Geert Munnik (Noordbroek, NL) had an outstanding 2015 season

Geert Munnik clearly had an impressive racing season in 2015: he won many first prizes, with most notably a first prize in the province from St. Quentin against 6,798 pigeons on 13th June. His winning pigeon Dream Boy was also the fastest in the entire Province 10 of North-East Holland.

Geert Munnik (Noordbroek, NL)

As many of you know, Geert Munnik sold his entire old birds’ team in late 2011, to make a new start in 2012. He quickly managed to get his racing team back on track, achieving great results. He won the championship sprint in Province 10 in 2012, and Geert was equally successful in this discipline in 2015: he was 1st champion in Rayon 3 of Province 10 both in the sprint and the supersprint this season. He won several more championship titles in Rayon 3, including most notably:

1st Not nominated sprint
2nd Nominated sprint
1st Not nominated Super sprint
1st Nominated Super sprint
2nd Not nominated middle distance
2nd Not nominated General short distance
1st Not nominated General long distance
3rd Not nominated Natour 

Dream Boy's provincial first prize

The highlight of 2015 was without doubt the race from St. Quentin on 13th June 2015. The NL12-47212779 Dream Boy managed to beat the entire field of 6,798 pigeons, which was a crowning achievement for this very successful racing cock. Dream Boy had a wonderful 2015 season, eventually winning the title of 2nd Ace Pigeon General short distance in Rayon 3.

Dream Boy (Geert Munnik, Noordbroek, NL)

Dream Boy won 21 prizes in 22 races in 2015, and he even achieved a 100% prize percentage in 2014, winning 15 prizes in 15 races. He is quite a talented racing bird. Click here for the full pedigree of Dream Boy. As you can see, Dream Boy is related to several equally successful bloodlines: the dam of Dream Boy is a daughter of the top pair Mr. Blue x Yrza of Pieter Veenstra. Mr. Blue was probably one of the best pigeons ever in The Netherlands. He was 1st Ace Pigeon Province 11 and 1st Best cock in the WHZB in 2004, and 3rd best cock in the same prestigious WHZB competition in 2003. The sire of Dream Boy is Zalando, bred from Mickey x Power Girl. The dam of Mickey is Judy, a full sister of Gerard Koopman’s renowned Kleine Dirk. Power Girl is a granddaughter of Geert Munnik’s famous Johnny Boy, and she is also a sister of Levina, a great racing hen. As you can see, his pedigree is based on nothing but top class pigeons, and he has really met the expectations in recent seasons.

Johnny Boy

The pedigree of Dream Boy also included the phenomenal Johnny Boy, the pigeon that allowed Geert to become an internationally renowned fancier. This pigeon is no longer kept in Noordbroek but he continues to play an important role in Geert's current pigeon breed. Racing bird Dream Boy is a perfect example. Below is an overview of Johnny Boy’s impessive career as a racing bird. He won the following titles in Geert's loft:

1st Ace Pigeon young birds in the national "The Best Of The Best" competition in 2005
1st Ace Pigeon old birds Rayon 3 Province 10 in 2006
1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Rayon 3 Province 10 in 2006
2nd Middle Distance Pigeon in the national "The Best Of The Best" competition in 2006
2nd World Champion middle distance Winning Open in 2006
7e Best Yearling in the National Competition "The Best Of The Best" in 2006

Johnny Boy’s impressive palmares resulted in the title of 5th Olympiad Pigeon Category A sprint. 

The world famous Johnny Boy 

Johnny Boy developed into an outstanding breeding pigeon in the following years. He has bred several highly successful descendants, many of which did great in 2015 as well. Dream Boy was obviously one of them but Geert had a few more top class racing birds this season, which we will introduce below.


Lucky Lady, 1st Pigeon Champion middle distance

The blue coloured hen Lucky Lady was 1st Pigeon Champion middle distance in Rayon 3 in 2015. Lucky Lady is a daughter of Jimmy x Trixia. The pedigree of Lucky Lady can be found hereJimmy is a son of Super Boyan exceptional breeder and a son of Johnny Boy, which we mentioned earlier on. Click here for the pedigree of Jimmy, which shows that Jimmy is also closely related to top class breeding pair Johnny Boy x Franske

Lucky Lady, line of Johnny Boy

Matador, 1st Pigeon Champion natour

Matador did really well in the Natour competition in 2015, winning the title of 1st Pigeon Champion Natour in Rayon 3 in Province 10. He is another descendant of the renowned Johnny Boy bloodline. Matador is a son of Super Boy, a direct son of Johnny Boy. The dam of Matador is Prinses, which in turn comes from a son of Mr. Blue x Yrza of Pieter Veenstra paired to a daughter of Johnny Boy x Franske. Click here for the pedigree of Matador.

Matador, grandson Johnny Boy

Sonia, 1st Pigeon Champion Super sprint

Sonia did great in the super sprint and she became 1st Pigeon Champion 2015 in this discipline in Rayon 3. Sonia is a full sister of Matador. This means Geert has bred two highly successful racing birds from Super Boy x PrinsesClick here for the full pedigree of Sonia.

Sonia, a granddaughter of Johnny Boy

Results of 2015

Geert Munnik really knows how to motivate his pigeons for the races, and he has been able to achieve great results with his racing birds. We included the results of ten different races, just to give you an idea of the level of performance of Geert’s racing loft.

18/04/2015: Gennep  (178 km)     rayon 3   3,788 Old birds
508-528-552-575-631-642-714-772-818 (49/32)

02/05/2015: Tessenderlo (263 km) rayon 3   2,891 old birds
8-15-24-33-34-35-38-76-77-81-95-97-239-242-245-246-249-327-331-336-390-393-476-611 (34/24)

06/06/2015: Hapert      (231 km) rayon 3   2,067 old birds
7-20-40-41-124-125-127-136-200-201-202-283-313-327-352-399-424-469-472-496-502-513 (30/15)

13/06/2015: St.Quentin  (447 km) rayon 3   2,099 old birds
1-4-7-51-89-132-151-228-230-259-262-271-287-341-369-387-388-392-428-460 (30/20)

20/06/2015: Tessenderlo (263 km) rayon 3   1,869 old birds
3-17-35-58-59-60-63-67-86-116-133-134-135-136-346-372-374-430-449 (28/19)

08/08/2015: Boxtel      (205 km) rayon 3     499 old birds
1-2-5-7-8-10-11-12-15-16-19-20-23-28-34-35-42-44-45-46-48-61-80-83-93 (28/25)

15/08/2015: Tessenderlo (263 km) rayon 3     356 old birds
2-3-4-13-15-16-17-22-25-26-27-31-33-39-41-44-45-72-75-80-82-84 (25/22)

22/08/2015: Asse-Zellik (312 km) Province  1,113 old birds
3-6-12-19-23-24-28-36-52-60-69-77-86-93-96-132-138 (24/17)

05/09/2015: Duiven      (147 km) rayon 3   2.431 olds & young birds
228-232-234-249-275-313-326-327-332-354-375-376-378-379-385-476-478-518 (60/38)

19/09/2015: Meer        (238 km) Province  1,859 olds & young birds
183-203-236-241-248-252-254-313-348-360-361-382-383-397-401-407-434-439-461 (58/42)

A top level player for years

Geert Munnik shows to be a very successful fancier season after season. He has already won a national championship title middle distance in 2009, and we would not be surprised to see Geert win another championship title in the near future. Only time will tell.