Gerard Koopman - Nieuw Amsterdam (NL) does it again!

Grandchild of wonder couple ‘Dromer’ x ‘Miss Waalre’ wins 1. NPO Limoges … and is also fastest Dutch overnight pigeon on the 5th of June from over 35.000 pigeons.

Brain behind ‘world pedigree number 1’ C. & G. Koopman … and he now brings the wondrous De Rauw-Sablon pigeons to the multi-day long distance … in crossing with the well-known overnight pedigrees … and with already the second National victory as result … Gerard Koopman managed once again to provide the pigeon world with a new dimension!

A very tough baptism of fire in the Dutch multi-day long distance programme in 2010; this much was clear when ‘the overnighters’ had to face warm weather and head wind by the liberation on Friday the 4th of June. The connoisseurs were in agreement … you could have a lie in before the first pigeons returned home … Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen was a fitting exception to the rule … before the evaporation of the last dew droplets his NL08-5821648 showed up at 06h30 from Limoges, a distance of 861 km … to take victory in North-Netherlands … and couldn’t be equalled in speed by all of the Dutch overnight pigeons in the races Bergerac (prov. 1, 2, 3), Bordeaux (prov. 5, 6, 12), Brive (prov. 7, 8, 9) and Limoges (prov. 10, 11) … that is more than 35.000.

Special moment
The two-year old chequered cock gave Gerard Koopman Goosebumps by winning the 1. NPO Limoges. And still gives him Goosebumps … after all, it is the 22nd time that Gerard will receive the highest honour in an NPO competition …and his father was with him every time to celebrate the victory. Cornelis, patriarch of the Dutch pigeon sport, who sadly left us at the beginning of 2010 … by the well-known words of the NPO victory Gerard’s thoughts went directly to his father. As homage he thought of the only right sequel; this winning top pigeon NL08-5821648 will now go through life as ‘Cornelis’ …

"Cornelis" with hen

And directly after securing the Limoges victory, comparisons were made to 2004 … it was the 4th of June when the Team Koopman won the NPO race from Ruffec with the fabulous ‘Miss Waalre’. After hardly getting over the excitement this same hen struck again with the 1. National St. Vincent in sector IV … reason enough to put this wonder in the breeding loft and … where those who believe in coincidence will be disappointed … we come across ‘Miss Waalre’ as grandmother in the pedigree of ‘Cornelis’. Amazingly good!

De Rauw-Sablon
Gerard Koopman has foresight?? In the past this gift has been ascribed to him many times, but looking deeper into the Limoges-winner ‘Cornelis’ it is confirmed once more. In the total auction of the Belgian magistrates Etienne de Rauw and Frans Sablon in 2003 Gerard managed to obtain the star of their loft, the now anciently famous ‘Den Dromer’. Many asked themselves with which breeding diamonds would this cock produce offspring … one of the wondrous sisters of ‘Kleine Dirk’? Or the old basis of ‘Beatrix cock’ and ‘Ons Louis’? Surprisingly Gerard chose ‘Miss Waalre’. “I was just starting my overnight career and thought that ‘Miss Waalre’, a super pigeon of course, would make the perfect partner for ‘Den Dromer’, whose descendants especially excel from 600 to 850 km … In my eyes a pigeon with an iron willpower and despite the fact that she only had to show herself purely in the one-day long distance races, I was convinced that she was capable of top performances over two days!”

And so it happened, just before ‘Miss Waalre’ was sold to Jan Hermans, two youngsters were bred out ‘Den Dromer’ x ‘Miss Waalre’… and what for youngsters! One of them is ‘Marlon’, mother of ‘Cornelis’, principal figure in the success story from Limoges 2010. The other is ‘Milko’ … and then a bell starts ringing by the followers of the National pigeon races … isn’t that the father of? Indeed, of the sensational ‘Miss Maniwan’, in 2007 winner of the 1. Nat. St. Vincent against 25.807 pigeons. Also with such an enormous lead!! Nest mates which have both produced an NPO/National winner; do you know them? By Gerard Koopman they now form the basis for his overnight colony.

The victory of ‘Cornelis’ once again added a new chapter to the success story of the ‘Dromer’ dynasty …that class pigeon from De Rauw-Sablon … didn’t we see all those same blood lines last week giving victory to Johan van Damme in the form of his famous ‘Locco’, 1. National Brive? Didn’t we see these lines excel by Erik Limbourg with ‘Lucky 77’ 1. Nat. Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2005 (cousin ‘Den Dromer’) and ‘Lucky 85’ 2. Nat. Ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2007 (grandchild ‘Den Dromer’)? Isn’t the cock of the world’s most famous couple Bak 17 from Marcel Aelbrecht also a grandson of ‘Den Dromer’? And didn’t we see these top lines shining by Gerard Koopman himself, resulting in the following impressive series:

- 1. NPO Orleans 9.670 pigeons (13 minute lead) with ‘Doran’, son of ‘Mr. Expensive’ (brother ‘Den Dromer’)
- 1. Nat. St. Vincent 25.807 pigeons with ‘Miss Maniwan’ (granddaughter ‘Den Dromer’)
- 1., 3., 4. & 7. Prize trainings races Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2007 with ‘Raubritter’ (grandchild ‘Den Dromer’)
- 3. prize Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2009 with ‘Good Aim’ (grandson ‘Den Dromer’)
- 1. NPO Limoges 2010 with ‘Cornelis’ (grandson ‘Den Dromer’)
Further praise is inappropriate; the excellent track record alone speaks volumes

Old long distance glory
For the production of ‘Cornelis’, ‘Marlon’ was paired with the chequered cock ‘Anton’, bought by legend Anton van Haaren from Heesch … a man known for sublime Van Loon pigeons, but also the man who temporarily housed the entire colony of the late Jef van Wanroy … and in Gerard Koopman’s eyes it was exactly this old long distance glory which would be perfect for crossing with the ‘new long distance glory’ that he is ambitiously forming. The pigeon ‘Anton’ is a grandson of  ‘De Barcelona’, 1. National Barcelona pigeon 1996-1998 with a.o. 28. Nat. Barcelona and 71. Nat. Barcelona. Good blood … enfin, the outcome is well-known.

For the sake of completeness; with 48 pigeons basketted, Gerard Koopman also won the 7. prize NPO (over 4 hours later than ‘Cornelis’) and at a quarter to three Saturday afternoon he clocked his 16th pigeon … which more than confirmed the iron-willed character of  the ‘cracker’ from Limoges … a ‘cracker’ of a super winner, which answers to one of the most named names in the pigeon sport … a better tribute could hardly be imagined!