Germany and Mark Kitchenbrand complete the top 5 in the 2nd Victoria Falls hot spot race

On 16 December, the second hot spot race of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race took place from Gwayi River, 163 km southeast of Victoria Falls. The birds were liberated in cool, windy conditions at 5.45 am. The top 5 positions were taken by three German fanciers and Mark Kitchenbrand, who finished second and fifth.

Excellent race

Just as in the first hot spot race, the majority of the birds arrived home in quick succession. In total 1,683 birds appeared at the start with:

  • 20 pigeons arriving in the first 5 minutes (1.2%)
  • 739 pigeons arriving in the first 15 minutes (44%)
  • 1389 pigeons arriving in the first 1 hour (83%)
  • 1474 pigeons arriving in the first 2 hours (88%)

When the race was stopped there were still 40 pigeons missing (2.4%). And that despite the pigeons being attacked by hawks en route, which is the norm, as the organisation had scattered groups returning with a few injuries from hawks.

Big prize money for the winners, guaranteed!

The Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race offers 700,000 USD of prize money, fully guaranteed! Even in the hot spot races, big amounts can be won. Hans-Paul Esser, Mark Kitchenbrand and Team Thorsten Daum & Walter Thun won 10,000, 6,000 and 3,000 USD for their first, second and third position respectively. Have a look at the first ten prize money positions of the second hot spot race:

It's clear that the best fanciers in this race were the Germans on the one hand, with two top 3 positions, and Mark Kitchenbrand on the other, with two top 5 positions.

USA now tops ace bird standings

First in the current ace bird competition is Ado Family Loft (USA), closely followed by Team Bussche (Germany) and Bart Geerinckx (Belgium). Check out the entire list here. As more races are held, the ace bird competition will start to get more interesting. It is expected that the prevailing wind will swing more north from now on and is likely to be a head wind for the pigeons.