Goossens-Druart auction - Hyon (BE) - The unique opportunity to draw into one of the top rising colonies of the Belgian pigeon sport.

This year, Jean-Pierre Druart and his son Kevin haven’t had any rest. This All-round colony has been on the go every week fromApril until September.

It must be said that their racers have been rewarded for their efforts. At the dawn of the various awards and while the championships are starting to reveal their truth, the 2010 season can be described as a ‘grand cru’.

For the second year in a row, father and son have been proclaimed as general champion of the Estinnes society.
As an explanation for the foreign people, this society is one of the biggest clubs in Wallonia (understand, south side of Belgium) and each week, they are dealing with fanciers like Yvon Deneufbourg, Dumonceau-Pavoncelli or again Bourlard & son. So, you realize that the opposition is really tough during the national races… But it is the same for the race before Paris : this year, Guy Coppin, who baskets in the same club, was proclaimed national champion in the speed category, and performer fanciers like Kubica-Nanni or Jean-Pierre Senzée are also basketting there.

A lightning evolution
Everybody agrees with it : since 2004, the Gossens-Druart colony is into a constant evolution. Indeed, since that year, they have decided to ‘extend the shooting’, entering the world of the heavy long distance, but this without letting down the participation to the middle distance program. Each weekend, they enter for +/- 6 different races. They became one of the best All-round colony from Wallonia, as well as a fancier like Luc De Roeck.
This development has been possible due to the involvement of the son Kévin for the daily care of a colony, to some new introductions whichhave beenmadeover the past few years and finally to a schedule which is 100% time oriented to the pigeons. But this would have been worth nothing if the pigeons themselves were not able to fight against the best. The origins, local at the basis (Roossens, Deneufbourg, Kairis, etc), crossed later with some Carteus, Bourlard & son, Vandenabeele, etc allowed the tandem to have upscale racers destined to fly in the races of 400km and more.

Two important victories have already rewarded their efforts :
In 2007, they entered the top of the Belgian pigeon sport with the victory of ‘Federer’ during the race from Irun and this against 5.253 p. This performance was confirmed 10 month later with the interprovincial victory from Vierzon against 5.080 yearlings won by ‘doudou’.
As you can see, two important victories
have already been granted to the gold frame of the colony.

Besides these two victories, we can also add performances like:

 9th   national 5.864 Marseille 2004
21th  international Marseille 2004
10th& 12th national Carcassonne 3.942 2006
22th& 24th international Carcassonne 10.329 in 2006
25th  national Barcelona 12.612 2007
5th   national Limoges 16.896 2009
3th   interprovincial Issoudun 5.848 2009
7th   semi national Châteauroux 10.719 2009
5th   semi national Montluçon 5.907 2010
8th   zonal Bourges 9.146 2010
22th  national Bourges 22.476 2010
17th  national Orange 4.466 2010 

In 6 years, no less than 16 top 25 in national, zonal, interprovincial or international races were grabbed against more than 4.000 pigeons!! This is not given to any old colony!
Have a look especially at the head prizes won since 2009 :
no less than 7 of the 16 prizes were won since that year.
It is also useful to localise Hyon on the map : it is only 15km from France.
This evolution is only due to one thing : the huge quality possessed by the pigeons!
Father and son can say that they own a type of pigeon which can race at the top from 100 to 1.000 km. A true All-round colony ! This potential has immediately seduced us and we even think that they are writing only the beginning of their success story.

Victims of their success
Jean-Pierre and Kévin have bought some new reinforcements during these last months. The purchases were made from the best actual racers of the country. This entire beautiful world has to be tested and so has to own a place in the breeding loft.
On the other hand, due to the important number of ‘future talented pigeons’, mostly the 2 year olds and the yearlings, they are unable to keep some old timers. A decision was then taken : attempt to ‘get rid’ of the majority of the pigeons born before 2007. True to our philosophy and eager to offer only the best of the best, we made a selection and have highlighted 16 pigeons which stood out to introduce them to you under the fire of the 'virtual hammer'. Here are some of these pigeons :

- ‘Nadal’ BE 04-9022307
– the superstar of this auction with 3 prizes in the national top 35 !

  Carcasonne 2006  10. Nat.      3,911 birds
                 21. Inter.   10,448 birds
Orange     2010  8. prov.        985 birds
                 5. Zone       1,457 birds
                17. Nat.       4,466 birds
Montelimar 2010 16. Zone       2,059 birds
                35. Nat.       7,191 birds
Albi       2006 27. Zone       1,396 birds
               129. Nat.       5,063 birds
Orléans           . prize        258 birds 


- ‘Son James’ BE 06-2256348
a wonderful breeder with the most prestigious origins of the moment ! He is indeed a son of ‘James’, full brother to the ‘Patron’ from Marcel Aelbrecht, 1st national ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2003, himself son of the super pair ‘Top Breeder 970’ x ‘Daughter Marseille’.
‘Top Breeder 970’ is a son to the legendary pair ‘Albert x Paola’. Actually, the best pigeons in the WORLD with prestigious victories won each year !!! In 2010, no less than 6 different national victories were won by the offspring of this pair !!!
‘Son James’ is the father of the 5th semi national Montluçon 5.907 ’10. Let’s gamble !!!


- The magic pair ‘Maurice’ BE 05-9029193 x ‘Diva 129’ BE 04-1527129.
Without doubt, the highlight of this auction !!! You should have a look at the descriptive information of the auction but you should know that they are the parents of a.o. :


‘Doudou’ BE 07-9096445, who won the interprovincial victory from Vierzon in ’08, but also that year 1st Orléans 312 ‘08, 2nd  Orléans 605 ‘08, 3rd Orléans 1.009 ’08.

- ‘Kaka’ BE 08-9085408 who won the 2nd Provincial Châteauroux 403 ’08, 2nd provincial Argenton 305 ’08, 7th semi national Châteauroux 10.719 ’09, 3rd interprovincial Issoudun 5.848 ’09, 139th national Tulle 7.467 ’09, 1st CFW Bourges 3.958 ’10, 22nd national Bourges 22.476 ’10.

- During the tough Barcelona race 2010, 3 own daughters have won the 185th, 589th& 774th international hens against 7.711. All-round pigeons, we already said it to you.