G&C Cooper raise 2,250 EURO on average with 17 young birds! Auction weekend closes at 170,370 EURO

Five auctions closed on Sunday, raising 170,370 EURO in total. We will briefly discuss each auction below.

Marc & Gerard Santens – 45 pigeons – 1,194 EURO/pigeon
The name of Santens stands for 70 years of top level pigeon racing! Their best old birds were offered for sale in this auction. These are the most expensive ones:

Jonge Ballon BE09-4220454 4,200 EURO
Bijter I BE09-4220461 9,000 EURO
Diplomaat Jr. BE10-4267002 9,000 EURO

The 45 pigeons raised 53,750 EURO in total.

G&C Cooper – 17 young birds – 2,256 EURO/pigeon
Last week's Jewels of the Sky auction was a great success, partly thanks to the six expensive young birds of G&C Cooper. As a result, this auction was expected to be equally successful. G&C Cooper raised 2,256 EURO/pigeon, an impressive sale price for these British pigeons. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of two international winners (Farmer George & Wollongong), and it was sold to China for 7,000 EURO. 11 pigeons were sold to China & Taiwan, and the 17 pigeons raised 38,350 EURO in total.

Pieter Veenstra – 25 young birds – 1,524 EURO/pigeon
Every year Pieter Veenstra sells a group of young birds from his best breeders. The most expensive young bird was a full sister of Esmee, which was sold to The Netherlands for 3,200 euro. A daughter of super class breeder Jan will be shipped to Taiwain for 2,800 euro. It is remarkable that the 25 pigeons were sold to no less than 13 different countries: Thailand, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Japan, Morocco, Japan, Germany, Poland, China, Rumania, The Netherlands, the USA and Hungary. The 25 youngsters raised a total of 38,100 euro.

Brothers/sisters/youngsters of Nat. ace pigeons KBDB – 16 young birds – 1,406 EURO/pigeon
The most expensive young bird was sale no. 1 of Benny Steveninck, a youngster of Raymond x Sun, which was sold to Taiwan for 5,200 euro. The second most expensive young bird is a young bird of Steveninck as well: a sister Tibo was sold to Belgium for 2,600 euro. The 16 young birds raised 22,500 euro in total.

Karlo van Rompaey – Verreckt-Ariën collection –12 young birds – 1,488 EURO/pigeon
A group of top class breeders of Karlo van Rompaey was sold in auction, which were either direct or bred from direct Verreckt-Ariën pigeons. The most expensive of them was sale no. 2, a youngster of Olympic Wacko, sold to China for 3,800 euro. Another son of Olympic Wacko, sale no. 6, was the second most expensive pigeon and will be shipped to Taiwan for 3,400 euro. The 12 pigeons raised 17,850 euro in total.