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Golden Prince moves to the PIPA ELITE CENTER

In March 2017 PIPA hosted the record breaking auction of Gino Clicque, in which Golden Prince, the big star of the team, was sold for a record breaking 360,000 euro to Samuel Mbiza, the new owner. He was the most expensive bird ever sold at the time.

Samuel and PIPA eventually came to an agreement, resulting in the pigeon spending its days in the PIPA lofts in Knesselare, where youngsters are bred on behalf of Samuel, using the two hens that Samuel obtained in Gino's auction: Mother Prince and Gabriella.

Different youngsters of Golden Prince moved to South Africa, where Samuel had some ambitious plans. For instance, he currently has 170 pigeons competing in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race, which is a record number. He intends to send in up to 200 pigeons in other prestigious races in the future as well, in agreement with PIPA (in the races advised by PIPA), with nothing but descendants of pigeons that he obtained through PIPA. Samuel is young and ambitious, and he wants to play an important role in and for pigeon racing. He got in touch with PIPA in early 2017 through Pieter Oberholster, and he feels at home here. That is why he wants to further increase the collaboration with our company, to get involved in various pigeon racing related projects.

In light of the close friendship between PIPA and Samuel and their common love for top class birds, Nikolaas would sometimes say in jest that he would love to purchase Golden Prince for the PIPA ELITE CENTER (PEC). Samuel laughed off the idea, until Nikolaas eventually managed to convince Samuel to obtain the pigeon in question, promising to take great care of it and to give him some Golden Prince descendants in return. In addition, Samuel could count on the support and the advice of PIPA in his journey in pigeon racing.

PEC is of course proud and very happy with their latest introduction. Golden Prince not only won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2014 but he also became the grandfather of two different 1st national ace pigeons KBDB in a short period of time: one in 2017 and in 2018 (this is unprecedented). He is also the grandfather of a 2nd National YBs Argenton of 16,372 pigeons in the 2018 season.

PEC gained a reputation with the help of their exceptional Porsche family, and they will continue to focus on these bloodlines. Golden Prince will be mainly used for crossbreedings with the Porsche family, with Porsche 911 continuing to be the loft's leading name. However, the purchase of Nadine and Golden Prince makes it clear that it is one of the PEC's objectives to try and prevent renowned birds from moving to the Far East, and to have their descendants compete in races on the European mainland.

Golden Prince (1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2014 Long Distance Yearlings) is paired to Nadine (1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2017 longer middle distance YLs Willy Daniels).