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Frits & Wytse Mantel (NL): all old birds + specially bred youngsters of 2017

Due to a relocation we bring you this exclusive auction from the Mantel Combination, the new stars of pigeon racing in The Netherlands. This father & son combination has made its way to the top very quickly, and in 2017 they represented The Netherlands in the Olympiad for the second time in their early career.

In 2011 their Olympic Cape was honoured to attend the Olympiad, before developing into a stock breeder. In 2017 they had super class pigeon Olympic Amador attending the Olympiad in the marathon category in Brussels as the 1st Dutch pigeon. Keep in mind he had only competed in the one day long distance. He is quite a legend; he is bred directly from top pair Marsman x Yolin.

All the team's most iconic pigeons are present in this exclusive auction, including 1st NPO winners Olympic Amador and Vardy. We also have top class youngsters of Olympic Cape: Fortuna and Royal Cape. Also included are youngsters, parents, brothers and sisters of each of these champions. In addition, we are selling the talented racing birds Zara, Evita, Senna and Promessa, and the bloodlines of the iconic Dolce Vita (Veenstra), Olympic Toe (Soepboer), and (Harry Hooymans).

This is a top class auction and one of the highlights of this season!

Auction starts: 6 November 2017
Auction ends: 19 November 2017