Gino Clicque ends after 3 days on a total of 3.1 million EURO! 3,726 EUR / pigeon

After two successful days over the weekend, the last day of the three-day auction of Gino Clicque started today. Below is a report of Gino Clicque's three auction days.

Day 1- Gino Clicque - 231 pigeons - 5.011 EURO / pigeon
The auction immediately started with one of the eye-catchers, namely "Golden King", 1st national Ace pigeon Long Distance YL in 2018, which eventually goes to Combinatie Wakker in the Netherlands for 300,000 EUR, making it the most expensive pigeon ever sold in Europe. In total, day 1 of the Gino auction raised EUR 1,157,525.

Day 2- Gino Clicque - 295 pigeons - 3,584 EURO / pigeon
Day two of the Gino Clicque auction started with a beautiful spectacle in which different buyers did not hide their interest. For example, the end time of First Lady was scheduled at 11:00, but it did not end until 12:25. After this battle, the counter stood at no less than 252,000 EURO. A great result for the 1st National Ace Pigeon. The total amount for day two ended at 1,057,400 EURO.

Day 3- Gino Clicque - 308 pigeons - 2,898 EURO / pigeon
Day three contained 308 pigeons which were auctioned for a total amount of 892,625, which is an average of 2,898 EUR / pigeon.

Today's leader was the National Ace Pigeon Golden Princess. One of Golden Prince's two grandchildren who managed to become National Ace Pigeon. The beautiful blue hen was sold for 130,000 EURO.

On Monday December 28, the unique auction of Gino Clicque came to an end, an auction where a National Ace pigeon was sold every day. The colony of pigeons will continue to exist in many different parts of the world and will undoubtedly lead to success.

We have once again listed the absolute top pigeons of the auction for you.
Golden King - 300,000 EURO
First Lady - 252,000 EURO
Golden Princess - 130,000 EURO
Turbo Piraat - 50,000 EURO
New Piraat - 40,500 EURO
Nestbroer Sonia - 32,000 EURO
Golden Devil - EUR 29,500
Sonia - 27,000 EURO
Mother Corina - 26,000 EURO
Zoon Golden Prince 682 - 24,000 EURO
Grandson Pirate 513 - 23,000 EURO
Mister Fantastic Prince - 21,500 EURO
Son Million Pair 012 - 20,500 EURO