Gr. 7 af NBF (Norway) wins Danish Pigeon Race 2014

On Saturday August 30th the big final of Danish Pigeon Race gathered around 500 happy fanciers from all over Europe! The final race from Göttingen and the 400 km was the culmination since the youngsters were delivered from all over the world back in May.

Spectators from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland came to Aabenraa in the south of Denmark to wait for the pigeons – many others followed online at the website for the pigeons to arrive.

This year was the 12th edition of Danish Pigeon Race – the biggest one loft race in Scandinavia.
In the earlier years this one loft race was a competition for Denmark, Norway and Sweden – then Germany came along as tough competitors – and in the last years fellow fanciers from many other countries have joined this big event!
2014 had pigeons from Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Great Britain, Latvia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark – in total more than 1.700 youngsters.

The final race from Göttingen became a hard but very nice final. On their way north the 769 participating pigeons had nice and sunny weather on the first 300 km but the final 100 km the rain divided the pigeons into small groups.
The 2 first pigeons were from Norway giving the friends in the north their first victory in the history of Danish Pigeon Race.

The winning bird; N-14-08862 was participating for Gr. 7 of NBF – a mixed team of fanciers from one of the provinces in Norway – bred by Yngvar Røstad from Bricoux/Imbrecht + Silver Shadow Van Loons lines.

The winning pigeon NL14-08862 – Gr. 7 of NBF

Yngvar Røstad – breeder of the winning pigeon

The first pigeon came in at 1.255 mpm – and within the next 4 hours all 260 prizes were nominated making a lot of fanciers celebrating together. In total 316 pigeons entered on this day.
1st Acepigeon became NL-14-1771304 from R. A. Bakker en Zoon 14 minutes ahead of the next acepigeon and was also winner of the Knock-Out competition – this superb bird was bred from the family of the 2 toppers of the loft – Panamera and Valitas.
2nd and 3rd Acepigeons were both from Danish teams.

1st Acepigeon and 1st Knock-Out Pigeon – bred by R. A. Bakker en Zoon, Holland

At lot of emotions were shown on this fantastic day – a lot of happy winners were very proud of their accomplishes – chills, cheerful shouts, excitement, even tears of joy – this is what pigeon sport is all about!

Peder Skjaerbaek - 3rd in the big final – couldn’t hold back the tears;
the crowd was emotional too – beautiful moment for the pigeonsport

Right now all final pigeons are sold on online auctions at the website of M&C Hansen. The preparations for the 2015 edition of Danish Pigeon Race have already started – if you want to know more about how to participate, you are welcome to visit the website of the race.