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The ‘General’ of Zeeland Cees SCHROEVERS - Arnemuiden (NL) The ‘illusionist’ in the Middle Distance and Short middle Distance

Places all his old pigeons in a spectacular internet auction! On the 22nd of November Cees Schroevers will close a piece of pigeon history, when his entire team of old birds (being all pigeons from 2008 and older) will be spread out over the whole of the planet via a PiPa-internet auction.

Places all his old pigeons in a spectacular internet auction!
A resolute decision which Cees definitely didn’t just make… but came after careful consideration. When the professional circumstances, and the resulting lack of free time, changing circumstances for taking care of the pigeons… are of the nature that the pigeon sport begins to become more and more of a ‘rut’ … then a decision has to be made, and decision that is often against your wishes… and that is what Cees has finally done. He will throw the doors to his ‘treasure chamber’ wide open… and give everyone the chance to make a choice from a cluster of top breeders, of super crack pigeons, and a wealth of ‘upcoming talent’, that populate the lofts of Cees Schroevers… and that lie at the basis of so many winning titles, of sounding victories, and superior ‘Ace pigeons’… which have finally crowned him as ‘General’ of the province Zeeland! A very important fact here is that Cees has never raced with a ‘mass’. Limited time and space forced him to be very strict in the selection year after year… and let this fact have the logical result that in the Schroevers lofts there is only room for real ‘toppers’, for exceptional ‘scorers, for real ‘top breeders’! Surely the ‘cusp’ of this success story. Cees isn’t stopping with the pigeon sport altogether, but with an eye to the future he will only keep his 2009 youngsters… time will tell what the future brings. But let it be clear that the pigeons that have given him so much pigeon pleasure, so many victories and title win will all leave… a powerful collection of top talent seldom seen!
So we dived under the sea, through the Westerscheldetunnel, towards the house of Cees Schroevers, who lives at the mouth (the muide) of the Arne…  in the Zealand’s fishing village Arnemuiden, where roughly three quarters of the population used to make a living from fishing,  it was no different by the family of Cees Schroevers. Cees earned his keep in fishing for more than 16 years as the son of a fisher’s family. They were times of hard labour. They left on Sunday afternoon, to go into the wild, and returned on Friday evening. These days he works as a ‘lockkeeper’, which means he has to work in shifts. A great improvement from the time he was at sea for an entire week… when he used to have to fill his pigeon forms for the following Friday on Sunday afternoon… anything but ideal then. Yet, in times when pigeon sport was practiced on the borders of acceptability, his changing work conditions were anything but ideal for guaranteeing ‘top sport’. Without daily help from family and/or friends, it would be just impossible, especially if you wanted to achieve some sort of continuity qua care and training. However we can safely say that the Schroevers family have achieved a good division of tasks where the pigeons are concerned, and have often managed to achieve spectacular results… performances that have played a part in making Arnemuiden a household name, through the “pigeon fame” that the Schroevers pigeon has brought to Arnemuiden year after year… that have made the ‘Clock from Arnemuiden’ chime several times!
From father to son…
Cees stepped into the pigeon sport in 1984 when he hung up his football Shoes for definite and started supporting his father with the pigeons. Father and son Schroevers achieved a chain of successes, with the absolute highlight being their title of 1° National Champion Middle Distance and 1° General Champion Zeeland in 1991. At the same time the last heroic deeds in the pigeon sport for father Marien who passed away in 1992. That year Cees achieved another 2 provincial victories from the parental lofts… in 1993 he started from the new lofts at his current address. Of course he had the great advantage of being able to start with the ‘old breeding team’ which he took from the parental loft. This was built up with Klak/Janssen pigeons… mainly obtained via Harry vd Mierden, who at the time was loft carer by Jos van Limpt (world famous under the pseudonym ‘Jos Klak’).  The pigeons from Jos Mariën from the Belgian Berlaar also played their part…. although the Schroevers family never raced with a mass of pigeons, at the time no more than 14 widowers and 35 youngsters! Cees went in search of fresh blood to pump into his ‘old stock’, and, if possible, to strengthen it. For this he visited Koen Minderhoud (then Westkapelle, now Koudekerke), who made furore with his Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. In the wake of Koen, also Cees left for Dentergem and bought amongst other things descendants of the ‘Blauwe Fideel’, ‘Senna’, ‘Kolonel’ and ‘James Bond’…  Remarkable how Cees repeatedly came to Belgium in his search for reinforcements for the pigeons which raced 600 to 700 Km. Cees also visited Putte by the late Flor en zonen Jos & Jules Engels. It was here that Cees really hit the ‘nail on the head’, and discovered a real ‘wonder breeding couple’ in coupling 2 direct Engels pigeons… formed by the “Flor 272/00” x “Bont Florke 265/00”… which we will describe in more detail further in this report. His newest acquisition was found in the Netherlands in the form of direct Gerard Koopman-pigeons… who also caused fireworks when crossed with the above mentioned stock pigeons!

Not with the mass
Cees Schroevers doesn’t have a great deal of space, but has put optimum use to the limited space in the garden in order to place a beautiful pigeon loft.  Normally the loft offers room for 13 breeding couples, 20 widowers (including 13 racing couples that are raced in total widowhood), in addition to 60 youngsters. Not a mass of pigeons, certainly not when you know that Cees is active in both the Middle Distance as the Short Middle Distance. We don’t have to explain further that with the high performance rhythm that the Schroevers pigeon has shown and the lack of space… the places by the annual selection are very expensive! One thing lead to another… and this resulted in a marvellous series of titles. A few exploits of the last few seasons to illustrate:
1, 2, 8° Provincial or General Ace pigeon Zeeland in 2005
1, 6, 10° Provincial or General Ace pigeon Zeeland in 2006

Superior ‘Ace pigeons’ almost all of which were later placed in the breeding lofts of Cees Schroevers to ensure the further extension of the colony. Both the cocks and the hens in widowhood… signed for this victory title, and the recital of top performances achieved over previous seasons!

Loft of Class pigeons
We wrote earlier that the stock building of the Cees Schroevers colony, whereby mainly the discovery of the ‘wonder couple’ Engels pigeons played a strong role is by the top performances that have been put down on paper over the last few seasons, and will no doubt follow in the future. This ‘wonder couple’ is formed by the “Flor 272” x “Bont Florke”, both direct Jos & Jules Engels-pigeons!
-The “FLOR 272”, ring 6272272/00 is a half-brother of the 1° Prov Limoges and the 1° Nat Bourges , and he is a grandson of famous Engels pigeons so as “Den Dikke 584/90” (winner 1° Intprov Chateauroux 13.285 p. + 10° Nat Bourges 9.759 p) and “Den 231” (son of the legendary “Witpender”).
-The “BONT FLORKE”, ring 6272265/00 is then a granddaughter of “Den 714” ring 714/90 (who won 1° Prov Bourges 3.266 p, 1° Prov Poitiers 1.932 p, and 11° Intprov Chateauroux 13.996 p) and also granddaughter of “De Dikke 199/89” (who won 1° Nat La Souterraine 2.053 p, and 3° Nat La Souterraine 1.927 p).
The “Wonder Couple” Engels by Cees Schroevers
“FLOR 22” 6272272/00        x    “BONT FLORKE” 6272265/00
They are parents and grandparents of a heap of top talents

This “Shakira” also proved that she was worth her weight in gold in the breeding loft, amongst other things, she is the mother of the super yearling in 2007: “Di Caprio” with his 4 x 1° Prizes (see further)… and of the “077/04” who won 1° Hensies 1.027 p and 1° Chantilly 586 p!
-“Witpen Flor”, ring 01-0100519 is a real top breeder and father of super hens “Melanie” and “Jennifer” (2° Nat NPO Tours).

•    Miguel 465/08, who won a.o.
2° Pommeroeul 196 p.
21° Blois 427 p.
25° Morlincourt 824 p.
47° Peronne 1.445 p.
•    Amador 628/07 with a.o.
74° Nat Blois 43.064 p.
Self already father of the 1° Clermont 530 p…
•    Marisa 464/08 with a.o.
5° Morlincourt 549 p.
30° Morlincourt 7.487 p.
•    Blue 605/07 with a.o.
20° Chantilly 11.194 p.
•    Blue 543/09 with a.o.
4° Sezanne 1.344 p.
6° Pommeroeul 266 p.
13° Pommeroeul 1.789 p.
19° Pommeroeul 3.977 p.
But the late breed also seemed promising…
So is ‘Melanie’ by the Comb. Prins & Zn from Giessenburg already grandmother of several toppers so as:
•    09-1206379  with a.o.
12th  Pommeroeul 3115  p.
26th  Strombeek  2553 p.
•    09-2072603 with a.o.
6th  Peronne  28.067  p.
33rd  Pommeroeul  3115  p.
•    08-1560246 with a.o.
6th  Strombeek  3524  p.  and 17 prizes in 2009
By Dennis Hammer she is grandmother of the 07-1507314, who won a.o.
5th  NPO  Chateaudun  5169  p.

Is it any surprise that Cees Schroevers was in heaven with the introduction of the ‘world class’ Flor, Jules & Jos Engels to his colony, which has clearly left its mark on the current performance curve of the C. Schroevers pigeon, and so largely lies at the basis of the current top successes in Arnemuiden. Not only with descendants of the ‘Wonder couple’ Engels, because… another typical example is without doubt the giant of a top racer, the “Kleine Prins”, enjoy with me:
The ‘Blue 555/09’ is also a half-sister of the aforementioned Schroevers-toppers, with a 1° Peronne 590 p. and 6° Prov 6.793 p… as well as the ‘Blue 573/09’ with 2° Pommeroeul 1.789 p, 7° Morlincourt 1.205 p… to their names (see notes by their mother ‘Daughter Jonge Bijter 306/03.

When discussing the stock building of the Cees Schroevers colony we also came accross the names Koen Minderhoud and Gaby Vandenabeele. One of the current pillars of the breeding loft is without doubt the “Mario”, who, for75%, has that miraculous Vandenabeele-blood flowing through the veins. Before growing to be ‘as steady as a rock’ in the breeding loft the shined in the races, including the following results:
-“Mario”, ring 00-0007378, son of the “Blue Gaby 845/99” (direct Gaby Vandenabeele out the 1° Nat.Brive 4.719 p: the ‘Blue Fideel) x “Anique 872/95” (crossing K.Minderhoud x 1° Prov Etampes or the old sort C. Schroevers). This ‘Blue Gaby’ moved some time ago again to the ‘loft of origin’ in Dentergem. In the lofts of Gaby Vandenabeele he was a.o. the father of the 1° Interprov Argenton 5.251 yearlings in 2009! The  “Mario” won self:
Another fanatic stems out the same line of Gaby Vandenabeele-pigeons, more specifically a crossing ‘Wittenbuik-line’ with the old sort Schroevers, namely the “Rocky”. Look with us at a small selection out of his lengthy list of top performances:































Immediately showcased her enormous breeding capacities and was mother of a.o. Marvin 472/08 (1° Sezanne 238 p, 8° Peronnne 585 p, 10° Orleans 316 p…), ‘Son Bonita 509/08’ (12° Arras 726 p, 37° Morlincourt 6.023 p…), ‘Blue 579/09’ (3° Pommeroeul 1.789 p, 28° Clermont 1.489 p, 35° Peronne 1.270 p, 33° Arras 1.781 p…), ‘Blue 583/09’ (6° Pommeroeul 1.789 p, 12° Morlincourt 1.609 p…), the ‘Kras 553/09’ (3° Peronne 1.694 p, 14° Arras 783 p, 30° Peronne 1.789 p, 92° Arras 1.781 p.) etc…

-“Blue 595”: was 1°Ace pigeon Sprint Club, and won 1° Creil 930 p. etc…
-“Chiara” ring 07-3705653 won:
Arras           726 p.        2
Mantes Le J.810 p.        3
Peronne       545 p.        3
Nanteuil       337 p.        6    etc…
What a formidable breeding line that this “Rocky” has put down in such a short time.

A leading role in the breeding loft is also set down for that new breeding topper in the lofts of Cees Schroevers, namely the ‘Daughter Jonge Bijter 306/03’, also a pigeon with that marvellous Vandenabeele blood in the veins… because she is a direct Koen Minderhoud out the top breeder ‘Jonge Bijter 094/95’ (100% Vandenabeele out the golden ‘Bijter line’… you know, the ‘Bijter’ that was grandfather of the world famous ‘Wittenbuik’ by Gaby) x ‘Orleansduifke 743/02’. The ‘Daughter Jonge Bijter 306/03’ proved, in combination with the earlier discussed top lines, her enormous breeding worth… so is she mother of:

The conclusion
The name Cees Schroevers has belonged to the top in the Dutch Zeeland for years, whose popularity has done nothing but increase over recent seasons thanks to the sensational performances in the Middle Distance and Short Middle Distance. A colony based on a strong breeding loft, with in first place the ‘Wonder couple Engels’, supplemented with the top lines so as the “Rocky”, the “Mario” and so many more.  An elite breeding source from which a load of phenomenal 1° Prize winners and a series of 1° Ace pigeons in the ‘district’ and at ‘Provincial’ level has sprung forth. Cees Schroevers has delivered the proof that with ‘good pigeons’, say ‘super pigeons’ in the lofts, a great deal… if not ‘everything’ is possible! So as you learned in the introduction, Cees has made the decision to offer all his old pigeons in an internet auction… the pigeons that have given him so much ‘pigeon pleasure’, that have given him name and fame… that have allowed him to grow into one of the most powerful colonies in the Netherlands in the Middle Distance and Short Middle Distance! A colony with a ‘surplus’ of class and quality… this is evident not only from the stock building but also out the lengthy row of ‘top talent’ that they have already brought into the world. A life’s work that without doubt will lie at the basis of many new top successes in many other lofts. Time will definitely tell! Over to you…

The magnificent performances from the last 5 seasons 2005-2009