Gert-Jan Beute (Wilhelminaoord, NL) leads ‘Dalia’ to 1° Nat. ace pigeon one-day MD 2011

‘I love it when a plan comes together’: that was the slogan of the military mastermind from the A Team John 'Hannibal' Smith... The popular television character was sometimes a bit eccentric, but he was above all an excellent strategist: what a striking resemblance to ‘pigeon guru’ Gert-Jan Beute. The performances he expects of his pigeons and his ideas on breeding have resulted in the best one-day middle distance pigeon of The Netherlands ‘Best of the best’ 2011.

Shortly before the start of the NPO one-day middle distance season 2012 we take a look back at some of last season’s highlights. Gert-Jan Beute’s NL10-4223013 ‘Dalia’ was one of the main contenders in 2011, with numerous prizes and classifications on the one-day middle distance… She was for instance

      1°  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance The Best of the Best 2011`
      1°  Ace pigeon middle distance Province Friesland 2011
      2°  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance NPO 2011 (best yearling)
      1°  Sens (566 km) against 960 pigeons, 55° NPO against 9,941 pigeons
      14° Sens (556 km) against 753 pigeons, and 566° NPO against 8,013 pigeons
      2°  Pithiviers (591 km) against 759 pigeons, also 10° NPO + Teletext flights against 7,385 pigeons
      10° Orleans Saran (626 km) against 1,046 pigeons, also 115° NPO againstn 8,538 pigeons
      5e° Pithiviers (591 km) against 703 pigeons, and also 37° NPO against 6,511 pigeons

On the other race programmes and as a young pigeon she was also winner of

      26° NPO Morlincourt (426 km) youngsters 2010 against 3,138 pigeons
      3°  Isnes (280 km) youngsters 2010 against 3,064 pigeons
      5°  Wijchen (118 km) 2011 against 2,205 duiven
      38° Nijvel (282 km) 2011 against 2,037 pigeons
      24° Pommeroeul (316 km) 2011 against 1.781 pigeons
      16° Pommeroeul (316 km) 2011 against 1.741 pigeons
      43° St. Quentin (390 km) 2011 against 945 pigeons

For his super pigeon ‘Dalia’, Gert-Jan had a well-laid plan. To him, breeding is science, breeding is art. “Parents are paired according to a strict schedule. When taken in the hand, the pigeon has to be perfect; there should be no flaws in the breeding loft! The pigeons are selected by hand, and are given a score between 5 and 9. Pigeons need to have a score of eight or more to be allowed in the breeding loft, and they need to have the ‘genes of a winner’: the breeding pigeons should have a perfect build, and they have to be a descendant of a modern-day racing pigeon! No old glory from 30 years back.”

A few years ago the Frisian held hundreds of the best pigeons from The Netherlands in his hand to try to gain an insight into how to select the ultimate racing pigeon. He described his experiences in his book “Uiterlijke kenmerken van crackduiven (The anatomy of a crack). He shares his insights on breeding: “There are a few more characteristics my breeding couples should have: one of the partners must have a “breeder’s eye”. This is an anthracite coloured ring of adaption around the pupil. Its partner should have a “flyer’s eye”: a small pupil with a lighter colour. I prefer the combination of white-coloured x yellow-coloured for all of my breeding couples. The muscles are important as well for the one-day middle distance pigeon: when you lift up its wing, it should be trembling. “

Gert-Jan Beute has an amazing feel for the selection of racing pigeons, which made him world-famous. He successfully adapted his theories on pigeon racing in his own lofts! In a successful 2011 season, he won for instance the following titles:

      1° Europe Cup one-day middle distance 2009
      1° Ace pigeon prov. Friesland 2010
      1° Emperor general old pigeons prov. Friesland 2010
      1° Emperor general natour prov. Friesland 2010
      1° Not nominated champion youngsters Friese Fondclub 2010
      1° & 2° Olympiad Pigeon cat. ‘old pigeons’ The Netherlands 2011

‘Dalia stems from ‘Vechtmachine’ x ‘Jia Li’, an amalgamation of Leo Heremans (through Hans Eijerkamp) x a direct Gerard Koopman x Janssen (‘Oude 063’ line). “Since 2006, I have had a good relationship with Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, and as one of their official trial lofts I can transfer 12 youngsters of their best couples to my racing and breeding loft every year. The grandfather of ‘Dalia’ is one of these Eijerkamp pigeons: ‘Triller’. In 2010, a youngster was bred from ‘Vechtmachine’ x ‘Jia Li’: ‘Beute 556’. This youngster was sent to the Dutch Golden Classic. At the sale of this breeder and racer, Gert-Jan Beute ensured Peter van de Merwe that this pigeon would take the first place in the Dutch Golden Classic… Peter purchased the pigeon, and Gert-Jan proved to be right: she won the main prize of € 4,000.00. In 2001 she was one of the best yearlings of Peter van de Merwe. To conclude, Willem Heinhuis bought two eggs from the same breeding couple in 2010, and one of the cocks that came out of it has already won 2nd NPO Pithiviers against 7385 pigeons.

Gert-Jan Beute; Heavy is the head that wears the crown… but he silences his critics with his amazing results. “You should only breed from the best pigeons, select them by hand, send them every week and only keep the best”, that is his advice to the reader. And that is what made him and many of his followers successful. PIPA will be following him in the upcoming 2012 season.