Gino Clicque: outstanding again in 2019!

This man needs no introduction. We reckon most Belgian fanciers, as well as many fanciers from abroad, are familiar with Gino Clicque. He had a terrific 2018 season (including 9 national ace pigeons), and people were ager to see if the team could be just as successful in 2019. Incredibly enough, that's what they did. We take a look back.


"It is not easy to break your own records, after a number of successful seasons with many ace pigeons and great results", Gino explains. "Even though we had a record breaking 2018, the year 2019 was still one of our best seasons ever. Our most remarkable result this season was without doubt the national race from Tulle, where 9 (!) pigeons finished in the national top 14. And in Souillac we had 9 pigeons in the national top 23, with a team of 58 basketed birds. Besides, we had 23 pigeons in the national top 15 in the last four long distance races from Limoges-Libourne-Souillac-Tulle. All I can say is we are very proud of our pigeons' achievements", Gino says with a glowing smile.

And he had every reason te be proud, looking at his many great results. Here are some of the most remarkable statistics:

-  26 pigeons finish in the top 15 prize in national races

-  80 x top 100 national

-  3 national ace pigeons KBDB long distance yearlings jaarse - in 6th-7th-8th place

-  6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance yearlings with BE18-3003230  "Grandson Red Filip 230" (click here for the pedigree)

-  7th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance yearlings with BE18-3003240  "Grandson Golden Prince 240" (click here for the pedigree)

-  8th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings with BE18-3003054 "Win Together" (click here for the pedigree)

-  3 x second national: Limoges yearlings - Souillac yearlings - Tulle yearlings

Grandson Mario 084, winner of a 2nd nat. Limoges (see pedigree)

Granddaughter Golden Prince 221, and winner of for instance a 2nd nat. Souillac (see pedigree)

-  5 provincial victories

A lot of patience...

"With the long distance races behind us, our attention goes to getting good results in the national young birds' races", Gino continues. "Most young birds are basketed for four national races. In our team, young birds are not required to win top prizes. First of all, you want young birds that arrive home looking fresh. All pigeons stem from our strong pigeon breed, and they have good figure. They all get the chance to race up until the yearlings' category, after which selection starts. At this point in time we only keep the very best birds. Our national ace pigeons and national winners are usually transferred to the breeding loft, to try and make our team even stronger. When we take our yearlings to the long distance, we often get a lot of surprises. For instance, we come across a few ace pigeons every season that were not at all successful as young birds." And Gino has an important piece of advice for his fellow fanciers: have patience! Patience is the key.

Stock breeders...

This breed is based around two stock breeders, including "Super Prince" (BE08-3172902) from the Figo bloodline. He wins a 2nd Nat. ace pigeon longer middle distance in 2010. The second stock breeder is "Piraat" (BE05-3188928) from the Robert bloodline. He was a 3rd National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance in 2008. Click here for his pedigree.

These two lines, crossed with the Bliksem bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele, resulted in the four pigeons which the current pigeon family is based around:

-  GOLDEN PRINCE (BE13-3031767) wins a 1st nat. ace pigeon long distance yearlings 2014
-  DEVIL PRINCE  (BE13-3031911) wins a 1st nat. Montlucon 19298 hens in 2014
-  PRINCE RUDY  (BE14-3028072) wins a 1st nat. Limoges 6272 p., as the fastest of 14575 p. (2015)
-  RED FILIP  (BE11-3008153) wins a 2nd nat. Cahors and a 6th nat. Souillac in demanding weather

Today's pigeon breed consists for 100% of crossings involving these four birds. It took more than 20 years to develop this pigeon breed, but their efforts have clearly paid off in the last five seasons: they claimed numerous national victories and national ace pigeon titles, with for instance Golden Prince - 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings 2014 (0.14%), Golden Princess - 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings 2017 (0.37%), Golden King - 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings 2018 (0.14% ) and First Lady, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance old birds 2019 (0.58% ).

An impressive 22 national ace pigeon titles were won in just five years' time in the longer middle distance and the long distance. Gino told us you need a well thought out plan if you want to breed top class birds season after season. And it takes a very strong pigeon breed with exceptional genes as well. "In our loft, 50% of the youngsters are bred from national stars that are capable of winning a national first prize. Our VIP breeding boxes will only be allotted to first national ace pigeons and national winners. As such, the sons of Golden Prince were paired to daughters Devil Prince and Prince Rudy. The daughters of Golden Prince were in turn paired to sons Devil Prince and Prince Rudy. Such a combination of top quality bloodlines will inevitably lead to brilliant results!

Golden Prince = Golden genes...

Golden Prince (see pedigree) is clearly the foundation of this pigeon breed. He was himself a highly successful racing bird, having won a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance. Meanwhile, two grandchildren have already won a national ace pigeon title as well: Golden Princess and First Lady. They are a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance yearlings and longer middle distance old birds respectively.

Grandchildren have won several top prizes in national races in 2019. And the only son that was still basketed for races claimed a 12th Nat. Libourne of 4605 p. (the other youngsters of Golden Prince all live in the breeding lofts). We take a look at the most remarkable results, including only their national top 15 prizes:

2nd nat. Souillac of 4056 pigeons, granddaughter GP
6th nat. Libourne of 4354 pigeons, grandson GP.
8th nat. Souillac of 4056 pigeons, granddaughter GP.
11th nat. Tulle of 7155 pigeons, granddaughter GP.
12th nat. Libourne of 4605 pigeons, son Gp.
12th nat. Souillac of 4056 pigeons, granddaughter GP.
13th nat. Tulle of 7155 pigeons, granddaughter GP.
13th nat. Souillac of 4056 pigeons, granddaughter GP.
1st Prov. Chateauroux young birds of 3608 pigeons, granddaughter GP.


It goes without saying that the Clicque pigeon loft is home to quite a few top quality birds. We take a look at some of their champions of today:

Grandson Figo 567 - winner of a. 4th nat. Tulle (see pedigree)

Son Golden Prince 618 - winner of a 12th nat. Libourne (see pedigree)

Brother Golden KIng - winner of an 8th nat. Libourne (see pedigree)

Grandson Piraat 513 - winner of a 4th nat. Tulle (see pedigree)

Grandson Devil Prince 029 - winner of a 4th nat. Tulle (see pedigree)

Grandson Red Filip 055 - winner of a 10th nat. Tulle (see pedigree)

Lastly, here we have an overview of their best results across the 2019 season.