Gebroeders Michel & Didier Desbuquois (Kapelle O/D Bos, BE), owners of the best ‘Spain-racers’ of our country!

The Desbuquois family have built up a strong reputation in the pigeon sport, especially when hard work is involved, intense labour, these pigeons seem to be unstoppable.

The Spanish classic from Barcelona is noted down in ‘capitals’, it is more or less the chosen work area of the brothers Michel and Didier Desbuquois… and it has to be said, there in Kapelle op den Bos they belong to the finest circle of Barcelona racers in our country! The ‘marathons’ of the skies are also there chosen work area… they show themselves to be ‘specialists’ in their craft! A specialisation bred from necessity… because there isn’t time to keep busy with the pigeons all year round. Their business in aluminium veranda’s, window and doors is also very busy… so choices have to be made. A good 2 weeks before Barcelona Michel puts his business aside, and then everything is done to get the pigeons ready for their favourite classic from Barcelona. In normal circumstances the knives are sharpened again for Narbonne and/or Perpignan. The tough work in the international ‘overnight long distance’ is and remains their passion… they roll their sleeves up for it, do their utmost to get the best out of it. And we may say… with success!

Father Fernand made sure of solid foundations

The basis for all these successes was laid by the late father Fernand, who found an excellent starting basis in the golden ‘blacks’ from Gorin… in crossing with the lines ‘Crack Valère’ and the Peersman-pigeons as well, namely 2 brothers and 2 sisters from their 1° International Barcelona. It was a golden move at the time for father Fernand when he coupled brothers x sisters. The inbred Peersmans were coupled with the inbred Gorins and so we have the formation of the pedigree Desbuquois. The introduction of a granddaughter fo the 1° Internat. San Sebastian from Emiel Matterne gave a new boost in the right direction. More recently they introduced pigeons from Barcelona star  Roger Schauwers (Asse) and close friend Erik Limbourg. The brothers Michel and Didier have now carried on the life’s work of father Fernand in style. Chain results, shooting sharp in the international ‘grand distance’… it’s not for many. The crown on the work came in 2006, when their ‘Roger Barcelona’ brought ‘national victory’ from Barcelona to Kapelle o/d Bos! They then carried on at this high level, the previous 2011 season was no exception… in their ‘Romulus’ they now also own one of the best Barcelona racers of our country… a ‘primus inter pares’ as topper over 5 years Barcelona! The result of a once again very successful season 2011 in the ‘grand distance’ with :

Barcelona Nat.  12.170 o.b.:
185-208(1° nom)-361-431-516-524-551-621-634-637-697-829-965… etc 

Or already 13 pigeons per 10, including 7 of their 10 first nominated pigeons (from 39 p.)! 

Narbonne Nat.  6.428 o.b.:
273(1° nom)-379-697-823-927(2° nom)… (and 6/12)
Narbonne Nat.  7.027 yl:
61(1° nom)-71-140-204-356-403-431-556-587(2° nom)-595-596-676-690… (22/30)
Perpignan Nat.  5.591 o.b.:
8-77-78-116(1°nom)-118-172-250-283-424-625-672(2°nom)-783-849-881-975-993… (18/30)

Just over 2 years ago a co-operation was set up with Kris Cleirbaut from Bondheiden, with the aim of concentrating on the extreme middle distance races. This was also very successful in 2011, with national victory from Argenton Yearlings. Gebr. Desbuquois are very versatile then!

Brothers ‘Romulus’ and ‘Vale Ancus’ span the crown

Two of the current flag bearers of the loft are without doubt the aforementioned ‘Romulus’ and his full brother ‘Vale Ancus’… both very strong Barcelona racers, who both managed to classify themselves 5 years in a row in the Queen’s classic from Barcelona, considered worldwide as the ‘sensation’ in the extreme long distance! These brothers ‘Romulus’ and ‘Vale Ancus’ performed as follows: 


-‘Romulus’ BE05-2251185

One of the best Barcelona racers of Belgium in the period 2007-2011

 22° Nat Perpignan      7.364 p. 2009
 65° Nat Barcelona     11.484 p. 2008
106° Nat Barcelona     12.641 p. 2010
116° Nat Perpignan      5.591 p. 2011
149° Nat St.Vincent II  4.679 p. 2006
185° Nat Barcelona     12.170 p. 2011
327° Nat Barcelona     12.612 p. 2007
609° Nat St° Vincent I  7.525 p. 2006
1034° Nat Barcelona    13.503 p. 2009 

-‘Vale Ancus’BE05-2251118

Full brother of ‘Romulus’, and up until now he has performed as follows:

 79° Nat Perpignan     7.603 p. 2008  (116° Intnat 17.624 p.)
 90° Nat Barcelona    12.641 p. 2010  (168° Intnat 25.750 p.)
163° Nat Perpignan     7.364 p. 2009
208° Nat Barcelona    12.170 p. 2011
370° Nat St.Vincent II 4.679 p. 2006
373° Nat Barcelona    13.503 p. 2009
672° Nat Perpignan     5.591 p. 2011
1239° Nat Barcelona   11.484 p. 2008
2638° Nat Barcelona   12.618 p. 2007 

-‘Pedro’ BE04-2010583

A half-brother of ‘Romulus’ and ‘Vale Ancus’ (same father)

 6° Nat Perpignan      3.796 p. 2005  (14° Intnat 4.666 p.)
28° Nat Perpignan      6.765 p. 2006
40° s-Nat Chateauroux 11.526 p. 2005
395° Nat Perpignan     5.547 p. 2007 

Another half-brother (also same father), namely the ‘Zita’ won 24° Nat Perpignan in 2007. Their common father is the ‘Father Pedro’ BE97-6530683… a grandson of the ‘Gouden Vleugel Winner 1987’ from Alfons Bauwens from Lede, his mother is a ‘Sister Engelsman 053/92’ (a.o. 6° and 70° Nat Barcelona… the line where also the 1° Nat Barcelona 2011 by Willy Verbruggen was bred from).

Mother of ‘Romulus’ and ‘Vale Ancus’ is a daughter of the ‘Vale Cahors 218/99’, winner 1° Nat Cahors 4.971 p. by Jef De Ridder (after which he moved to the breeding lofts of E.Limbourg) x ‘Daughter Rode Barcelona 096/98 (a half-sister of the 1° Nat Perpignan, and sister of the mother of the ‘Vale Cahors’… a great grandchild of the ‘Vale Cahors’ won in 2010 the 1° Intnat Narbonne by Marc De Cock).

Michel and Didier have clearly printed the breeding philosophy of father Fernand into their brains… he built his stock up by firstly inbreeding to a particular ‘super crack’, and cross breed these ‘inbred products’ from 2 different lines together. Also the mother of ‘Romulus’ and the ‘Vale Ancus’ comes from such an inbreed to the ‘Vale Cahors’… in crossing with a touch of ‘Engelsman’ and ‘Gouden Vleugel Bauwens’ it bred these 2 Barcelona cracks! In Kapelle o/d Bos a stock of pigeons has arisen which can be considered as the best at ‘world level’. It is almost impossible to find better ‘marathon racers’ than those of Michel & Didier Desbuquois! 

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