Gino Clique - Wevelgem (BE), brand new winner of the ‘One Loft Race’ FCI World Championship Thailand Khon Khen 2010

He is also winner 1° Ace pigeon! The news is hot from the press, because we have just had a partying Gino Clicque on the line from Thailand where he has just won the 1° prize in the FCI World Championship Thailand Khon Khen ‘One loft race’. His winning pigeon was also directly declared 1° Ace pigeon!

One would put on a party nose for less.
It is once again proof of the ‘top class’ with which the Gino Clicque colony is built up! The ‘Final’ last race was raced from a distance of 386 Km, in sunny weather with a light mist and a temperature of no less than 37°! Not the easiest of conditions then. The pigeon from Gino arrived back alone, had managed to pull away from the ‘crowd’ and entered the loft easily, according to witness on the spot Gino! It was a good job too, Gino told us over the phone, because she was still on her way inside when a few other pigeons arrived and went straight inside… and were beat by a mere 15 seconds! But these pigeons couldn’t spoil things for Gino Clicque… he, and no one else is the rightful winner of this ‘one loft race’ and the accompanying ‘Ace pigeon’ in Thailand!

The winning ‘hen’ with ring BE10-3163743 stems from the heart of the Gino Clicque colony… let us take a look at her pedigree :

Pedigree winning pigeon

Father: B06-3005701 The ‘Pyromaan’
Winner 1° Prov. Tours 3.392 yearlings 2007
And further 1° Tours 864 p., 1° Torus 618 p., 9° Ablis 728 p… etc. He is already father of the ‘Young Pyromaan’: 8° Prov Tours 1.495 p., 15° Prov Tours 2.249 p., 30° Prov Tours 2.903 p., 42° Nat Argenton 5.763 p., 93° Nat Argenton 10.549 p., etc.
GF: B03-3161414 ‘Father Pyromaan’
Son of the ‘Speedo 138/01’, 1° Nat Bourges Zone A 14.353 p. and 4° Nat 42.763 p. (out ‘Spencer 031/98 x ‘Berline 817/97’, a daughter of ‘Robert’) x ‘Chatellerault-hen 190/00, self 9° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance ’01, 1° Chatellerault, 2° Nat Argenton 1.404 p. Zone A… (and granddaughter of the ‘Goen’ Reynaert)
GM: B03-3161373 ‘Mother Pyromaan’
Daughter of the ‘Jonge Bugno 951/99’ (winner 1° Blois 252 p., 2° Intprov 690 p.) x ‘Delphine 102/95’ (mother of the 1° Prov Gueret ).

Mother: B06-3004382 ‘Robeva 2’
Half-sister of ‘Piraat’: 3° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB ‘08…
‘Mother’ of the ‘Young Pyromaan’ (see honours list by her father here above).
GF: B96-3308008 ‘Robert’
Father of a.o. the 2° Nat Bourges ’98, grandfather 1° Nat Bourges 14.535 p. and 4° Nat 42.673 p.
One of the ‘stock fathers’ of the Gino Clicque colony, originating from Robert Dobbelaere (out the top couple ‘Den 95’ 095/88 x ‘Sister Raket 097/93’ (daughter ‘Noël’ 1° Nat Ace pigeon KBDB ’92).
GM: B02-3056382 ‘Eva’
11° Prov Ace pigeon Long Distance youngsters and mother of the ‘Piraat’, ‘Crazy Girl’ (3° Prov 1.563 p., and 60° Nat La Souterraine 15.406 p. etc…), and coming out ‘Grandson  Goen’ Reynaert.

Memorable news then for the Gino Clicque colony, that after achieving the 2° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB 2010, the  1° Prov Ace pigeon ‘Middle Distance’ KBDB 2010 and his provincial ‘Bourges triumphs’ … a new ‘exploit’ to add to his successful 2010 sport season!
Congratulations Gino, and enjoy it ‘to the full’ there in Thailand !