Gaston Van de Wouwer - Berlaar (BE) Strikes mercilessly straight away with 1° Nat Bourges 17.061 Yearlings!

Over the last few weeks the knives have been sharpened, the pigeons focused… because the ‘national races’ were about to take place, with, as traditional opener… the ‘national Bourges 1’ at the end of May, which was on the programme this year during the Whitsun weekend of the 22nd of May!

The organizing ‘Brabantse Unie’ had a total of  39.577 pigeons at the start for this opener of the ‘national sport season ‘start, which was a serious reduction of more or less 10.000 pigeons compared to the year before! The 2 national  Chateauroux races from the KBDB will possibly be amongst them, firstly because the first of both these KBDB-races are planned for next weekend and most fanciers have already reserved a number of pigeons for this race… secondly because until this year we only had this national ‘grand middle distance classic’ from Bourges at the beginning of the season, and then it was a matter of waiting 5 weeks for a new national classic from ‘Argenton’… and more or less everything travelled in the ‘big basket’ to Bourges. The consecutive  (in 2010) Bourges and’ Chateauroux 1’, 2 weeks in a row… meant that the majority of fanciers had more than likely split their team… especially the men that raced with cocks in widowhood… 2 such  national races in a row is feasible for hens, at least for the specialists.

The weather certainly wasn’t responsible, since the weather this year displayed a ‘summer tint’… with beautiful weather from here to Bourges, with a little head wind from the northern sector! No weather for ‘wimps’, but for real ‘hooligans’ in top condition! You don’t have to look far in the results to find the lofts that are already in top condition… such weather conditions never  lie! Winner in the category yearlings is ‘his highness’ Gaston Van de Wouwer… a title we can give this man since he has manifested himself over the last few seasons as one of the great tenors in the national ‘grand middle distance’ as 1° National Champion Long Distance Youngsters KBDB 2007, winner 1° National Gueret Youngsters 2009 in the very last national classic of the previous racing season… and now shining again in the opener of the national sport season with ‘national victory’ from Bourges against 17.061 yearlings… and also the fastest pigeon of the entire participation of  39.577 pigeons.
It was super hen ‘Laura’ who was the real performer, and was clocked at 14h49’23” from a distance of  475,166 Km, which gave a velocity of 1160,68 m/min! 
With this, Gaston Van de Wouwer beat R & P.Vervloesem from Rijmenam who ended up in 2nd place with 1158,51 m, and the colony of Jos & Jules Engels in 3rd place with 1156,34 m…real toppers  then taking the highest podium places!

New acquisition for Gaston Van de Wouwer
During the last winter season we made a detailed report over the colony of Gaston Van de Wouwer, wherein we went into great detail about his approach and racing method … interested parties can find everything about it in the PiPa-archives… but above all, also take a close look at his stock building, where it was noticeable that the current top successes that Gaston has achieved over the last few seasons there in Berlaar are mainly based on direct descendants of that wondrous stock bear… the golden ‘Kaasboer’ B98-6335690, which Gaston obtained from the late Jozef Goovaerts (alias the ‘Kaasboer’)! The current ‘national winner’ from Bourges… christened ‘Laura’… is also a granddaughter of this magnificent super breeder! 
Her father was christened the ‘Zomerjong Kaasboer 129/07’ and is a full brother of top hen ‘Mieke’ (and comes out the ‘Kaasboer 690/98’ x ‘Blauw Asduifke 210/04’ (Ace pigeon in 2004).
Her mother is a direct pigeon from the 5 star colony of Bart, Luc and Jurgen Geerinckx from Wommelgem (via the purchase of a ‘gift voucher’)… the ‘Geschelpt Geerinckx 169/08’ (a daughter of the Royal couple ‘Late Willy 05’ x ‘Chateaurouxke 214/05’). According to Gaston, in 2009 this ‘Laura’ was already his 2nd best youngster, after super hen  ‘Kim’ (winner 1° Nat Gueret), she achieved the following honours list:

-‘Laura’ B09-6111538
Won in 2009:

Angerville       934 p.   27
Angerville     1.268 p.    5
Bourges Prov   4.601 p.   45
    Nat       37.357 p.   74
Bourges Z.K.     523 p.    2
    Prov       2.312 p.    7
La Souterraine 2.215 p.  112
    Nat       17.814 p.  422
Salbris Prov   1.080 p.   25
Gueret Prov    1.933 p.   63
    Nat       14.245 p.  273
In 2010:
Noyon          1.371 p.  23
Melun          1.372 p.  192
Angerville     1.275 p.  71
Vierzon        1.756 p.  281
Bourges Nat   17.061 p.  1

So as stated earlier, the father of ‘Laura’ is a full brother of top racing hen ‘Mieke’, over which we received the following information:
‘Mieke’ B07-6033166, full sister of ‘Zomerjong Kaasboer 129/07’ (father of ‘Laura’)… is also daughter of the ‘Kaasboer 690/98’ x ‘Blauw Asduifke 210/04’ (Ace pigeon in 2004). This ‘Mieke’ won self a.o.

In 2007

Melun          1.323 p.    81
Arlon            348 p.     8
Bourges Prov   4.290 p.   306
    Nat       31.824 p.  1069
Le Mans Prov   2.091 p.   226
Argenton Prov  2.712 p.    20
    Nat       20.844 p.    44
Salbris Prov   1.337 p.   144
La Souterraine 2.541 p.   299
    Nat       18.973 p.  1331
Gueret Prov    1.774 p.    50
    Nat       12.586 p.   117

In 2008

Chateauroux Pr 2.146 p.    8
Chateauroux Pr 1.554 p.   24
Montluçon Prov 2.152 p.  112
Argenton Prov  1.965 p.  117
Melun            539 p.    7
Pithiviers       326 p.   76

Gaston Van de Wouwer achieved a sturdy series in this opening classic, with a total of 12 yearlings and 4 old birds (1 hen + 3 cocks) in the race… he achieved the following brilliant performance:
Bourges Zuiderkempen  410 yearlings  1-7-11-23-27-46-83-95-128 (12)
             National     17.061 yearlings  1-26-39… according to the first prognosis and probably 11/ 12!
Bourges Zuiderkempen 576  old birds   7-53-66-180 (4)
             National     22.516 old birds 42… etc.
The first nominated (a hen) is also at the front by the old birds, and won the entire assortment! For completeness we can add that on this same 22nd of May 9 prizes were obtained with 9 basketted pigeons from Angerville! Talk about a top weekend.

Hens in power
Up until last season he only raced with a few yearlings and/or hens… these were housed between the youngsters. But this did not give Gaston the satisfaction he had hoped for. When we visited him in the autumn of the previous sport season he had just erected a brand new loft at the back of his garden behind the conservatory, where in the future he wants to race with hens in widowhood. It didn’t escape Gaston’s attention that at the moment the  ‘extreme middle distance happenings’ are outclassed and dominated  by ‘hens’! They are not only ‘calmer’ in the basket… they can also be raced more often, no wonder then  that they are predominating the ‘national Ace pigeon competitions’ more and more! Hens in power then… The year 2010 should then be a  ‘maiden season’ at that level… and what for season, with a direct ‘national victory’ from Bourges!

Gaston went about it like this
Nearly all the yearling hens raced the 4 national races for youngsters last year, with 3 corresponding ‘between races ‘during the weekends between the nationals. After Gueret they were placed in their new loft where they were allowed to brood for 6 days, a period which was used to let them get used to their new loft. They were then moved to the open aviary where they remained until the 1st of March. They then returned to the new loft where they were coupled… and allowed to raise 1 round of youngsters. When the young were 16 or 17 days old they were removed to a different loft together with the cocks and the widowhood could commence. During brooding and their period with their young they were trained. They flew consecutively 2 x Quiévrain and Noyon, then Melun, Angerville, Vierzon and now… Bourges! Before leaving they were allowed to see their cock for 5 minutes by the first races, for Noyon  10 to 15 minutes, for Vierzon half an hour, and now for Bourges no less than 45 minutes, a question of having a change in motivation!
By the homecoming  they are allowed to cavort with their cocks for 2 hours, later 3 hours… and after Vierzon and Bourges they are allowed to stay with their partner until 9pm, after which they are separated. Gaston especially noticed the changing ‘training behaviour’ of his hen team… incalculable, says Gaston. One day they will train for 15 minutes, whilst the next day they will suddenly fly for an hour. They normally train in the evening at around 18h30…circumstances pending, otherwise earlier in the day! Last week I noticed that the hens were showing extra training zeal… so I knew everything was okay with the condition!
What I don’t do, as opposed to some of the ‘so-called specialists’… is to take my racing pigeons away myself during the week… or give them extra trainings races during the week. According to Gaston this is more of a ‘trend’ than a necessity… his 1° National Bourges victory, raced in very tough weather conditions… proves that they aren’t necessary! You can’t argue with that… especially when someone of the calibre Gaston Van de Wouwer can prove this with brilliant performances including ‘national victory’ from Gueret 2009, Bourges 2010, and the title of ‘National Champion Long Distance Youngsters KBDB’ 2007… this took place over the last 3 sport seasons! Congratulations  Gaston… and now to the following showpiece!