Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) wins Clermont olds WVOU with a son of Golden Prince

Gino claimed his first major win of 2017 with a son of Golden Prince. This yearling won the rather demanding race from Clermont on 22nd of April in the overall ranking of the WVOU against no less than 9,824 old birds. As the old saying goes, good blood never lies.

After his memorable auction in early March 2017, in which he sold his entire old birds' collection (along with some youngsters), Gino Clicque is now ready to take on the upcoming racing season with just a team of yearlings (youngsters of 2016). These are the pigeons of the future that are expected to deliver top results for the Wevelgem-based pigeon loft. Well, we did not have to wait long for their first win; they were victorious in the very first important event of the season.

This team of yearlings has been working hard since the start of April: to prepare for the middle distance season they had a weekly sprint race from Clermont, in which the Clicque pigeons covered just over 169 km.
This race from Clermont proved particularly demanding, especially for the yearlings, with a temperature of only 10 degrees, and a strong headwind from the north. On top of that, the pigeons had to fly through a band of clouds of 30 to 40km wide, somewhere halfway the race, just south of Arras, where there was a slight drizzle. This was quite a task for these rather inexperienced yearlings, especially that early in the season. Judging from the results however, it appears that the Gino Clicque pigeons were up to the job. These are the kind of pigeons that really shine when the going gets tough. Gino had clocked 50% of his 100 basketed pigeons in just over 15 minutes.
As a result, the pigeons scored an overwhelming result at club level, winning the first six prizes and having 9 pigeons in the top 10. They were similarly successful in the overall WVOU results at provincial level, with a doubled yearling of Gino Clicque winning a first prize of 9,824 old birds, reaching a velocity of 1209 m/min. He was beaten by a single yearling of Norbert Ally in his own category.

We take a look at the numbers:

22/04 Clermont (169 km) Club 519 yearlings:
147-148-149-153-154-156-164-171 (66/100 p.)

And these are the results from Clermont in the WVOU overall:

Clermont WVOU 9,824 olds:
1-15-17-34-79-83-111-125-131-156…  with 40 prizes per 5(100 double yearlings)

Clermont WVOU 7,324 yearlings:
2-5-6-14-33-34-47-53-58-72-135-144-145-152-153-167-174… and 45 prizes per 5 (100 yearlings)

The winner in the old birds' race is a son (BE16-3107117) of the renowned Golden Prince BE13-3031767 (the most expensive pigeon ever in 2017) x Lady Blue BE14-3028170. That explains his enormous potential. This is another top reference for Golden Prince, this time as a breeder, and it shows that this bloodline has a great future.

Well begun is half done. If this applies to the team of Gino Clicque, they will be having a stellar 2017 racing season. Their main goals are the provincial and especially the national classics, which are taking place in just over a month. Congratulations!