Gerard and Bas Verkerk….back….. after never being away: 1st Provincial Ace bird extreme long distance. Crowning of a top season!

The old bird season has finished and everywhere, also in the strong province 5 where thre was extra excitement this year, the championships are being calculated. The well-known combination Gerard & Bas Verkerk raced for the first time from their new “Pigeon mansion”.


As every fancier will testify, it is always a question of searching before performances can be expected. And when the pigeons have only flown from there from the 2nd of April then you can forget “it”, is the general thesis. The majority of people also know that the Verkerks have already performed better than anyone expected. Series of early pigeons in the extreme middle distance with an unfavourable location was not easy and then not forgetting the numerous Ace birds and 9 Olympiad pigeons.

2011 was also a marvellous year. Every week a team of (inexperienced) yearlings showed what they were worth with high prize percentages and top prizes. You can see a few examples here below: 

14.05.2011 Mantes la Jolie,  400km, 5.222 p. 5,8,19,20,26,34,35,36,41, etc. --- 69/114 (45x 1:10)

21.05.2011 Nanteuil, 352km, 15.350 p. 22,23,28,29,49,90,96,97, etc. --- 64/114 (42x 1:10)

28.05.2011 Vierzon, 570km, 14.964 p. S. Nat./NPO: 4,5,10,23,31,49,52,86,98,etc. --- 76/108 (60x 1:10)

11.06.2011 Tours, 593km, 10.490 p. S.Nat/NPO 11,22,24,45,46,47,56,72,77,91,etc. --- 73/86 (57x 1:10) S.Nat/NPO 26,81,etc. --- 9/11 (6x 1:10) Extreme long distance group

23.07.2011 Orleans, 500km, 5.503 p. S.Nat/NPO 18,20,21,28,30,31,37,43, etc. --- 48/88 (30x 1:10) 

It is clear that such performances result in more than 1 championship. They were a.o. 1st champion not nominated extreme middle distance in the strong district Gouwe-Ijssel (1:10 system).

In the middle distance they ended provincially (east) as 3rd loft champion and 3rd loft champion extreme middle distance not nominated in the entire province. And left behind a whole row of well-known names.

The icing on the cake was the 1st and 4th Provincial Ace bird extreme middle distance and 5 Ace bird in the top 25.

The 1st provincial Ace bird extreme middle distance is “Amy” a small blue hen out good stock. She is a daughter of the best cock of the loft Verkerk in 2009 “Pole Position”, who in turn is a son of “Armstrong” x “Doutzen”.  The mother of “Amy” is “Catwoman”; a daughter of the world famous “Figo” (A. & H. Reynaert).

The 4th provincial Ace bird extreme middle distance is “Olivia”, a strong hen out a dream couple. Her father is “Ronunbel”, which self won 6 prizes 1:100 as a yearling. He is a son of the Olympic duo: “Olympic Ronaldo” x “Olympic Unbelievable”. The mother of “Olivia” is “Bubbles” a daughter of the “Wounded Knee” from Ad Schaerleackens. “Bubbles” became famous for producing pigeons so as “Bulldozer”, “Federer”, “Super 210” and “Nadala”. She is also grandmother of the world hen “Athena”, which Rik Hermans (Pulle) bred from a daughter of “The Force” x “Bubbles”.

We would also like to illustrate the 14th provincial extreme middle distance, as this cock only missed 1x and is the first pigeon with 4 prizes. Very clever, beating pigeons with 5 prizes with a pigeon with 4 early prizes. “Atlantis” is a son of “Flintstone”(son of “GPS” x “Sieka”). The mother of “Atlantis” is no-one less than “Bondgirl” (daughter “Olympic SpongeBob” x “Cinderella”.

To complete the figure work we have to include the top notations in the NPO extreme middle distance :

Top 25 NPO
4th  NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with Mr. TT (son Party Animal x Magic Yi)
5th  NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with Alexis (daughter Guardian x Sienna)
7th  NPO Argenton  7.584 p. with Fleur (daughter Little Tiger x Nadala)
10th NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with Jessie (daughter Federer x Sieka)
11th NPO Tours 10.490 p. with daughter Icarus x Sita
11th NPO Argenton 7.584 p.with son Ronunbel x Magic Yi
13th NPO Argenton 7.584 p. with daughter GPS x Eva
18th NPO Orleans 5.503 p. with daughter One Eye Bandit x Bridget
20th NPO Orleans 5.503 p. with son Florian x Sola
21st NPO Orleans 5.503 p. with son Flintstone x Bondgirl
22nd NPO Tours 10.490 p. with son Mission Impossible x Magic Amoré
23rd NPO Vierzon 14.964 p. with daughter Gerelly x Candy
24th NPO Tours 10.490 p. with daughter Olympic Survivor x Fergie
 Now, as reader , you will without doubt be convinced of the class of the Verkerk pigeon, 
but we don’t want to deny you 2 super hens from the 2011 season.

Nr. 1 is “Replica”. She is a daughter of “Icarus” (son “Bulldozer” x “Olympic Unbelievable”) x “Olympic Solange” (daughter “Olympic Survivor” x “Magic Amoré”).On the 11th of June she had already won her 5th prize 1:100 and on the 18th of June she won her 9th prize 1:10. A week later fate intervened. She returned home 2 days later with an injured wing. Well on the way to winning various national Ace bird titles and then something like that happens. Luckily she returned home and was placed in the richly filled breeding loft.

During this period “Feline” was a serious opponent of “Replica” and seems to have the right cards for various national Ace bird titles. She has 7 prizes 1:100 and 10 prizes 1:10 on her honours list. She is a daughter of “Prince”; a son of the “Street Fighter” x “Akira” from the Gerard and Elly Reedijk-Jongekrijg. The mother of “Feline” is “Euphoria” and yes, once again a pigeon with a noble lineage. Her father is “Bulldozer” and her mother is no-one less than “Olympic Solange”. A full sister of “Euphoria” is “Bonita” which in 2009 was the best pigeon in the late races in the district. The nest brother of “Euphoria” was bought by Yong Lin, who didn’t only breed a few good pigeons out of him, but also bred the 1st against 4.609 pigeons for Piet van de Merwe.

The best performances of “Feline” up until 23-7 are :

OrleansNPO                          28  - 5503  p Tours NPO                           47  - 10490 p Vierzon NPO                         52  - 14964 p

Mantes La Jolie                     4   - 2058  p Nijvel                              26  - 3176  p Sens                                51  - 6492  p Peronne                             140 - 19944 p   

Gerard and Bas are now getting ready for the late race season and they will probably surprise friend and enemy with their amazing performances. If they don’t do it themselves then fanciers will do it with descendants of the Verkerk-pigeons, because good blood never belies in lofts at home and abroad. The aforementioned  “Athena” from Rik Hermans (Pulle-Belgium) and the 1st NPO Tours from Ton Snoek, Volendam are a couple of examples of this.