G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, Netherlands) winners of the Grand Prix Tours prov. 5 against 11,759 pigeons

The pigeons of Gerard and Bas Verkerk appeared to be in very good shape and with a provincial win from Mantes-la-Jolie three weeks ago they confirmed themselves as one of the favourites for the national grand prix from Tours. The two year old hen Olivia was able to meet their high expectations and arrived home right on time.

It was a close call for NL10-1682216 Olivia … a blue hen that arrived home accompanied by an unknown stray pigeon after having been released at 7h30. She came in from a north-east direction having been influenced by the prevailing wind. Thankfully that did not seem to bother her at all. Hardly a minute later she was joined by the second Verkerk pigeon: Mega Mindy NL11-1740802. The return of these pigeons was an exciting moment because Jos Voortman of Koerier pigeon movies had been there all day waiting to film the pigeons arriving home. These images will be used for a new DVD, allowing every fancier to take a look at the homecoming of the pigeons. Because of this there was more stress than usual.

With 117 pigeons in the race (and 65 prizes won), Gerard and Bas had one of their favourites up front with Olivia, their third nominated bird. In 2011 she won 4th provincial ace pigeon one-day middle distance in province 5. Meanwhile this new superstar has won:

      1st NPO Tours 2012                     – 11,759 p.
      Fastest Tours prov. 5+12 in 2012      – 14,156 p.
      8th Nivelles-Nijvel 2012               –    758 p.
      104th prov. Nanteuil le Haudouin 2012  –  9,527 p.
      109th prov. Nanteuil le Haudouin 2011  –  3,882 p.
      123rd NPO Argenton sur Creuse 2011     –  7,584 p.
      139th NPO Chateauroux Parc 2012        –  9,612 p.
      148th prov. Peronne 2011               – 16,009 p.
      149th prov. St. Quentin 2010           – 11,353 p.
      153rd NPO Orleans 2011                 –  5,503 p.
      176th prov. Mantes la Jolie 2012       – 10,446 p.

Olivia is bred from the invaluable Verkerk breeding lofts... Her father is Ronunbel, a first-class flyer and a son of the Olympic giants Olympic Ronaldo and Olympic Unbelievable.

The dam of Olivia is Bubbles, another exceptional breeding hen, which Gerard and Bas purchased from Ad Schaerlaeckens in 2002. She was bred from Wounded Knee x Bubbles. In the breeding lofts of Verkerk she is mother of:

- Bulldozer
      3rd  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance West-European countries cup 2006
      4th  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance NPO 2005
      6th  Nat. cock WHZB 2004 (1° yearling)
      10th Nat. cock WHZB 2005 (only pigeon in top-10 2004 & 2005)
      2nd  Tours             –  4,420 p.
      3rd  Vierzon           –  5,615 p.
      7th  NPO Vierzon       – 21,984 p. (different race)
- Federer
      15th Nat. ace pigeon allround 2009
      2nd  NPO Blois         –  4,673 p.
      7th  Nat. Bourges      – 43,064 p.
      2nd  St. Quentin       –    328 p.
      9th  Peronne           –  2,511 p.
      16th Ablis             –  7,514 p.
      18th Chateauroux       –  3,741 p.
- Nadala
      3th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance 2008
      4th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance  NPO 2008
      4th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance  WHZB 2008
      6th Nat. ace pigeon allround 2008
      8th Nat. Blois        – 43,064 p.
- Brigitte
      19th Nat. hen WHZB 2004
      21st Nat. ace pigeon allround
      5th  Chantilly        –  7,263 p.
      10th Oudenaarde       –  6,882 p.

Bubbles is also granddam of Rick Hermans' Athena, the 3rd best youngster for Belgium in two national races in 2010.

In addition to this amazing victory of Olivia the Verkerk racing team have had some other great results:

      1st-5th-13th-14th-32nd-60th-71st-72nd-80th-etc. NPO Tours against 11,759 pigeons. (65/117)
      Fastest pigeon province 5+12 Tours against 14,156 pigeons.

Winner of 5th NPO Tours 11,759 pigeons
NL11-1740802 Mega Mindy

Sire: Little Tiger, a direct Willem de Bruijn and father of Olympic Sponge Bob (an Olympiad pigeon Oostende 2007, 1st NPO Blois 20,755 pigeons, 1st Chantilly 6,762 pigeons, 1st Peronne 6,017 pigeons), James (1st Strombeek 2,269 pigeons), Puma (1st Peronne 4,860 pigeons), Kournikova (9st nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance NPO).

Mother: Sienna, 9st Nat. ace pigeon July WHZB, 12th nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance NPO, 2nd NPO Argenton 6,595 pigeons (after a loft mate), 12th NPO Bourges 8,548 pigeons.

Winner of 13th NPO Tours 11,759 pigeons
NL11-1741071 Eye Catcher

      1st prov. Mantes la Jolie   - 10,446 pigeons 2012
      13th NPO Tours 2012         – 11,759 pigeons 2012
      9th Peronne                 -  5,481 pigeons 2012
      9 prizes 1:10 in 2012

A full sister of Olympic Solange, an olympic pigeon in the all round category in Oostende 2009, 1st national ace pigeon middle distance NPO 2008, 1st national hen WHZB 2008, 1st national ace pigeon all round WHZB 2008, 1st National ace pigeon allround Best of the Best 2008, 1st Nat. yearling Best of the Best 2008, 1st Nat. ace pigeon allround May 2008 WHZB, 1st NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons, 2nd Peronne 2,543 pigeons, 3rd Creil 3,761 pigeons, 3rd Creil 2,197 pigeons, etc. She is also a half sister of for instance Houdini (3rd national ace pigeon one-day middle distance NPO & WHZB 2008, 8th NPO Argenton against 6,595 pigeons, 12th NPO Chateauroux 8,191 pigeons, 13th NPO Bourges 8,548 pigeons), Sven (10th national ace pigeon July 2008 WHZB), Party Animal (20th national young ace pigeon 2004 with a 1st Menen against 5,390 pigeons), Miracle (24° national ace pigeon allround 2009).

Winner of 14th NPO Tours 11,759 pigeons
NL11-1741026 ‘Romy’

      14th NPO Tours 2012    – 11,759 pigeons.
      36th prov. Nanteuil    – 17,186 pigeons.

Sire: Bomb, a direct Reedijk-Jongekrijg from Bomberman x Zus Luka
Dam: Sienna, 9th national ace pigeon July WHZB, 12th national ace pigeon one-day middle distance NPO, 2nd NPO Argenton 6,595 pigeons (after a loft mate), 12th NPO Bourges 8,548 pigeons.

This is another climax in the outstanding career of Gerard and Bas Verkerk. But some other lofts were successful as well in the national grand prix with their Verkerk pigeons. For instance, the Scheele brothers have won the 1st NPO Argenton with a 50% Verkerk pigeon, thanks to the talent of this amazing Verkerk breed.