G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) highly successful with a 2nd-3rd-4th-10th-12th-13th-14th Chateaudun against 11,572 pigeons

Gerard and Bas Verkerk are quite used to being one of the big favourites at the start of the NPO season. It seems they can cope with the pressure: father and son Verkerk achieved an amazing result in he first one day long distance race of 2013 with seven top 15 prizes in district five and twelve against 11,596 birds.

The racing team of Bas and Gerard consists of a group of excellent yet very young pigeons. Grandmaster Bas decided to race them all in the NPO flights. They said a prize in the first few weeks would be nice but the main goal was to excel in the NPO classics. They were not afraid of the bad weather conditions that were forecast for 25 May and a team of 112 birds was sent to Chateaudun (502km) for what turned out to be an overwhelming NPO result. No less than 87 pigeons (78%) won a prize in the NPO race; it was an impressive achievement:


In the joint release in districts 5 and 12 (11,572 pigeons) the first seven pigeons win the same prize; the Verk pigeons win no less than 85 prizes. It is remarkable that all two year old pigeons - 29 in total - have won a prize, which makes for a prize percentage of 100%.

We should not forget that Gerard and Bas moved to their much discussed new accommodation in Reeuwijk only in the winter of 2010-2011. This is a paradise for pigeons but it needed some tweaking in order for it to be the perfect environment for pigeons. “I continue to change things around”, says Bas. It can take years to create a good environment. I suppose the pigeons felt quite comfortable here in the last few weeks; otherwise they wouldn’t have had such a great result.”

We took a closer look at the best pigeons of this loft and we noticed that nearly all of them are children of pigeons that were very successful in the NPO One Day Long Distance themselves. Many of these pigeons originate from the bloodline of the amazing racing pigeon Olympic Solange. That explains why Bas considers her to be an outstanding breeding hen. The first seven Verkerk pigeons were:

2nd NPO Chateaudun: NL11-1740948

Sire: Johnny English – 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon allround 2008 from Olympic Unbelievable
Dam: Olympic Solange – Olympiad Pigeon, winner of 6 x First Nat. Ace Pigeon and First NPO Argenton

Johnny English - sire of 2nd NPO Chateaudun

Olympic Solange - dam of 2nd NPO Chateaudun


3rd NPO Chateaudun: NL11-1740972

Sire: Pole Position – The best Verkerk cock of 1009 and the last son of Armstrong
Dam: Kate – 3rd Nat. yearling Best of The Best bred from Mission Impossible x Oprah

4th NPO Chateaudun: NL11-1740830

Sire: Sven – 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB July 2008 and 4th NPO Argenton (after loft mates)
Dam: Bonita – best young bird natural 2009, bred from Bulldozer x Olympic Solange

10th NPO Chateaudun: NL12-1619133

Sire: One Eye Bandit – 1st Creil 3,761 p. bred from Streetfighter x Cat Woman
Dam: Snip – top class racer bred from Olympic Sogno (Olympiad 2003) x Chantal

12th NPO Chateaudun: NL10-1682114

Sire: Little Diamond – an inbred son of Euro Diamond from Brockamp
Dam: Kournikova – 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance The Best of The Best 2008

13th NPO Chateaudun: NL12-1619042

Sire: Sven – 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB July 2008 and 4th NPO Argenton (after loft mates)
Dam: Olympic Stradivarius – 1st Olympiad Pigeon allround Dortmund 2009

14th NPO Chateaudun: NL12-1619119

Sire: Rembrandt – sire of three first prize winners and 3d NPO Ruffec 4,942 p., from Pavarotti x Olympic Solange
Dam: Cameron Diaz – top prize winners and dam of 15th Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2012

As in nearly every season the main goal of 2013 will be to achieve spectacular results in the one day long distance and the international long distance, which means the pigeons have to be ready at the right moment. This is usually a difficult task but the very best fanciers know exactly how to do this. Bas explains: “The downside is that you often have disappointing results in the first part of the season, usually because of the darkening. The pigeons should perform at their best in the races of over 350km, including two international long distance races. This means the following months will be crucial.” Bas is always looking for new top class pigeons that can be paired to his own pigeons, just to make sure that the pigeon family is always in top shape. For instance he purchased the top class cock Bvlgari in 2012, a first Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB, NPO and Best of the Best 2012. “It all comes down to having a collection of good quality pigeons that are well taken care of.” Gerard and Bas have never sold any of their top class pigeons but instead moved them to their own breeding loft. That has been the philosophy of the fanciers from Reeuwijk for years.

Their pigeons were in great shape last weekend as well: the NL12-1619180 achieved a third teletext prize against 24,447 pigeons in the middle distance flight from Meaux. The winner of the 5th NPO from Chateaudun, a pigeon of Peter van de Merwe, originates from the outstanding bloodlines of Verkerk as well: its sire was bred from Pavarotti x Oprah. Peter van den Burg and Peter van de Merwe purchased this pigeon on PIPA.