Goossens-Druart win Irun national against 5,253 pigeons (2007)

Goossens – Druart & Son, Hyon

Irun is a town near the French border, in the province of Gipuzkoa and has roughly 60,000 inhabitants. Famous Spaniards from this Basque border town are cyclist Manuel Garate and the singer Amaia Montero. She has been singing by the pop group La Oreja de Van Gogh (the ear of Van Gogh) since 1999. The group have made 28 singles and 5 albums, but will only be known to the lovers of European music or to people with Spanish roots.

It was in the Basque country that the Belgium pigeon racing was (temporarily) salvaged. Liberating on French soil was not permitted until further notice, and in the meantime we have also learned how stubborn the proud Catalonians can be. How we long for the times of our ancestors, when individuals raced mythical contests in Rome, Alicante, and when there were never problems or complaints. Just enjoying the pigeon racing, as it was then known.

To be sporting, it is nevertheless a well-deserved win for the strong Henegouwse combination of Jean-Pierre Druart, his wife Ingrid Goossens and their son Kevin. Even after all the hindrances, this long distance classic, for years known as Dax, didn't have to compromise (nationally) on the number of competitors.

This family combination have only been racing long distance for the last four years. However (and they definitely have the right pigeons here for) this was not without success. It was the red two year old cock “Federer”(9103168/05) who was victorious op national Irun.

This widower has already achieved great results in his short career. For his pedigree please see the pedigree card.

Pedigree "Federer" : Click here

Results “Federer” 9103168/05

25th Reg Bourges 28th Reg (458th nat) Montluçon 16th Reg (34th Intprov) Tulle
38th Reg (230st nat) Vierzon 15th Reg (56th prov) Pau 1st National Irun
Het Gouden Vierkant (the Golden Square) from Goossens-Druart et fils :
9th nat (21st Int ) Marseille 2004
51st Zone Orange 2004
35th, 61st, 67th nat (47th, 51st, 67th Int ) Perpignan 2005 (yearlings)
10th, 12th nat (22nd and 24th int) Carcassonne 2006
30th nat Perpignan 2006 (30th Int hens)
45th nat Montauban 2007
25th nat Barcelona 2007
1st Nat Irun 2007