G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) fastest in Mantes la Jolie against 20,506 pigeons

The racing team of Gerard and Bas Verkerk seem to be on track this season… they already had three teletext notations, and this weekend their one-year-old yearling Eyecatcher was the fastest of 20,506 pigeons from South-Holland. This hen follows the footsteps of her legendary sister ‘Olympic Solange’.

NL11-1741071 is a daughter of Verkerk’s best breeding couple, which is also one of the best couples in The Netherlands: Olympic Survivor (1° Olympiad pigeon middle distance 2003) x ‘Magic Amoré’ (a daughter of Kleine Dirk x Amoré from Koopman). The most well-known child from this breeding couple is without a doubt ‘Olympic Solange’, which is acknowledged as the best racing pigeons in one-day competitions of The Netherlands. This is thanks to no less than six different 1° national ace pigeon titles:

      Olympiad pigeon allround Oostende 2009
      1° Nat. ace pigeon middle distance NPO 2008
      1° Nat. hen WHZB 2008
      1° Nat. ace pigeon allround WHZB 2008
      1° Nat. ace pigeon allround Best of the Best 2008
      1° Nat. yearling Best of the Best 2008
      1° Nat. ace pigeon allround month May 2008 WHZB
      1° NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons
      2° Peronne – 2,543 pigeons
      3° Creil – 3.761 pigeons
      3° Creil – 2,197 pigeons

Olympic Solange has already bred Replica, winner of 45° at the NPO Tours in 2011 against 10.490 pigeons, 49° NPO Vierzon against 14,964 pigeons, 28° prov. West Nanteuil against 15,350 pigeons, etc. Olympic Solange is also mother of Bonita, the best young ace pigeon Natour district 2009.

The super couple Olympic Survivor x Magic Amoré has also bred these top-class pigeons:

- ‘Houdini’
      3°  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance 2008
      3°  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance WHZB 2008
      8°  NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons
      12° NPO Chateauroux – 8,191 pigeons
      13° NPO Bourges – 8,548 pigeons
    Father of ‘Chanel’ 
      1° Ablis – 1,831 pigeons (3° NPO-West 6,180 pigeons)
    Father of ‘Lost’ 
      7e NPO West Sezanne 9,968 pigeons
    Father of ‘Cannonball’
      7° Nat. Derby youngsters Sens – 19,480 pigeons
- ‘Solana’
    Mother of ‘First Lady’
      1° Peronne – 3,559 pigeons
- ‘Sven’ (Son of ‘Olympic Survivor’)
      10° Nat. ace pigeon Month July 2008 WHZB
      17° Nat. cock WHZB 2008
      4°  NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons (after loft companions)
      16° NPO Bourges – 8,548 pigeons
- ‘Party Animal’ (Son of ‘Olympic Survivor’)
      20° Nat. youngster ace pigeon 2004
      1°  Menen – 5,390 pigeons
      4°  Chantilly – 16,824 pigeons
      5°  Chantilly – 6,762 pigeons
      5°  Niergnies – 5,732 pigeons
- ‘Miracle’ (Daughter of ‘Magic Amoré’)
      24° Nat. ace pigeon allround 2009
      2°  Pommeroeul – 4,910 pigeons
      7°  Blois – 2,138 pigeons


And some more successes were added to the victory in Mantes La Jolie (400km) last weekend: the Verkerk colony had sent in 101 pigeons, of which no less than 71 took a prize 1:4. Another 13 pigeons won a prize 1:100. Their results against 10,446 pigeons were:


1st  pigeon is ‘Eye Catcher’ (‘Olympic Survivor’ x ‘Magic Amore’) … thi was her 7th prize 1:10  this season.
2nd pigeon is ‘Feline’ (‘Prince’ x ‘Euphoria’, d. ‘Olympic Solange’) and has won 11x 1:100 up to now.
3rd  pigeon is a daughter ‘Bulldozer’ x ‘Gold Dust’
4th  pigeon is a daughter ‘Icarus’ x ‘Queen Claudia’ (owner: Dong-China) 
5th  pigeon is a daughter ‘Winston’ x ‘Bonita’ (a daughter of ‘Olympic Solange’)

After their successes in Mantes La Jolie, the colony of Verkerk was equally successful at the NPO race Bourges (576km), wehre the Verkerk-racers won for instance 8° and 14° NPO against 13,592 pigeons (including teletext). Miss Friendly won the 8° place (a daughter Party Animal x Imca) and is a grandchild of both Olympic Survivor and Magic Amoré. The 14° place was won by Broken Brestbone, which was bred from Donald x Dream Girl. Previous results in this colony include a 1° Nijvel against 758 pigeons (won by a grandchild of Olympic Solange and Olympic Spongo Bob) and a 6° Teletext-middle distance Lille-Lesquin against 16,450 pigeons, won by Marilyn Monroe (Olympic Sponge Bob x Sieka).