Goossens-Druart & sons - Hyon (BE)

Localised into the Mons area, Hyon is a small village who already knew great champions from the belgian pigeon sport history : first, the Pardonce father & son who won a national fly from Limoges during the 90's and then Yves Samain from which lots of birds were at the basis of victories in the whole world.

To this two brilliants fanciers comes the association Goossens-Druart & son. Each year, the residents of the monte-en-peine street, already winners of Irun national in 2007 & Vierzon semi-national next year, are blowing their opponents. 2009 wasn't an exception : it was incredible concerning the racing point. Racers won victories from 100km until 1000km. Traduce it like you want : from speed to heavy long distance... a real 'all-round' colony ! Locally, they were almost unbeatable and this with basketting into the well know society of Estinnes who rallies the cream of the fanciers from the Mons-Center area as Yvon Deneufbourg or Dumonceau-Pavoncelli just to name a few.

The combination is finally honoured of being general champion of the society. A title who will be completed with others out of the specialised championships. This combination of formed with Jean-Pierre Druart, employed by the delhaize group & actually into a sickness break because of painfull wound to the shoulder, and his son Kevin, cooker in a well know establishment from the area. Father-in-law also helps if necessary. The tasks are distributed between the father & the son andn even if Jean-Pierre was plastered, don't count on him to stay inactive : even under the pain, he gets everyday to the loft to take care of his colony. This has diserved to be mentioned. It looks like his determination was transmitted to the birds to achieve such results. For the year 2009, we can count 40 prices into the top 200 semi-national, national or international and this with racing 'from the short point'.

What makes me jumping my eyes at the results autopsy was the yearling team. The most part of them was already at the top previous year into the youngsters national races. The season begun with various honors places in speed, middle distance & Bourges. The next week, Issoudun gets 5848 yearlings : the 3rd & the 29th place were going to the Hyon association who recolted at the same time 5 victories into the intermediary results.

The first week of june, Chateauroux C&E was programmed : local victory into 406 birds and this with 3 top 10, a victory into 748 birds for Dendre & Senne. General result : 7th, 79th & 147th place semi national against 10719 yearlings. Useless to name the results collected with the intermediary ones. Count yourself ! For the first clocked, it goes up to a top 5 for each result and this with 1000 to 5000 opponents each time. Next meeting, Montluçon : 2nd & 10th local against 453 birds, 2nd dendre & senne into 763 yearlings, 236th place semi national into 9650 yearlings.

27th of june, Argenton national : 2nd local into 166 birds, 170th zonal b, 349th national against 21092. The cherry on the cake was without any doubt possible the national race from Limoges : 4th zonal b & 5th national from 16896 yearlings. This performance was achieved by an incredible racer which will be mentioned at the end. Arrivals from Bourges & Tulle were also amazing & with this ultra performed yearlings team, completed with those of Dany Dusausoit & Casaert-Sénéchal, useless to clarify that the provincial opponents had a really hard work to do !

It is important to quote that this colony is 100% focused into long distance races since +/- 7years only ! Jean-Pierre was involved into racing since a few years but the jump who was done during the years 2000 is simply incredible. It is the reward of a long & hard daily job & of their obstination.

Here is an overview from the main results collected since the new objectives :

  • 9e nat & 21e Int Marseille 2004
  • 35e, 61e, 67e nat de 3796 & 47e, 51e, 67e Int Perpignan 2005 de 4666 yearlings
  • 10e, 12e nat de 3942 & 22e et 24e int Carcassonne 2006 de 10329 vieux
  • 30e nat Perpignan de 6765 vieux, 81e de 14900 29e Int fem de 2978
  • 45e nat Montauban 2007 de 6187 vieux
  • 25e nat Barcelone 2007 de 12612
  • 1e Nat Irun 2007

Like mentioned above, 2 important victories came to stick on the palmarès, one into the national plan, second into the semi national plan. There is also many top 10 collected each year... What can i say about the top 100 then... There is no secret to achieve such results : breed a lot & keeping the very best ! For this, father & son went to the cream of the national level : Carteus, Limbourg, Casaert, Deneufbourg, Devooght. Useless to explain a method. They are, most of the time, identical. You just have to know that, because of the heavy program destined to the yearlings, they are flying 2 weeks on 3 : they are basketing for the whole schedule of heavy middle distance completed with Limoges, Jarnac. The old are basketing 1 week on 3, in function of the rapidity of recoverage & the difficulty of the race.

They are all played with the widowhood system & they try to basket loft per loft and this because they try to keep their widow as much calm as possible. There is 5 differents lofts for them & there is also a loft destined to the racing hens. They are basketed to long distance. They also gave satisfaction.

The 2 as
When you look at their results, you can't escape of the results obtained by their 1+2 nominated cocks. They won each one 3 head prices at the national level. Most of the fancier wish to breed one like these once a life. With Goossens, they were 2 out of the same livestock. Anybody has something to say ? i don't think so... one of the best evidence of the quality that land in the stock loft.

the 9085429/08 could have been a serious candidate to the national title of as-pigeon heavy long distance... if the distance from Limoges to Hyon was not so high... In fact, he managed to achieve the 2nd Bourges against 1537, the 29th of Issoudun against 5848, the 79th Chateauroux from 10719  and of course the 5th national Limoges from 16896. He's out of a crossing between to famous racers : Devos x Carteus.

The 9085408/08 has nothing to envy from his colleague
After the 3rd price of Issoudun from 5848, he flew the 7th semi national of Chateauroux from 10719. But the final race was also incredible : 2nd Tulle from 1606... You're not dreaming... simply amazing !

Now, we just should congratulate Jean-Pierre & Kevin and wish them the best for the next season. Even if it will be hard to do better, father & son might reserve us a surprise....