Gerard Koopman wins 3rd race in Africa Pro Series

Already the third race within 14 days in the Africa Pro Series, it was won by one of the biggest icons of our sport; Gerard Koopman.

Gerard has an impressive track record in One Loft Racing; this win thus ends up in a beautiful list.

Race 3 was brought forward by one day due to strong headwinds on the following days. The flight line of this race leads over areas with a lot of game farming and associated high fences, sometimes up to 2.5 meters high. Dangerous when large flocks have to find their way here and since animal welfare is of paramount importance at Africa Pro, it was decided to release this 280 km race a day earlier. The pigeons came home quickly in large groups, with only a few pigeons out in the evening.

Gerard Koopman; a famous winner

Also this week, the 'fast trappers' turned out to be the prize winners, with Team Koopman's NL21-1504836 taking the victory. So a world famous winner; the complete composition of the top 10 is as follows:

1st Gerard Koopman, NL
2nd Pegasus Loft, USA
3rd Miha Sovic, Slovenia
4th Team Majestic 10, South Africa
5th Diamond Pigeon Stud, South Africa
6th Team Oberholster, South Africa
7th TNT Lofts, South Africa
8th Diamond Pigeon Stud, South Africa
9th Comb. Van Wanrooij, NL
10th Jellema Pigeons, NL

The victory went to the NL21-1504836 from Gerard Koopman, a pigeon with a lot of noble blood in its veins … father is a full brother of Prince Esmee Elzinga, winner of 2x 1st NPO within 2 weeks … mother is sister of Miss Overegge, winner 3x 1st in large competition of which 2x 1st NPO. So from top lines, which excel in the Netherlands but also across the border. Gerard: “I think I've been participating in one loft races around the world for about 15 years now and the pigeons that do well at home are often good there too. So I don't have a specific OLR breeding loft.” About Africa Pro he is clear. “A great initiative, innovative and for that you have to dare to stick your neck out. You have a great responsibility about other people's pigeons, if there are losses it is not easy. I think I still have 3 pigeons in the battle; I would rather have had more of course, but sometimes you have to be lucky with that. This victory is of course a nice boost in this OLR, I also hope that we can still play a role in the ace pigeon competition, I always attach great importance to that. I am already looking forward to race 4.”

Gerard Koopman, winner 1st prize Race 3 Africa Pro

Diamond Pigeon Stud; fancier of the week

With 2 pigeons in the top 10 in at 5th and 8th place, Derick Streak's well-known South African Diamond Pigeon Stud became fancier of the week. Derick has pigeons from top European breeds such as De Klak, Geerinckx, Koopman, De Rauw-Sablon and Gaby Vandenabeele in his breeding center and has been sending pigeons to One Loft Races since 2019, with impressive successes. Such as 1st-4th-7th-10th-13th in the final Central Provincial Loft Bloemfontein OLR yearlings 2019 with approx. 2,000 pigeons … and the 3rd prize in the final Central Provincial Loft OLR yearlings 2020. With this week's top performances, Derick also states expressly his candidacy in the Black Jacket (best fancier overall) competition and the Blue Jacket (Ace pigeons) competition, where he takes 2nd position with ‘Grace’!

The 2nd Ace pigeon after 3 races and 5th prize winner in Race 3 is Grace, bred out of two racers, whose father is a cross between Gaby Vandenabeele x Houben and mother is a cross between Vandenabeele x Geerinckx … Winner of the 8th prize at Race 3 is Drumbeat, from a grandson of the well-known Drum (Koopman origin, via Syndicate Loft) in crossing with Houben bloodlines again. Dam of Drumbeat is winner of 2x 1st prize, 1st Ace pigeon Kimberly Club and full sister of winners 4th-7th-10th in the final of the Central Provincial Loft Bloemfontein OLR yearlings OLR … she is again from the Drum lines via Syndicate Lofts x Gaby Vandenabeele . Derick is a 70 year old and has been a pigeon fancier for 62 years. With over 250 1st prizes in major competitions, he is an icon in the South African pigeon sport. “I grew up among pigeons and will probably die there too,” he says with a wink. And then something more serious: “But I love this sport. I hope to achieve some good results in the Africa Pro in the coming weeks.” 

Derick Streak of Diamond Pigeon Stud, best fancier in race 3 Africa Pro

Nils Gerdemann advances to 1st place in Black Jacket competition

At 1st place in the ranking of the Best Fancier (Black Jacket) is the German top fancier Nils Gerdemann … in Black Jacket the total flight time of the 2 first clocked pigeons counts and Nils is now 3.5 minutes ahead of number 2 Rudi De Saer and 7.5 minutes at number 3 Knoetze Lofts … after 3 races everything is still open in this classification, especially because all fanciers with 2 pigeons or more are competing for this prestigious title!
Nils was the European star on the opening race and also shows on the faster flights that his entered pigeons are ready to compete until the end.


Nils Gerdemann and family, Best fancier overall after 3 flights in Africa Pro

Team Silonque still 1st ace pigeon

In the ace pigeon competition (Blue Jacket), the average speed over all races determines the ranking and, just like last week, the ZA-21-TRPF-650 of the South African team Silonque (Justin Le Roux and Stear Painter) tops the ranking. Stear bred the ace pigeon after 2 races from his formidable Painter Putteries stock.


Justin Le Roux with Purple Prince, the father of the 1st Ace pigeon after 3 races.

Incidentally, it is South Africa at the top of this competition; the top 5 here after 3 races is occupied by purely South African fanciers with ‘Grace’ from Diamond Pigeon Stud in second place, with 15th in race 1 – 90th prize in race 2 – 5th prize in race 3 … and ‘Champ’ from Knoetze Lofts on 3rd place with 24th in Race 1 – 83rd in Race 2 – 176th in Race 3.