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Geurtz Willy & William had a great season with the young pigeons - 2007

Willy & William GEURTZ, Haalderen

The fanciers Willy (59) and William (20) started their father-son combination in 2006. William had set about with pigeons in 2003 and applied himself mostly to short and middle distance flights. He was extremey successful, ending his junior membership in 2005 with the general youth championship of the Department of 8 GOU. Willy raced mostly one-day and very long distance flights. Since William has just started his new job as a branch manager in a sports shop, taking care of the pigeons primarily comes down to Willy. For this reason they had to make choices, which means that all long distance breeding pigeons have been or will be disposed of. Willy still keeps nine couples of long distance pigeons to race with. Both men want to push through to the top in speed and one-day long distance races and to achieve that goal they have made the following purchases.

" Coupon for an offspring of ZLATAN from Nico-Jan Koenders
In his career the Zlatan has twice been the pigeon champion of Region 4 (ca. 1000 members) middle and one-day long distance flights. On top of that he was the 2nd Ace Pigeon at the WHZB. Also flew 3 times a first prize a.o. once against 3510 pigeons.
He is the father of:
- "Salinero" who also became 1rst pigeon champion Middle Distance of Region 4 with a. o. 3 times a first prize. - 06-267 a.o. 2nd Ace Pigeon Youngsters of Region 4 ans 11th Ace Pigeon Youngsters WHZB,
- "Santana" a.o. 1rst Blois, 1rst Peronne against 183 pigeons.

" Coupon for a young pigeon of Joop Groenen from Ooy.
From the breeding loft of Joop ( "Jordan JR x The President" )
The President has flown a.o.
St. Ghisl. Hornu 217 km. 1st 9397
St. Ghisl. Hornu 217 km. 1st 5886
Breuil le Fert 372 km. 1st 4839
Breuil le Fert 372 km. 1st 3000
Breuil le Fert 372 km. 2nd 2791
Strombeek 154 km. 9th 5724
Niergnies 267 km. 21 6085

" Coupon for a young pigeon of Geenen-Peters from Maastricht,
the National Winners from Blois in 2007. A youngster from a granddaughter of the great breeding hen "Annelies" of Gerard Koopman.

" Young pigeon of Geenen-Peters from Maastricht.
This is a chick from the strain Joop Groenen x the strain Jan v.d. Pasch.
The father of this youngster from 2007 flew a.o. 1rst Marche against 1548, 1rst Etampes against 231, 35th Blois against 44.591, 2nd Bourges against 299, 9th Reims against 1506 etc. In his turn he is a grandson of LOWIEKE of Jan v.d. Pasch.
The mother is from the strain of the Jordan JR, Benjamin, Topvlieger etc. of Joop Groenen.

" Pigeons of Nico-Jan Koenders
Purchased in the late sale of youngsters of Nico-Jan: 1 offspring out of the GERARD a.o. himself 4x 1rst prize ( 1rst/1124, 1rst/2016, 1rst/787, 1rst/144 ) and also father of the 1rst NPO Offenburg (SOUTH) of Nico-Jan in 2007 and he gave the 4th Ace pigeon youngster WHZB in 2006. And he is an offspring of the super breeder cock DENNIS who also has fathered the ZLATAN.

1 young pigeon out of SALINERO a.o. 3rd Middle Distance Flight pigeon of the magazine "Limburgse Reisduif" 2004 and 1rst Pigeon Champion Middle Distance Flight Region 4. He flew a 1rst prize 3 times and was mentioned in Ceefax twice (5th from Bourges and 10th from Orleans). He is also a first generation offspring of ZLATAN. From his mothers' side the youngster is a grand child of the hen Camelion Bonfire (1rst from Sezanne against 7313 pigeons, 1rst from Epernay against 5373 pigeons, 1rst from Libramont against 3431 pigeons, 24th from Bettembourg against 14422 pigeons, 20th from Maaseik against 10687 pigeons).

" Pigeons of Comb. Van de Berg from IJsselmuiden.
The father is ROONEY a.o. 1rst from Orleans against 1032 (2nd against 6633 pigeons) and father of the 1rst from Strombeek against 5452 pigeons. ROONEY is an offspring of the "Superkweker" (Super breeder). He is the father of nine 1rst prize winners and others.
The mother is also a grand daughter of Kleine Dirk. On both sides we see the "Kleine Dirk" of G. Koopman. "

Pigeons of Henri van Doorn, from Den Dungen 2 pigeons of his breeding loft. Both from parents that have proven themselves as racers and as breeders. The parents are parents of pigeon champions in CC and Zuiderkempen, 1rst prize winners etc. Strains: Ad Scharlaeckens, Tiny van Herpen, Berry van den Brand, Zoontjes.

" Pigeon of G.Deutsch from Kassel, Germany. This man has been at their place and got pigeons from them, and Willy and William took a chick out of two grand children of LOWIEKE of Jan van de Pasch from him in Kassel. So an inbred product after Lowieke.

" Young pigeon of Willem de Bruijn, Reeuwijk This pigeon was a gift from Willem. This cock is a grandchild of the Gilbert 8e WHZB in 2002, Father of Olympic Anita, olympiad pigeon in Porto.

" Young pigeon of Comb. Van Heteren, Doetinchem A chick out of two direct descendants of Ad Scharlaeckens from the breeding line of the Sissi and the Picanol. Whenever Willy and William purchase new pigeons, they usually buy youngsters but only from proven parents and breeders.

Flying system young pigeons
To prepare for the races the young pigeons were brought to Oss for 7 or 8 times (ca. 25-30 km.). The past two years they experienced some thing very weird with the first training. It's worth noting that they would first medicate the youngsters against pigeon cancer one week before the trainings started. From around 85 pigeons about 20 wouldn't come home on a distance of at most 2 kilometers every time they would do the first training. They have diligently tried to find the reason for this staying away, but couldn't find any thing. The past season they started the first training with 85 pigeons and 15 never returned. They showed up at the first race with 66 pigeons. At the end of the young pigeon season only 50 youngsters were left.
Until this season they would always race the young pigeons on total widowhood. This year they deviated from this habit, because other pigeon fanciers had told them that the hens, that were raced on total widowhood later in the year, would chum up with each other more easily. This year they let their pigeons muddle along to their heart's content. The loft of the pigeons, that had been dimmed, were made pleasant: they created snuggeries and also put some boxes in several places. This approach brought them a lot of success. They had five breeding couples on eggs. On Tuesday after the first NPO-flight during his work as postman Willy thought of needing a few bald chicks to put under these nesting couples. He gave a ring at Piet Alofs' and asked him whether he had some bald chicks in his loft. Willy was lucky and was able to collect some little ones that evening. The nesting couples accepted the bald chicks immediately (four couples, the fifth couple was raced on eggs) After putting the pigeons in the baskets on Thursday Willy could bring the chicks back to Piet Alofs, so he could put them back under their parents. Just before the pigeons should arrive back home on Saturday the chicks were picked up again and put back in the nests of the young pigeons. Of ten nesting pigeons 8 ended within the best 10% of the listed racers on this NPO-flight from Peronne. Isn't it wonderful when pigeon fanciers help each other out and welcome a beautiful result to a co-member of their club! To appoint pigeons that have to go into the baskets as designated racers, Willy and William will consider their nesting situation and how they have performed the week before.

Feeding system young pigeons
The young pigeons are fed once a day, namely in the evening. They get a little bit of food at coming in for the night. The young pigeons' food is the four season mix by the Patagoon firm. Besides this food the pigeons get fresh multi mix by Patagoon and candy seed and peanuts every day. On Tuesdays the youngsters get brewer's yeast over their food. At arriving home from a race the pigeons get electrolytes from vet Nanne Wollf in their drinking water.

Training the young pigeons
Especially for the NPO-flights William took a 3 week leave from his job to work with the pigeons more intensively. William would let the pigeons out in the morning for a training session and get them inside the lofts again. At arriving home from work in the afternoon (around 14:30 hours) Willy would take the pigeons, already in their baskets, straight to Oss to release them there. William would call the pigeons in at arrival. Before the NPO-flights these chores would be Mother Ria's responsibility. In the evening the pigeons would train once more. One thing definitely worth mentioning is the next. In earlier years these men always had problems getting the young pigeons in, and especially so after a race. There is a run located in front of the young pigeons' loft, in which an entrance was hanging. Whenever the pigeons would land on the roof of the loft, they needed a long time until they would come from the roof through the entrance. Before the starting of this season they had the Habru firm make a custom made entrance in the roof of the run (see picture). This has proven to be a significant improvement, to which they also ascribe a part of the obtained results. During a training session they clocked 50 pigeons within 25 seconds with the ATIS-system.

To be allowed to stay on the young pigeons need to win at least 4 or 5 prizes out of 7 races, amongst which at least once within the best 2%.

Medical support
After a race the pigeons get BS from de Weerd in their drinking water and brewer's yeast over their food on Saturday evening and on Sunday. On Thursday (one day before being put in their baskets) the pigeons get a ornithose-mix from de Weerd (one week they get orni-special, the other week orni-3). The other days of the week the pigeons get DEVO-plus in their water. This is a natural product containing lactic acids and it's given to counteract coli. This product causes the pigeons to drop their down feathers very nicely.

Achievements Results Dep. 8 GOU (3700 members)
Chantilly August 26, 2007 Department (South) against 13.428 pigeons: 22, 68, 99, 129 etc. 50 pigeons entered the race, 27 prizes.
This was a very heavy flight with a lot of casualties.
Total department: against 23.193 pigeons: 23, 73, 116, 155 etc.
Peronne September 01, 2007 Department (South) against 6092 pigeons: 9, 154, 159, 204, 220, 224, 244 etc.. 40 pigeons entered the race, 15 prizes.
Total department: against 12.624 pigeons: 9, 166, 168, 231, 251, 256, 277 etc.
Peronne September 08, 2007 Department (South) against 6372 pigeons: 12, 15, 46, 121, 151, 294, 300 etc. 40 pigeons entered the race, 24 prizes.
Total department: against 12.718 pigeons: 12, 15, 48, 137, 175 etc.

Results Very Long Distance Races Club GOU (over 350 members)
August 26 2007
Chantilly: against 4991 pigeons: 3, 21, 34, 41 etc.
September 01 2007
Peronne: against 2861 pigeons: 3, 52, 54, 67, 71, 73, 81 etc.
September 08 2007
Peronne: against 2838 pigeons: 3, 4, 16, 33, 47, 91, 93, 104, 121 etc.

Results Long Distance Races Club Betuwe-Waal-Rijn combination
August 26 2007
Chantilly: against 2156 pigeons: 2, 11, 19, 24, 63, 66, 73, 74 etc.
September 01 2007
Peronne: against 1187 pigeons 1, 22, 24, 33, 34, 35, 39, 88, 89, 92 etc.
September 08 2007
Peronne: against 1211 pigeons 3, 4, 10, 18, 24, 42, 43, 46, 49, 102, 108, 111, 112, 113, 115 etc.

Championships Very Long Distance Races Club GOU 8
1rst Not nominated Champion Young Pigeons.
6th Nominated Champion Young Pigeons.
13th Pigeon Champion Young Pigeons.
Long Distance Races Club Betuwe-Waal-Rijn combination 1rst Not nominated Champion Young Pigeons.

Goals for the future
They would love to win a National Championship of make a NPO-victory. They set a high standard, but they do have a great zest for the sport.

Willy and William both are very committed, but also realistic enough to realize they have to wait and see what the season of 2008 will bring them. Partly due to the changed working hours of William. The results of this past year can't be taken from them. They consider good health the greatest good in their lives. They hope that the envy between pigeon fanciers will disappear. Willy and William, I wish you good luck and hope that you can fulfill your ambitions. Joep Bodelier Translated with permission of the author by Marijke Sliphorst.