Gebr. Homma (Steggerda, NL) live up to their reputation with a provincial win from Chimay

Gebr. Homma (Steggerda) add another provincial win to their palmarès.
Gebr. Homma had to wait for the race from Chimay to add another provincial win to their already impressive results in the 2021 racing season. 


Earlier this year PIPA published a number of interviews with top class fanciers. One of the questions in the interview was "what are you proud of". For Gebr. Homma this was an easy to answer question. Almost every year they manage to achieve several magnificent results, and seem to grab an annual provincial win against a large number of pigeons. The results overview below says it all; 

1st Boxtel against 15762 pigeons (2012) 1st, 2nd, 4th Sittard against 16803 pigeons (2014) 1st Weert against 20725 pigeons (2015) 1st Nat. Morlincourt S4 against 11985 pigeons (2016) 1st NPO Niergnies against 11595 pigeons (2017) 1st NPO Troyes against 7939 pigeons (2018) 1st Rethel against 16444 pigeons (2020) 1st Venlo against 18965 pigeons (2020)

Luna adds another provincial win to the list

There are no guarantees in pigeon racing as past results don't assure wins in the future. Nonetheless, Elco and Ydo Homma did not have to wait long before they would take another provincial win. Early june, their mission was already accomplished. On May 29th Afdeling 11 Friesland '96 flew a middle distance race from Chimay. In Afdeling 11 alone, 14,777 pigeons where basketed. The brother's yearling hen NL20-1064191 Luna was the fastest of all competing pigeons. Her victory from Chimay becomes even more glorious considering that Afdeling 10 Noord-Oost Nederland released 14,065 pigeons at the same time, and no pigeon achieved a greater average speed. She thereby takes 1st against a staggering 28,842 pigeons. As a young bird Luna was only raced on natour races and several training races after the season. Luna's father originates from Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp (Grandson Euro and Olympic Hans). The mother is originally from Gebr. van den Brande (daughter Ace Noyon).  

NL20-1064191 Luna wins 1st Chimay. Fastest in Afdeling 10 and 11 against 28842 pigeons.

Luna is doing well in preliminary results of Ace pigeon competitions 

Luna's performance from Chimay didn't come out of the blue. At this time, she is 2nd Ace pigeon Short Distance and 1st Ace pigeon Middle Distance in CCG West. Furthermore, she is 1st Ace pigeon Short and Middle Distance combined in Afdeling 11 Friesland '96. 

Hens make the difference

Luna is one of Elco and Ydo's racing hens that performed excellently on Chimay. Their first 14 pigeons to be clocked from this memorable race where all hens. Besides Luna, another yearling hen flew into the spotlight. It was NL20-1289574 who raced to the top spots, letting only Luna and one other pigeon in Afdeling 11 above her. In Afdeling 10 only one pigeon was faster, leaving 20-574 with an outstanding 4th against 28,842 pigeons. This pigeon was bred by their friend Arnold Paalman. With a half-sister to Nadien as the grandmother (Nadien, 2nd National Ace pigeons Short Distance WHZB-TBOTB) several of Gebr. Homma's pigeons can be found back in the pedigree. 

Dochter Iceman top 20 in provincial result

The third Homma pigeon to arrive home from Chimay was NL20-1064195. Provincially she placed 19th against 14,777 pigeons, a performance worthy of mentioning. 20-195 is a daughter of NL15-1211315 Iceman, father of Nadien and several other top class pigeons. 


When fanciers perform like Elco and Ydo, we become curious and wonder if they do something distinctive. About their performance from Chimay, Gebr. Homma say to not have done anything differently. The past weeks the pigeons have been training very well. The hens train every morning and afternoon at around quarter to six. Chimay was a difficult race, on which they hopde their pigeons would perform well. That they did, the result they booked was simply first-class!