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G & S Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) excel in district 5 Southern Holland with five teletext prizes in NPO Argenton

The team from Reeuwijk has won all three podium places in the middle distance teletext race from Meaux, as well as a 7th and 8th prize in the NPO race from Bourges and five teletext prizes in the NPO flight from Argenton last weekend, which add up to a total of ten teletext notations in 2014 alone.

Gerard and Bas Verkerk


Bas and his father Gerard Verkerk had basketed 105 pigeons for the NPO race from Argenton. The overall result from Argenton was overwhelming, with 79 pigeons winning a prize (1:4). They were released at 07:30 for a race over 650km. Four pigeons arrived home at 15:05 reaching a velocity of 1259 m/min, and no less than 25 more pigeons were clocked in the following 13 minutes, which is even more impressive. Each of them made it into the national top 100 in district 5 in South Holland, which had 6926 basketed pigeons. This is the overall result:

Argenton 21-06 649 km 6926 p. 4-5-6-7-10-12-13-18-19-21-22-23-27-28-29-32-33-34-
                              41-43-44-54-60-66-93-etc. (79/105)

Olympiad pigeons

The breeding strategy of Bas has once again brought great success. Bas thinks that having a few excellent breeding pairs makes it a lot easier to breed exceptional racing birds. We have seen in the past that Olympiad pigeons and national ace pigeons are particularly successful at passing their qualities to future generations. As a result, all the pigeons that have joined an Olympiad in the sports category will be given a place in the breeding loft of Verkerk. None of them will ever be sold. The race from Argenton illustrates once again that Bas knows what he is doing. In fact, all five teletext prize winners originate from one of the following Olympiad pigeons:

4th   Argenton; the sire is a half brother of Olympic Solange and Sita (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB 2007). 
      Click here for the pedigree of NL12-1618966
5th   Argenton; the sire is a half brother of Olympic Unbelievable. 
      You can find the pedigree of NL11-1740944 here
6th   Argenton; the dam is a daughter of Olympic Survivor and a half sister of Olympic Solange. 
      Click here for the pedigree of NL11-1741016
7th   Argenton is a granddaughter of bot Olympic Sponge Bob and Olympic Solange.
      Click here for the pedigree of NL13-1239369
10th  Argenton is a grandson of Olympic Sponge Bob. 
      You can find the pedigree of NL13-1239510 here

Olympic Solange, grandmother of the 7th NPO Argenton 6926 p.


Fourteen days before Argenton, the pigeons were basketed for a race from Bourges and a sprint race from Peronne in district 5. These were two difficult races, with several pigeons being lost.  This disturbed the team’s preparation for Argenton: all pigeons are usually raced in the weekend between two NPO races, but only the hens were basketed this time. The pigeons had to do another training flight of about 25km on the day before Argenton.


The performance of their one year olds is quite remarkable; no less than 50 prizes were won by pigeons born in 2013. These pigeons were raced six times for a maximum of 265km as young birds, while completing a race every weekend in 2014 as yearlings. As in previous seasons, all young birds will only be raced in the natour competition. However, the young birds will have the chance to compete in one race of over 400km this season, because of a change in the calendar.


NL13-1239479 Tinker Bell has been the revelation of the season so far. This blue coloured one year old hen won an impressive number of prizes over the past eight weeks:

Meaux        Rayon East    17-05   367 km   17204 p. -  1 (fastest in district 5, 32,917 p.)
Bourges     (NPO race)     07-06   575 km    9576 p. -  8
Nanteuil     Rayon East    14-06   351 km    7043 p. –  9 (District 5,13814 p.-  9)
Peronne      Rayon East    03-05   266 km   19537 p. – 21 (District 5,36253 p.- 21)
Argenton    (NPO race)     21-06   649 km    6926 p. – 32

NL13-1239479 Tinker Bell 1st Meaux 17,204 p. (fastest in district 5 32,917 p.)

The sire of Tinker Bell is NL10-1682215 Captain Hook, a grandson of two Olympiad pigeons; NL96-2279582 Olympic Ronaldo and Olympic Unbelievable. You can find the pedigree of Tinker Bell here.

Achievements of 2014

Click here for an overview of the best results of 2014

NPO prizes in other lofts

An impressive three NPO wins were added to an already impressive list of references this weekend: H. Beverdam (Enter, NL) claims a 1st NPO Bourges in district 9 East Holland North (3291 p.) over a distance of 652km. The dam of this racing pigeon is a granddaughter of Bulldozer. The Berensfreise combination from Nieuwstadt (NL) takes the win in the NPO race from Argenton in district 4 Limburg (2694 p.) over a distance of 587km. This pigeon was bred from two direct Verkerk pigeons (from the lines of Johnny English and Sieke). The third NPO victory of this weekend was won by V. Andel-Terluin from Hylaard (NL). They took the first prize in the race from Gien in district 11 Friesland ’96 (5121 p.) over a distance of 645km. This pigeon is closely related to Olympic Ronaldo, which appears in the pedigree no less than three times.

The team of father and son Verkerk from Reeuwijk is in great form and this means they will be tough to beat. The pigeons showed their form in the race from Argenton, and we assume this was not their only big achievement this season.