Geert Vanrenterghem (Deinze, BE) closes excellent 2013 season with zonal win from Tulle!

The fanciers from Deinze have missed a few provincial first prizes as well: their regular club is in Waregem in West Flanders but they are never included in the provincial West Flemish results, simply because they come from East Flanders.

This was also the case in the closing race from Gueret: they had the fastest pigeon in the Inter-West Flemish doubles but they were not included in the results because they come from East Flanders, which is unfortunate! These results would have made their season even more impressive. 2013 was a great year with a quite a few highlights nonetheless, including several top prizes in the club and of course the zonal victory from Tulle old birds with their star Orlandor. This first prize in the closing long distance race for old birds this season was a crowning achievement!

-Orlandor BE11-4245806

Tulle       Nat 10,251 p. 39
Argenton    Nat 22,384 p. 120
Bourges     Nat 16,859 p. 159
Limoges     Nat 17,735 p. 771
Chateauroux Nat 15,907 p. 1377

This pigeon was just as strong in 2013, winning a number of impressive prizes:

Arras       Club   203 p. 1
Tulle     N.Zone 2,572 p. 1
            Nat  7,350 p. 12
Argenton    Club   277 p. 2    (behind loft mate)
          N.Zone 3,455 p. 15
Cahors      Club   188 p. 8
          N.Zone 2,801 p. 50
Chateauroux Club   350 p. 9
          N.Zone 4,390 p. 72

This is an exceptional racing bird. He won five prizes per ten in the five national races he was basketed for and he did even better in 2013! He is a son of ‘Orlando’ BE09-4280780, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and a full brother of stock dam ‘Lieske’ (bred from ‘Captain Blue 555/05’ x ‘Nancy 698/03’) x ‘Nicofelia’ BE10-4275172, an inbred hen (a daughter of ‘Nicolas 627/08’ x ‘Fidelia 102/09’… two direct youngsters of ‘Fideel 504/03’, winner of the ‘Gouden Ring’).

Click here for the pedigree of ‘Orlandor’.
A full sister of this Orlandor, the Blauw BE13-4035500 was winner of a third prize in the club against 339 young birds in the closing race from Gueret, as well as an 18th National Gueret against 11,894 young birds.

One of the other stars in the old birds' loft is of course the amazing Cartier, an exceptional prizewinner. Let's have a look at his list of achievements:

-Cartier BE10-4275107

Souillac    Club   168 p. 1
            Nat  7,760 p. 25
Limoges     Club   296 p. 1
            Prov 2,594 p. 2
La Chatre   Nat  7,487 p. 103
Argenton    Nat 19,787 p. 109
Tulle       Nat  6,817 p. 128
Brive       Nat 11,130 p. 237
Limoges     Nat 14,697 p. 242
In 2013:
Brive       Club   141 p. 2
          N.Zone 3,279 p. 29
            Nat  8,331 p. 36
Tulle       Club   163 p. 3    (behind 2 loft mates)
          N.Zone 2,573 p. 33
Chateauroux Club   350 p. 13
          N.Zone 4,390 p. 127
Argenton  N.Zone 3,455 p. 277

This is an outstanding racing bird that knows how to win first prizes! His sire is ‘Super Gaby 1’ BE08-4281572, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, paired to ‘Raxana’, which is a granddaughter of both Topstar and Uno. These are the two forerunnres of the pigeon breed of Raoul & Xavier Verstraete.

Click here for the pedigree of ‘Cartier’

-Mr Gabor BE10-4275140
This is the number three in the old birds' team of 2013. These were his best results this season:

Montluçon   Club   374 p. 2
          N.Zone 3,716 p. 40
Chateauroux Club   350 p. 3
          N.Zone 4,390 p. 39
Arras       Club   203 p. 17
Argenton    Club   277 p. 19
          N.Zone 3,455 p. 163

He originates from the renowned Gabor bloodline (from which the first Prov. Blois against 4,094 originates as well), or in other words a crossing of the most famous Wittenbuik and Bliksem pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele. The BE13-4035458 originates from this breed as well (he also won a 6th against 339 p. in the club, 103rd Nat Gueret 11,894 p., 47th N.Zone La Souterraine 3,710 p. and 199th Nat 13,089 p.)

The number one in the yearlings' team was Deus, a son of stock pair Tasby 1 x Kim 1, a full brother of the first Nat. Gueret 2011 and of the dam of the first Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013 of Gaby Vandenabeele. Deus has won the following prizes:

-Deus BE12-4176406

Arras       Club   282 p. 5
Orleans     Club   303 p. 7
            Prov 3,790 p. 55
Gueret      Club   277 p. 8
          N.Zone 2,891 p. 70
Montluçon   Club   491 p. 11
          N.Zone 4,766 p. 84
Chateauroux Club   407 p. 22
          N.Zone 4,503 p. 176

The fastest young bird from Gueret (ring number BE13-4035486) and the theoretical winner in West Flanders (1st / 339 pigeons in the club and 7th Nat. Gueret against 11,894 p.) is a daughter of Neptar BE11-4249978 (a direct Gaby Vandenabeele; son of top breeder Neptunus 708/99 x Annie 014/10) x Asken BE06-4157571 (a direct Raoul & Xavier Verstraete from a half brother of first Nat. Bourges and 2nd intnat. Dax, paired to a daughter of Topstar).

Just over 90% Gaby Vandenabeele

When Geert and his wife Annick started keep pigeons nine years ago they were well aware that they could not succeed without first having a group of top class pigeons in their loft. Geert is a colleague of Xavier Verstraete at the Volvo factory in Oostakker and he provided him with a collection from one of Belgium’s finest lofts to start with. He also came into contact with champion Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, who gave him a round of eggs as well. It proved the start of a successful career for Geert & Annick Van Renterghem, who have been really successful in recent seasons. Their stock pair Tsaby 1 x Kim 1 has become invaluable in this loft; they are the parents of the first Nat. Gueret 2011 for Geert and Annick. Kim 1 is also the dam of the likely winner of the title of First Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013 for Gaby Vandenabeele.

The breeding lofts and racing lofts for old birds are located in the old hay attic of a former stable. The old birds are raced in classic widowhood; the yearlings are raced in total widowhood with the one year old hens. However, they have decided to change strategy in 2014. From then on only the cocks will be raced in widowhood in the hay loft, while the one year old hens will be raced with the sliding door from a wonderful new loft on the ground floor. They had already been housed there as young birds.
Meanwhile Annick has taken a step back from her job as a hairdresser, to be able to spend more time on maintaining the pigeon family and to focus entirely on the young birds of this loft. It is often said that a woman’s hand can do wonders to your pigeons and this seems to be the case in Deinze as well: the pigeons of Geert Van Renterghem have been doing really great in 2013 (click here for the top-results National Zone in 2013)

The loft of Geert and Annick Van Renterghem is on the rise and we think they have a lot in store for the future. This is a name to watch in the next few years, especially in the grand middle distance and the light long distance. A pigeon breed with a sound basis, combined with a motivated and skilled fancier have led to a series of excellent results up to national level. They have been performing at a top level right from the start, which is quite exceptional. Well done!

The provincial and national stars from 2008-2013

1st NAT.        GUERET          2011   14,362 p.
1st Nat. Zone A TULLE           2013    2,572 p.
1st Int.Prov.   Argenton        2008    4,544 p.
1st Int.Prov.   Blois           2009    4,094 p.
1st 3Prov.      La Souterraine  2010      951 p.
1st Int.Prov.   Tours           2011    1,670 p.
1st 3Prov.      Montluçon       2012      776 p.

Some of the highlights of 2013

25/5 Bourges  Club 239 yearlings
7-9-10-16-29-58-67-78 (8/14)
N.Zone A2  2,377 yearlings: 99-109-141-188-330-589
N.Zone A2  3,489 old birds: 142 (1/2)

01/6 Chateauroux Club 350 old birds:
3-9-10-13-29-91-97-110 (8/11)
N.Zone A2  4.390 oude: 39-72-88-127-400…
01/6 Chateauroux Club 407 yearlings:
10-11-18-19-21-22-23-29-37-39-54-57-65-66… (20/32)
N.Zone A2  4,503 yearlings:
69-75-131-164-172-176-184-239-342-361-495-522-595… (19/32)

01/6 Limoges Club 234 old birds: 10-50 (2/2)
N.Zone A  5,738 old birds: 89 (1/2)

08/6 Poitiers Club 326 yearlings:
3-22-25-37-38-75-91 (7/13)
N.Zone A2  3,342 yearlings: 11-189-290-416-418…

15/6 Montluçon Club 374 old birds:
2-8-25-32-76-78 (6/6)
N.Zone A2  3,716 old birds: 40-107-237-285-711-715 (6/6)
15/6 Montluçon Club 491 yearlings:
5-8-11-14-30-34-39-46-50-64… (15/25)
N.Zone A2  4,799 yearlings:
56-65-84-111-205-228-267-332-354-477-709-856… (14/25)

15/6 Cahors N.Zone A 2,801 old birds:
50-440-645-679 (4/6)

22/6 Gueret Club 277 yearlings:
8-19-24-26-33-42-58-66 (8/25)

30/6 Argenton Club 277 old birds:
1-2-13-19-25-26-27-44-51 (9/13)
N.Zone A2 3.455 oude: 7-15-111-163-277-281-285-603-641 (9/13)

06/7 La Souterraine Club 223 yearlings:
6-17-21-37-55-56-58-63 (8/15)
N.Zone A2  2,146 yearlings: 41-113-143-246-337-350-357-407 (8/15)

13/7 Brive Club 141 old birds: 2-25-31-44 (4/11)

20/7 Souillac Club 96 yearlings: 8-14 (1st+2nd nom. & 2/3)

03/8 Tulle Club 163 old birds:
1-2-3-11-21-27-34-39-43 (9/10)
N.Zone A 2,572 old birds: 1-9-33-132-358…(7/10)
03/8 Tulle Club 109 yearlings: 11-36 (2/3)
N.Zone A 2,209 yearlings: 157 (1/3)

13/7 Clermont Club 422 young birds:
2-5-6-7-8-9-10-17-19-23-25-27-28-40-41-42-43-64-65-66-67… (34/61)

25/7 Clermont Club 577 young birds:
2-3-16-17-18-19-20-21-26-29-30-39-40-49-57-59-61-63… (32/57)

10/8 Orleans Club 459 young birds:
1-2-7-15-16-17-18-19-26-30-31-37-66-67-83-84-86-87-88-89… (34/55)

17/8 Issoudun 481 young birds:
2-3-6-10-28-36-40-45-46-50… (18/57)

24/8 La Souterraine 357 young birds:
2-3-6-7-18-21-30-32-39-49-51… (20/50)

07/9 Gueret 339 young birds:
1-3-6-18-21-52-85 (7/20)
Nat 11,894 young birds: 7-18-103-245-341…