Get your advertising space in the internationally distributed PIPA Collector’s Edition IV today

Since its first publication at the 2011 Olympiad in Poznan the release of our exclusive PIPA Collector’s Edition has grown to become an annual tradition in our sport. This book is a great opportunity for fanciers looking to showcase their pigeons to an international audience; it has a circulation of 20,000 copies and it is printed both in English and Chinese.

International distribution

As in previous years, we will be printing a large number of copies both in English and Chinese. This autumn are distributing an impressive 20,000 free copies on a number of international pigeon exhibitions:

  • Langfang (China, November 2016)
  • Lanzhou (China, November 2016)
  • De Olympiade (Belgium, January 2017)
  • Fugare (Belgium, February 2017)
  • Spring Exhibition Houten (The Netherlands, March 2017)

In addition, our new release will also be available online, and fanciers that did not get a free copy on one of the above exhibitions will be able to order their copy online - they only have to pay for the shipment.

Buy advertising space now!

The large circulation and the international distribution in two world languages makes the PIPA Collector’s Edition an excellent platform to show your pigeon family to an international audience. These are the prices:

  • Half a page full colour: € 600,-
  • One full page full colour: € 900,-
  • Two pages full colour: € 1.500,-
  • For each additional page: € 700,-

Are you planning to buy two pages? In that case you can make your ad stand out even more by combining it with a full page article written by a recognized journalist. You can get two pages of ad space plus a full page article for 2,150€.

The PIPA Collector’s Edition is the most popular book on pigeon racing in recent years, and it is a perfect way of showing your pigeon breed to the world. Do not wait any longer and buy your advertising space in this free book.