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Frits & Wytse Mantel (Oudega, NL) and Vardy are a golden One Loft Race combination

Top breeder Vardy of Comb. Mantel (Oudega, NL)
Vardy is still the absolute top breeder of Comb. Mantel, despite plenty successors are ready to take over this role.

Superstar Vardy

Combination Mantel is made up of father Frits and his son Wytse, which focus completely on One Loft Racing. As one of the first Dutch top fanciers they chose to focus fully on this discipline within our sport. It is remarkable how many times you find their names when it comes to a Top 10 result in various final races. Especially taking into account their small accommodation (4.5m loft), forcing them to rely on pure quality rather than quantity. A large part of their success can be traced back to their super breeder NL15-1208645 Vardy. He himself once shined one long distance races with a/o 1st NPO Issoudun (751km) against 3,319 pigeons, but has now proven to be an incredible breeder for One Loft Races. Vardy is a/o father of 3rd Final Corabia Winter One Loft Race across 530km in 2022 in which 2,204 pigeons were entered. That same year, Vardy became grandfather of 7th Final at the famous Algarve Golden Race across 505km against 3,622 pigeons. Both in winter races 2022 and summer races 2023, grandchildren of Vardy stand in the spotlights; 

Grandchildren Vardy won a/o the following in 2023:

2nd Semi-Final Rimini OLR in Italy against 1,157 p.
5th Race 1 Pyramids OLR in Egypt against 1,289 p. (entered by Sjoerd Lei)
16th Semi-finale Sofia OLR in Bulgaria
18th Race 3 Corabia Winter OLR in Spain against 1,302 p. - 235 km
19th Super Derby Rimini OLR in Italy - 625 km
21st Semi-finale Algarve Great Derby in Portugal
21st Hotspot 3 Sofia OLR in Bulgaria
35th Hotspot 3 Sofia OLR in Bulgaria
86th Semi-final Pattaya OLR in Thailand against 6,537 p. (December 2022)
NL15-1208645 Vardy is the star on the lofts of Frits & Wytse Mantel

Grandson Alexio is Vardy's potential successor

Frits and Wytse managed to bring back one of their entered pigeons, which excelled in a OLR Final, back to Oudega. NL22-8053937 Alexio not only won an impressive 7th Final Algarve Golden Race (505km) in Portugal (and a 76th Race 2 against 4,874 p.) but also embodies the best bloodlines of this combination. ALexio is a son of top breeder Alonso (Olympic Amador x Timwoman) x Amy (Vardy x Pecje). Frits & Wytse have put their faith in Alexio to build upon the successes of his grandfather Vardy. They predict that Alexio will be their future stock pigeon.

NL22-8053937 Alexio (grandson Vardy) won 7th Final Algarve Golden Race against 3,622 p. 2022

Alonso (father Alexio) - together with Vardy - lies at the foundation of many highlights

Star breeder NL16-1847875 Alonso, is almost as highly regarded as Vardy. This blue cock won a/o 1st Weert against 2,227 pigeons but impressed even more as father of various One Loft Race stars. Alonso is son of Olympic Amador, 1st Olympiad pigeon >700km in 2017. In 2018, a child of Alonso won a fantastic 18th Final Algarve Golden Race against 2,132 pigeons. In 2019, Alonso became father of 23rd Semi-final of this same Algarve Golden Race. In 2022, children ranked a/o 31st Hotspot 3 VFWCPR and and incredible 7th Final Algarve Golden Race against 3,622 pigeons. In 2023, the offspring of Alonso once again played an important role in the OLR scene;

Grandchildren Alonso won a/o the following in 2023:

23rd Semi-final Pyramids OLR in Egypt
27th Final Pyramids OLR in Egypt
86th Semi-final Pattaya OLR in Thailand against 6,537 p. (December 2022)
NL16-1847875 Alonso is father of a/o Alexio, 7th Final Algarve Golden Race

Jason is father of eight 1st Prize winners 

Another invaluable crack of Comb. Mantel is NL17-1622737 Jason. This cock descends from the same lines as super breeder Vardy; his father (NL15-1208693 Milan) is a full brother of Vardy. Jason is father of eight 1st Prize winners and also at OLR's his children perform outstandingly. For instance, Jason is father to 9th Final Sofia OLR in 2022 against 983 pigeons and 4th Ace Pigeon of this same race against 1,903 entered pigeons. 

NL17-1622737 Jason is father of eight 1st Prize winners

Starling (Gebr. Leideman) is a perfect match with the stock pigeons of Comb. Mantel

Furthermore, the checkered hen NL18-1459308 Starling is housed on the breeding lofts in Oudega. This hen previously races on the lofts of Gebr. Leideman, winning a/o 1st NPO Troyes (511km) against 6,301 pigeons. This fantastic hen thereafter moved to Comb. Mantel where she fully met her high expectations as addition to the breeding lofts. Starling became mother of a/o;

Children of NL18-1459308 Starling won a/o the following:

4th Ace Pigeon Sofia OLR 2022 (started with 1,903 p.)
5th Race 1 Pattaya OLR 2021 - 330 km against 5,167 p.
9th Final Race Sofia OLR 2022 against 983 p.
11th Race 3 Corabia Winter Race 2022 - 235 km - against 1,022 p.
233rd Final Race Algarve Golden Race 2021 - 498 km - against 4,565 p.
NL18-1459308 Starling won a/o 1st NPO Troyes (511 km) for Gebr. Leideman


Besides many successes in One Loft Races, Mantel continues to impress on the regular Dutch racing program. This becomes evident from the many references Frits & Wytse receive. In 2023, Jeen and father Tjerk Geertsma win a/o 1st Prize with a child of Jason. Klaas Dijkstra also won a 1st Prize with a grandchild of Jason. Dirk Huizinga has two pigeons which perform super. One of them, who's sire comes from Comb. Mantel, won 4x 1st Prize. Against a large number of pigeons his best results were 7th Etroeungt against 17,981 p. and 10th NPO Issoudun against 3,000 pigeons. From this same bloodline their other crack won a/o the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance in the federation and also won the 1st Prize on the long distance race from Brienne. With a grandchild of Vardy, John Folkers won 1st against 448 pigeons. Henk Douna won an absolute top result: 3rd against 12,877 pigeons (daughter super breeder Morgan, son Olympic Amador) and Seinstra/Terpstra won a 1st against 3,096 pigeons (mother is a sister of Olympic Amador).   

Frits & Wytse Mantel

Own achievements 

Lastly, we present an overview of results on One Loft Races achieved by Comb. Mantel in the past year. Last year (2022), they won three Top 10 results in finals of One Loft Races. In 2023, they had another strong season. Comb. Mantel continues to impress with new top results; 

Comb. Mantel won the following at OLR in winter 2022/summer 2023:

80th-138th-139th-etc. Hotspot 3 Pattaya OLR against 6,673 p.
23rd-86th Semi-Final Pattaya OLR against 6,537 p.
110th Final Pattaya OLR - 530 km - against 5,805 p.
8th Semi-Final As Golden Greece OLR - 325 km
16th Race 1 Corabia Winter OLR against 1,533 p.
23rd Semi-Final Pyramids OLR
17th Race 2 Corabia Winter OLR against 1,412 p.
27th Final race Pyramids OLR
2nd Semi-Final Rimini OLR against 1,157 p.
13th-19th Superfinal Rimini OLR - 625 km
17th Semi-final Victoria Falls OLR Zimbabwe
21st-35th Hotspot 3 Sofia OLR
16th Semi-final Sofia OLR
21st Semi-final Algarve Great Derby OLR
Comb. Mantel received a beautiful trophy for their Top 10 classification in the European Championship OLR during the spring exhibition in Houten