Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) is a rising star in our sport

The outstanding achievements of his excellent pigeons have made him a household name in our sport, and his most impressive results in recent years were won with Geeloger. This world famous pigeon managed to win three provincial first prizes in 2013, and his descendants have gained excellent results in 2014 as well.

2014 was another great season for Koen, who won the loft championship middle distance in province 1 Zeeland ’96. He had also won the title of 1st one day long distance loft champion in province 1 Zeeland ’96 in 2013. It was Geeloger NL11-3014703 that played a considerable role in winning this championship title.


We take a closer look at the impressive achievements of Geeloger NL11-3014703 in 2013, which was able to take an impressive three provincial first prizes in a single season. It resulted in three first prizes in the teletext competition, two in the NPO one day long distance and one in a provincial middle distance race.
The sire of Geeloger is the invaluable breeder Gebroken Vleugel; his dam comes straight from the loft of Albert Derwa. She is a full sister of Albert’s legendary De Zoon and Primo. Click here for the pedigree of Geeloger NL11-3014703.

New top class pair Geeloger x Roodoogje

Koen paired his Geeloger to Blauw Roodoogje in 2014, and he let them breed three youngsters for his own collection in 2014. 

These were obviously high quality young birds and so he decided not to basket them too often in the shorter distance. They had gained some experience by the end of the season and the weather conditions allowed him to put them to the test for the first time. He basketed them on a sunny day with the wind coming from the north and the north-east. These are the perfect conditions for any Minderhoud pigeon, and Koen saw two of his pigeons arrive home simultaneously. They immediately landed on the board but one of the two was a mere second quicker. They achieved a velocity of 1103 m/min, resulting in a 1st and 2nd prize entente 7. They were also the fastest of 2,432 pigeons in the overseas ententes 3 to 7 in province 1 Zeeland ’96.

The third youngster was one of Koen’s best young birds of 2014. Unfortunately the pigeon got lost as first nominated in the national from Pithiviers. As you can see, even the strongest lofts will lose a pigeon from time to time.

Middle distance loft champion province 1 Zeeland ‘96

Koen’s title of provincial middle distance champion can be attributed mainly to the pigeons of Blauwe 170 x Dagfond-duifje 041, his super class breeding pair. Click here for the pedigree of the cock NL10-3011170; you can find the pedigree of the hen NL08-3812041 here. The dam of Blauwe 170 is also a sister of Blauwe Roodoogje (and winner of a 1st prov. Pithiviers 5015 p.). 


This breeding pair has also bred NL11-3014705, winner of the title of 4th ace pigeon one day long distance in province 1 Zeeland ’96 2013 and 3rd Ace Pigeon middle distance province 1 Zeeland ’96 in 2014. Another youngster from this pair is Late Turbo 608 NL11-3014608, the best Ace Pigeon one day long distance in province 1 Zeeland '96 in 2013 - click here for the pedigree of Late Turbo 608.

The iconic Geeloger 

2013 saw the rise of Geeloger, which quickly become a new iconic pigeon in The Netherlands. We expect him to play an important role in the seasons to come. In fact, we were quite impressed with the performance of his youngsters this season, which illustrates his potential as a breeding pigeon.