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GG & CJ Cooper (Peasedown St John, UK) win 2nd National Pau

The “Wizards of the West,” G.G. & C.J. Cooper, conjured up a magical performance from the recent Pau International, on 24-06-18. The 11.739 birds were liberated at 07-00am (EST). The easterly winds meant a difficult race would ensue.

FLTR: 2nd National (1st Provincal) and 27nd National (2nd Provincial) Pau 2018

Arrivals into the UK on the day were expected to be minimal, however, despite no recorded day arrivals, it is safe to presume that the first arrival for the Cooper’s had made it to the coast that evening, and their Blue Ch: Hen GB16N88734 was recorded at 07-45a.m; completing the 561mile (902km) journey, doing a velocity of 762m/m (834ypm).

Their first arrival, had previously won 1st Provincial Alencon with the BICC this year, and now a 1st Provincial, 2nd National from Pau. This same hen that competed at St Vincent last year, is from a son of George 1st National Tarbes when paired to a sister of Farmer George 1st International Bordeaux. Her dam is a daughter of Etienne Meirlaens Starlight, 2nd International Tarbes. The Cooper magic continued when 7/11 arrivals achieved 1st-2nd-3rd-7th-8th-9th-10th Provincial and 2nd-27th-31st-71st-72nd-79th-82nd National.

31st National (3rd Provincial) Pau 2018

This kind of team performance into the UK at International level demonstrates that if you rise to the challenge, with patience and single mindedness, great things can be achieved. It is safe to presume that these wizards of the west demonstrate regularly, that their birds break for home at a very early stage in the International races, in spite of any disadvantages.