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Gerard and Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) show their exceptional potential, this time with the young birds in the middle distance

The young birds of Gerard and Bas Verkerk have been racing the natour competition in recent years, and with great success. For 2019 however, the first and second round were trained for the young birds' races.

The young birds did very well right from the start, and by the time the middle distance competition was under way, they were nothing less than outstanding.

Gerard and Bas Verkerk had an excellent start to the 2019 season, as we've come to expect from them. Racing bird NL17-1277484 wins a 1st Quievrain (13/4) of 3,254 pigeons, as well as a 1st Quievrain (20/4) of 2,222 pigeons in just a week's time. As her pedigree shows, she stems from many big names, including Bulldozer, Olympic Unbelievable, Lola Lily and Atlantis, as well as Feline (a granddaughter of Olympic Solange). And the team went on to win a first prize in the first NPO race from Blois of 14,352 pigeons with Bella Solange. She too has an excellent pedigree, being first of all another descendant of Feline (granddaughter Olympic Solange). Click here to reread our full report. Two weeks later we had the disastrous race from Vierzon, which considerably impacted their ambitions for the ongoing old birds' season.

The young birds' season

The young birds were only racing the natour competition in recent years, and with great success. For this season however, they opted to train their first and second round for the young birds' races as well. They got a bit of help from Sil van Vliet, who came over every Saturday to lend assistance, for instance by basketing the pigeons to get them to drink. The young birds did really well from day one, and by the time the middle distance competition was under way, the pigeons were pretty much outstanding. The third and fourth round completed two natour races, after which they went from Lennik (143km) to Pont St. Maxence (340km) and Pontoise (378km), to let them gain more experience. We will discuss some of their most promising young birds but first we take a look at the highlights of their 2019 season:

Pontoise        378 km  6,621 p.: 20-21-22-34-40-50-53-54-55-58-etc (70/119) (42x 1:10)
Pt.St.Max.      340 km  6,570 p.: 14-29-30-31-32-33-34-36-38-41-51-53-etc (86/114) (46x 1:10)
Lennik          143 km  3,407 p.: 1-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19-20-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-31-33-34 
   				: -etc (139/180) (92x 1:10)
Pt.St.Max.      340 km  5,775 p.: 4-9-11-18-45-49-etc (59/112) (41x 1:10)
Lennik          143 km  3,364 p.: 9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-21-22-etc (116/172) (84x 1;10)
Fontenay Nat.S2 467 km 11,157 p.: 15-45-60-61-73-91-92-etc (46/78) (35x 1:10)
Quievrain       195 km  2,359 p.: 9-11-18-19-20-etc (31/50) (15x 1:10)
Peronne         267 km  5,778 p.: 7-8-11-40-etc (29/46) (19x 1:10)
Pontoise Nat.S2 378 km  8,068 p.: 8-11-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-27-41-43-45-46-48-49-50-54-62-63
				: -64-67-68-74-76-79-80-81-82-83-etc (115/207) (83x 1:10)

Here we have all of their top ten prizes in the Semi-Prov./Prov./NPO competition:

1st Blois     15,362 p. (with Bella Solange, a daughter of a son of Bulldozer x Ace Isabelle)
3rd Vierzon   10,052 p. (daughter of Atlantis x Expectation)
4th Peronne    8,044 p. (daughter of Computer John x New Olympic Solange) (and a 4th 19,257 p.)
4th Pt.St.Max. 5,775 p. (youngster of Tony x Ace Isabelle)
4th Fontenay   3,429 p. (youngster of Chequer Magic x Olympic Bibi) (and a 15th Nat. 11,157 p.)
6th Pontoise   3,173 p. (youngster of Solo Star x New Olympic Solange) (and an 8th Nat. 8,068 p.)
7th Peronne    5,778 p. (youngster of Adora's Gold x Shelly)
8th Peronne    5,778 p. (daughter of Rico x daughter Jonge Cadel)
9th Peronne   11,815 p. (daughter of Rico x daughter Jonge Cadel)
9th Pt.St.Max. 5,775 p. (youngster of Ton x Bonita)
9th Pontoise   3,173 p. (youngster of Rico x Pippa) (and an 11th Nat. 8,068 p.)

Click here for prizes 1 through 25 in the Semi-Prov./Prov./NPO competition.

Thanks to their many great results, especially in the young birds' races of the middle distance, Gerard and Bas will be among the best names in the national championships NPO young birds middle distance (nominated). And here we have their current placings in the preliminary final results of the WHZB/TBOTB national ace pigeon championship young birds middle distance:

 8th NL19-1666433 (daughter Solo Star x New Olympic Solange)
	 	  8th Pontoise Nat./S2   8,068 p.
	 	  28th Pont St. Max      6,570 p.
	 	  25th Quievrain         3,783 p.
17th NL19-1666494 (daughter Tanger x Magic Rock)
		  14th Pont St.Max       6,570 p.
		  27th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
18th NL19-1666412 (daughter Buster x Royal Razinda)
                  18th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
                  60th Fontenay Nat./S2 11,157 p.
19th NL19-1666366 (daughter Rico x Pippa)
                  11th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
                  58th Pontoise          6,621 p.

The 433, a daughter of New Olympic Solange, proved to be a particularly promising racing bird. The team did really well in the national race from Pontoise, and this 433 was the first pigeon to arrive home, claiming an 8th National:

14 Sept Pontoise Nat./S2 378 km 8,068 p.: 8-11-14-15-16-17-18-19-21-27-41-43-45-46-48-49-50-54
                                        : -62-63-64-67-68-74-76-79-80-etc.
Overall result: 27x 1:100, 83x 1:10, 115x 1:4 (51%)

New Olympic Solange, the dam of NL19-1666433

In addition, Gerard and Bas Verkerk have four irons in the fire (with a similar number of points) for a potential top 10 in the national ace pigeon championships young birds in the Fondspiegel competition (which takes into account the 3 scheduled sectoral races). Here they are:

NL19-1666412 (daughter Buster x Royal Razinda)
             18th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
             61st Fontenay Nat./S2 11,157 p.
NL19-1666494 (daughter Tanger x Magic Rock)
             14th Pont St.Max       6,570 p.
             27th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
NL19-1666578 (daughter John Travolta x Leila)
             61st Fontenay Nat./S2 11,157 p.
             54th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
NL19-1666537 (daughter Atlantis x Highlight)
             50th Pontoise Nat./S2  8,068 p.
             92nd Fontenay Nat./S2 11,157 p.

Atlantis, the sire of NL19-1666537

Highlight, the dam of NL19-1666537 

It goes without saying that these youngsters will be doing great in the different PIPA rankings as well. In addition to these champions, we also saw two half sisters repeatedly come to the fore: NL19-1666684 and NL19-1666514. The 684 for instance was the fastest in Lennik of 7,656 pigeons, while the 514 wins a 27th Quievrain (3,783 p.) and a 15th Fontenay Nat./S2 (11,157 p.). The dam of both these hens is Olympic Bibi, which is also the grandmother of a 1st NPO Blois this year (Bella Solange).

Enormous breeding potential

The achievements of the young birds once again illustrates the enormous breeding potential of the Verkerk pigeons. Olympic Solange, Eye Catcher and the aforementioned New Olympic Solange are just one of many names that have helped this team score great results season after season. The Olympic Solange bloodline has proven to be particularly important - she was perhaps the best racing bird ever in races of 60 to 700km in The Netherlands, and many of her (racing and/or breeding) youngsters have already joined the breeding loft. These descendants, which have been combined with many other renowned birds, have led to numerous successes for Gerard and Bas, as well as for many other teams both at home and abroad.

Olympic Solange