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G & S Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) close the 2017 one day long distance season with a bang

Gerard and Bas Verkerk have excelled once again in the one day long distance race from La Souterraine with an impressive 7 teletext prizes. It was partly thanks to this achievement that the combination now claims the title of not nominated one day long distance champion in the province of South Holland.

Gerard and Bas Verkerk had a great result in La Souterraine

La Souterraine the one day long distance season finale

A total of 4783 pigeons were basketed to compete for the win in the last one day long distance race of the 2017 season. Gerard and Bas Verkerk had a group of 100 pigeons in the race, which had to cover 687km from La Souterraine back to Reeuwijk. It was the longest distance for any one day long distance team. The race was due to take off on Saturday but the weather conditions forced the race organisers to release the pigeons the following day. It proved a good decision. The one day long distance race took off on Sunday in great weather, and there were no major difficulties. Pigeons arrived home in Reeuwijk in quick succession, the first pigeon getting clocked at 15:33. As it turned out, no less than 20 pigeons had made their way back home in just ten minutes’ time. 

What happened prior to La Souterraine

The 2017 racing team of Gerard and Bas traditionally consisted of quite a large number of one year olds. What was different compared to recent seasons however, is that a number of them had been trained at home (including two flights from Quiévrain). The pigeons were getting stronger and stronger each race and they were getting great results, until the one day long distance race from Blois stalled their progress. Several pigeons got lost in that race, including some experienced old birds. Fortunately the team managed to get back on its feet, demonstrating the resilience of the Verkerk combination with a great result from La Souterraine. Here is a look at the results

La Souterraine   4783 pigeons 687 km 2-3-5-6-7-8-9-14-16-17-26-31-35-36-39-40-41-

Seven teletext pigeons La Souterraine

The 2017 season was a great success with three teletext prizes from Bourges (4th, 6th and 10th against 10,313 pigeons) and another two in the one day long distance race from Argenton (4th and 9th against 8125 pigeons). Browse through the highlights of the 2017 season here. Still, the seven teletext prize winners from La Souterraine were the cream of the crop. Here is a closer look:

NL16-1526110, 2nd NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL16-1526110 2nd NPO La Souterraine

The second prize NPO was won by the one year old hen NL16-1526110 Lagerfeld x Miss Jenjira. Her sire is a grandson of living legend NL07-1817923 Olympic Solange. The dam of the 16-110, Miss Jenjira, has won a 1s NPO Breuil le Vert against 4564 pigeons. Click here for a closer look at her pedigree.

NL15-1706356, 3rd NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL15-1706356 3e NPO La Souterraine

The third prize from La Souterraine was won by the two year old widower NL15-1706356 Dirty Harry x Nena. His sire NL10-1682256 Dirty Harry is a son of two (inter)national ace pigeons. The dam of Dirty Harry is again the iconic Olympic Solange, multiple national ace pigeon and a superior breeding hen in the lofts in Reeuwijk. 

NL16-1525854, 5th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL16-1525854 5th NPO La Souterraine

The third pigeon to arrive home in Reewijck is NL16-1525854 Elize’s Last x Tinker Bell. This is another yearling with excellent origins; he is a son of NL13-1239479 Tinker Bell, 2nd substitute pigeon in the Dutch selection of one year olds for the Olympiad sports category yearlings, and the fastest pigeon in the entire province of South Holland from Meaux against no less than 32,917 pigeons.

NL16-1525843, 6th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL16-1525843 6th NPO La Souterraine

The sixth prize in the teletext race was won by another one year old. As such the Blue band hen NL16-1525843 Challenger x Silvermist has played a role in this overall success for Verkerk as well. Her pedigree features some of the most prominent bloodlines of Gerard and Bas, including no less than three Olympiad Pigeons (Solange, Survivor and Stradivarius). Click here for the full pedigree.

NL15-1706425, 7th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL15-1706425 7th NPO La Souterraine

The seventh place was won by another hen: NL15-1706425 GPS x Amy had already shown her potential in 2016 finishing in 20th place in the PIPA ranking for best one day long distance pigeon in The Netherlands – 3 prizes. She is a daughter of NL10-1682295 Amy, 1st Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance in Province South Holland in 2011.

NL16-1525915, 8th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL16-1525915 8th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

The next one year old hen to finish in the top ten is NL16-1525915, which takes an eighth place. Olympic Solange confirms her status as a first class breeding hen as the dam of yet another teletext prize winner. This daughter of Olympic Survivor x Magic Amoré does have an immortal reputatie in the lofts of Gerard and Bas.

NL16-1525837, 9th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

NL16-1525837 9th NPO La Souterraine 4783 p.

The last pigeon in this impressive series is NL16-1525837 Ton x Alexis. This one year old hen had already finished in 8th place against 19,072 pigeons In Pontoise, before winning a 9th prize in La Souterraine, the closing race of the one day long distance season. She now has two teletext prizes on her palmares. Click here for her pedigree.

High expectations

Gerard and Bas Verkerk have lived up to the expectations with an incredible overall result from La Souterraine. The young birds of 2017 are currently completing the races of the second tour in province South-Holland, to gain some crucial experience. Next year these future yearlings will get a chance to try and exceed the results of the 2016 generation, which will be a steep challenge.