 29-112-117-145-150-188-222-226-232 (15/28)

De prachtige vlieghokken met aangebouwde volières voor de hokken

Also a 3rd and 6th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB in 2013

Gustaaf and Jan had two of the most successful young birds in the young bird national races in Belgium: Hanne and Feniks. These two pigeons played an important role in this season’s national title. We take a look at their list of achievements:

-Hanne BE13-2069066

3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2013
Issoudun  FCD    1,130 p. 1
        N.Zone   2,655 p. 3
La Souterraine     873 p. 3
        N.Zone   1,993 p. 5
          Nat   13,089 p. 31
Argenton  FCD    1,204 p. 17
        N.Zone   2,903 p. 22
Nevers    Lok      331 p. 5
        N.Zone   1,785 p. 22
Angerville Verb. 2,025 p. 3   etc…

Sire: Louis 574 BE11-2002574
A direct Louis Vandeneynde, where he was bred from Blauwen BE06-2042447 (a crossing of Vos 106/04 Gust Christiaens x 968/00 hen Poliin x Florizoone) x Louiske 141/10 (from Yvanof 740/09 x ’t Smalleken 916/09).
Dam: Geschelpt BE06-2118043 Gustaaf De Bisschop

-Feniks BE13-2069049

6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2013
Argenton  FCD    1,204 p. 5
        N.Zone   2,903 p. 6
Nevers    FCD      331 p. 2
        N.Zone   1,785 p. 18
La Souterraine     873 p. 10
        N.Zone   1,993 p. 23
Issoudun  FCD    1,130 p. 15
        N.Zone   2,655 p. 32

Sire: Louis 564 BE11-2002564
A direct Louis Vandeneynde and a son of BE07-2013222, winner of a 1st Dourdan 430 YLs (from de De Rauw-Sablon 415/05 x Hen 426/06, a pairing of M.Aelbrecht x Gust Christiaens) x Granddaughter Bonte Kweker BE03-1075505.

Dam: Louiske 556 BE11-2002556
A daughter of Zoon Kleine Bliksem BE09-2213382 (from Kleine Bliksem 816/04 Vandenabeele x Sister Blauwe Prinses 080/08) x Daughter Clyde BE09-2231025 (Clyde 040/00 is winner of a 2nd Prov. Tours 2,055 pigeons etc.)

To conclude, we introduce you to Annie, zonal winner from Argenton. She originates from the old Gustaaf De Bisschop breed. These are her best results:

-Annie BE13-2069042

Argenton   FCD   1,204 p. 1
         N.Zone  2,903 p. 1
La Souterraine     873 p. 2
         N.Zone  1,993 p. 3
Chateauroux Club   309 p. 17
Blois       Club   167 p. 23

Sire: Geschelpt BE08-2146615
Son of Oude Blauwen BE03-20027827 x Geschelpt BE03-2027874.
Dam: Laatje Bak 1 BE10-2191372

The stock sire of today's generation: The 364/04

Pigeon knowledge

Gustaaf (78) and his son Jan De Bisschop (46) take care of the pigeon loft in Asse, which they have been running since 1978. Gustaaf is a retired office worker and he usually works in the loft in the morning. He releases the pigeons in the morning, he cleans the lofts and he feeds the pigeons as well. His son, Jan, is a baker who works during the night, so he takes care of the pigeons in the afternoon. He also determines the strategy of the pigeon family.

Jan thinks it is not all that difficult to become a successful pigeon fancier; it all comes down to the quality of your pigeons. You have to race them and keep the best ones in your loft and you should not purchase too many additional pigeons. They found good quality bloodlines in the loft of Jef Vandenbrande from Hamme, Jozef Debbaut from Baasrode and Arthur Vandewinkele and Marcel Van den Broeck from Wolvertem. In fact, Marcel taught Jan a lot about the sport. At a certain point in time these descendants started to become too closely related so they started looking for new reinforcements in 2011.  It did not take long, because they found excellent pigeons in the neighbouring town of Brussegem, in the loft of Louis Vandeneynde. These are wonderful pigeons and true winners! These pigeons proved an excellent match for the old basis of Gustaaf and Jan and they were really successful, as you can tell from the results.

The pigeon loft of Gustaaf and Jan De Bisschop is expected to become a household name in the national longer middle distance competition in the next few years. We saw quite a few great looking pigeons with great potential. These fanciers are strong contenders in the longer middle distance races, which they demonstrated in 2013 with their title of First National Champion Young Birds KBDB. It takes a combination of super class pigeons, an excellent loft, a solid approach and a skilled fancier to win such a title and it appears that the fanciers from Asse have everything it takes to be national champions. We think we’ll be hearing a lot from this loft in the future!

Gustaaf and Jan in the breeding loft, holding the sires of their 3rd and 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon