Get ready for the second edition of the Europa Master Pigeons OLR

The first edition of OLR Europa Master Pigeons, finished with a spectacular and very hard final. The pigeons had been prepared in 23 trainings, 3 Hot Spots, and 1 semi-final. In total pigeons flew 2411 km.

960 pigeons were collected, 947 of the pigeons started their training and 535 pigeons reached the finals. Which means 56,5 %. One of the best percentages in Europe.

The final race, was the hardest. With the wind from the north, they had to fly completely against the wind (20 km/h). On the first day, only 29 pigeons arrived, from a total of 535 basketed. On the second day, another 200 pigeons arrived home.

For this year the OLR Europa Master Pigeons increases the competition and the prizes to 1,2 milion euro. Europa Master Pigeons will have the biggest prize for a first place in Europe: 150.000 euro, second place 100.000 euro, third place 50.000 euro. In total there are 742 prizes, individually, to the team of the best two pigeons or the best three pigeons.

OLR Europa Master Pigeons is ready to offer the pigeons the best conditions. The loft will be 150 m on 4 m, with more than 7000 places for pigeons. The transport of the pigeons, will be done with the help of  GERALDY COMPANY. And also like this year, the food will be provided by MIFUMA, and the treatments from Vet Schroeder-Tollisan, DRAPA and WONDER PIGEON. Pigeon breeders with experience will take care of the pigeons, supported by veterinary doctors, and all under the strict supervision of Mr. Bacalu Dănuţ.

The route for flight will be from the south to the north, with wind from the north almost every day, and the distance of the final race will be around 540 km.

Are you ready to race in a competition against 6000 pigeons, with more than 1000 pigeon breeders from every corner of the world, having the best care and training conditions for pigeons?

To avoid health problems during transport, collection is done directly from the breeder. In the first week, the pigeons will be in quarantine, separated from each other. In that way we can perfectly detect pigeons with problems. When the pigeons are ready you must send a mail with the address and number of pigeons.

OLR Europa Master Pigeons only works with pigeons breeders with very good pigeons and fanciers that can be trusted.