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Gebr. Leideman (Collendoorn, NL) continue to surprise with spectacular results in the toughest conditions

They were already at the top of the game, but what Bert and André Leideman show in 2023 – the toughest season of the past decades – is beyond extraordinary.

After 5 large victories in 5 weeks against an average of more than 10,000 pigeons, the NPO race from Brienne on 10th June became another day to remember with 1st-2nd-3rd NPO!

Due to the weekly dominance on the short and middle distance races, expectations for the long distance race from Brienne were extremely high. The brothers basketed 42 pigeons for the race from Brienne. Bert and André had performed sensationally in the past on classics such as Bourges (680km), Chateauroux (731km) and Issoudun (710km), all above 600km. Brienne although 'only' 493km fits perfectly into this list as it was flown under tough conditions with head wind and tropical temperatures. 

Good friend Hans Verschoor - a welcomed guest in the Leideman household since the nineties - chose this race for his yearly visit and could experience the spectacle from a front row seat. Against 3,238 pigeons in the race, André and Bert occupied the complete podium with a sensational result winning 1st-2nd-3rd-8th-12th-18th-etc. Whether the race is between 100 or 750km, with speeds of 1000 or 1800 m/min; Leideman pigeons win them all! This truly is the best allround colony of modern pigeon sport. 


Is it fair to say that the dominance of the Leideman colony in 2023 has never been seen before? Whether this is the case or not, it is highly impressive. Even more so, considering the 2023 season has been extremely hard. Weekly headwinds and high temperatures lead to low average speeds between 1200 and 1300 m/min and as a result longer flying hours. In such conditions only the fittest, most powerful pigeons can endure. True top pigeons can handle these conditions week in, week out. For those who had their doubts; Bert and André house plenty of top pigeons. 

The season in numbers. These aren't typos, but the incredible results the Leideman athletes have managed in the first eight weeks of the 2023 racing season. A teacher would say: passed with straight A's! 

- 29th April Venlo 138 km against 17.235 p. Afdeling 10

- 6th May Tongeren 215 km against 5.416 p. Afdeling 10/Combine 3

- 13th May Arlon 330 km against 16.036 p. Afdeling 10

- 20th May Arlon 330 km against 2.094 p. Afdeling 10/Rayon 5

- 27th May Venlo 138 km against 10.338 p. Afdeling 10

- 3rd June Arlon 330 km against 10.610 p. Afdeling 10

- 10th June Brienne 493 km against 3.238 p. NPO Afdeling 10

- 10th June Weert 164 km against 1.407 p. Afdeling 10/Rayon 5

The success of three foundation bloodlines

It must be amazing for Bert and André to be able to rely on such a sensational breeding loft. Bert already said it in 2022: "I think our breeding team is at the level we once dreamed of." You only have to look at the results above to conclude the Leideman pigeon is currently unmatched. "Pigeons which surprise you, that is what we have been looking for in the past 20 years", André says. In 2023 it has happened week after week, from short distance to long distance races. These successes are all thanks to three foundation bloodlines:

  • the bloodlines of Silver Dream & Golden Dream
  • the legacy of Wolfgang Roeper
  • the Goed Grijs dynasty

These bloodlines created the best allround colony of the Netherlands. Looking at the Top 3 on the NPO race from Brienne, this statement is once again confirmed. 

- 1st NPO Brienne was won by NL21-1509726, child of wonder hen Claire. She herself was a dominant racer and frequent winner, her highlights include a/o:

1st Ace Pigeon Allround Rayon 2021
1st Afd. 10 Soest 158 km 17,538 p.
1st NPO GP Chalons En Champagne 436 km 5,887 p.
1st Rayon Sens 546 km 1,629 p.

Great achievements from 150km up to 550km; typical for a Leideman pigeon. Furthermore, she is full sister of Eijerkamp's Kai Mook with 3x 1st against 17,024 - 2,271 - 1,758 pigeon... full sister of Blue Princess, at Neuhaus in Germany who became Olympiad pigeon Cat. A Germany 2020-2021...full sister of the mother of 1st Nat. GP Melun 4,963 p. at Comb. Heeren....and bred from son of the great pair Crack 19 x Jet paired to a sister of Goed Grijs. All three foundation bloodlines can thereby be found in this phenomenal 1st NPO winner's pedigree! 

Eye Claire

- 2nd NPO Brienne was won by NL21-1509714, only 3 seconds behind her loft mate. Her aunt is wonder hen Jet, another flying phenomenon who won both short distance and long distance races...her best results include:

1st Afd. 10 Asse Zelik 247 km 11,343 p.
1st NPO Gien 612 km 4,911 p. & fastest 7,768 p.
1st Afd. 10 Rethel 374 km 4,692 p.

Large victories which are passed on through generations. (Grand)children of Jet already include and Olympiad pigeon, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB and have won provincial races against many thousands of pigeons, on several lofts. Jet is daughter of Roeper super breeder Torsten x Silver Dream. 

Eye Jet

- Last but not least, the 3rd NPO Brienne - 11 seconds behind the winner - won by the NL22-8076380...a daughter of Arturo x Tila, without doubt the Nr.1 breeding pair of this moment. Earlier in 2023, two direct children of this super pair moved to the breeding loft after their sensational achievements on the racing lofts. The first is Rosa, winner of 1st Grand Prix Issoudun 710km against 3,746 p. 222...and the other is Cobalt, winner 1st Venlo 138km against 17,235 p., 1st Weert 163km against 6,850 p. and fastest of 13,141 p. and 1st Venlo against 570 Young birds. Arturo (son Crack 19 x Voltar) and Tila (daughter Magnus x Sister Tip Top 5) also bring the foundation bloodlines of the Leideman colony together. The results from 3 generations offspring below should explain why this pair is often referred to as the best breeding pair in modern pigeon sport: 

- Children Arturo x Tila won a/o:

1st Nat. S4 Issoudun 709 km 3,746 p.
1st Afd. 10 Venlo 138 km 17,235 p.
1st Afd. 10 & 11 Weert 163 km 13,141 p.
2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux 731 km 3,647 p.
3rd-8th-13th-14th Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p.
3rd Afd. 10 Dreis-Bruck 260 km 18,212 p.
3rd Nat. S4 Sens 436 km 4,995 p.
3rd NPO Brienne 493 km 3,238 p.
4th Nat. S4 Sens 436 km 4,672 p.
5th Afd. 10 Venlo 138 km 4,910 p.
5th Afd. 10 Rethel 8,181 p.

- Grandchildren Arturo x Tila won a/o:

1st Nat. S2 Vierzon 567 km 7,956 p. (G, & S, Verkerk)
1st NPO Chalons jong 433 km 3,892 p. (Gebr, Leideman)
1st NPO Argenton 568 km 3,127 p. (Gijs Baan)
1st Afd. 10 & 11 Sittard 18,592 p. (Foppe VD Meer)
1st Afd. 10 Arlon 13,967 p. 2022 (klk, Tila Henk Slot)
1st Afd. 3 Kalkar 13,922 p. (fam, Broos)
1st Afd. 10 Gennep 12,570 p. (Gebr, Leideman)
1st Afd. 7 Pont St. Maxence 9,142 p. (Ruud Bakker)
1st Afd. 1 Fontenay 6,455 p. (Gebr, Scheele)
3x 1st Region 2,580 – 1,625 – 1,384 p. (Wolfgang Roeper)

- Great grandchildren already won:

1st Olympiad pigeon NL Cat. Young birds (Fam. Broos)
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed De Allerbeste 2021-2022 (Olaf Westhoeve)
1st NPO Chalons En Champagne 3,892 p. (Gebr. Leideman)
Arturo x Tila