Frederik Leliaert wins international Bordeaux Old pigeons 2007!

At 7 o’clock Saturday morning the pigeons from the ZLU got their freedom in Bordeaux. 7213 old birds and 7708 yearlings. This with a south west wind which could result in a fast race. The youthful Frederik Leliaert had 8 pigeons and a good feeling with this race.

About ten days ago I had the chance to visit Frederik because one of my young birds had flown there. This was the first time I made acquaintance with this ambitious fancier. With only a very limited accommodation he still tries to get maximum results out of his colony.
It all began about 25 years ago when his dad picked up a wounded pigeon in the street and gave it to Frederik. Frederik’s grandfather kept pigeons, and gave Frederik a hen for breeding purposes. When he had to do his 1e communion, he asked for presents such as a loft, a trap, an overall and he got them as well. Through his motorbike and discovering parties, his interest waned, but when he came to settle down and live at his current address he once again became a fanatic. He was able to obtain a loft from Dees van Kerkhoven from Retranchement. Due to the ill health of Dees’ wife and being forced to move to a nursing home, 25 pigeons also went with the loft to Aardenburg. In his hay day, Dees was a feared player in the middle distances. The pigeons adjusted to their new home and in 2004 the pigeons were entered in the races.

In June 2005 a breeding couple was taken van Dees and breeding started straight away, resulting in October 2005 in the 05-1452924.
The father has the ring number 01-1971144 and is a 50% Schaerlaeckens. This late youngster was trained in January and February and started racing in 2006. As you can see, Frederik is not infantile with his pigeons, on the discussion forum from PIPA he even calls himself “the executioner from Zeeland”. The pigeons are forced to race, whether they are late young or not. This blue long cock was barely a half year old, yet he had to race against experienced widowers. That didn’t stop this topper from achieving good prizes at Morlincourt, Sourdun, Tours, Ablis and Arras. This year he entered every race except Blois, when he stayed home.

His results were hopeful:
5th Morlincourt – 1615 pigeons
291st Sourdun – 1428 pigeons
155th Orleans – 1107 pigeons
38th Argenton – 466 pigeons.

It is also worth mentioning that Sourdun, Orleans and Argenton were very difficult races.

So, as mentioned, the housing was obtained from Dees van Kerkhoven. It is a very plain loft with two sections. In the left section are the young pigeons together with his only breeding couple, and the widowers are kept in the right section. Then he has a sort of large rabbit hutch where he keeps his widow hens, and that’s it. The loft that he had in his youth is now a pile of planks and it is the intention to rebuilt it for more breeding couples.

He started with 28 widowers, including 10 late youngsters. Nowadays, through his strict selection the amount is reduced from 28 to 20. He has bred 30 youngsters and that is, honestly speaking, for him too many. Frederik is a member of the “Grensvliegers” (border flyers) in Eede. This is really an old fashioned club. They haven’t heard of antennae’s, everyone uses a normal clock, including Frederik.

In his widowers loft there are full brothers, cousins and half brothers of the winner. Also pigeons from Roger Velle from Koksijde, likewise through Dees van Kerkhoven. What’s more, a cock from the combination Coppens-Baert from Sluis does well here. In addition there are pigeons from Johan van de Plassche from Cadzand and Marijn Laurijns from Kleit.
He also has new acquisitions from Van Wildemeersch from Westkapelle and the brothers van Beveren from Nieuw Namen.

The care is really quite simple.
Feeding is with Mariman food (bought from Hobbyvoeders Adel)
For the short races it is superwinner, and for the longer races it is mixed with flight and P40 pellets. Now and again some nibbling seeds, but further nothing special.

He has a system for the drinking water:
Monday : apple vinegar
Tuesday: Belgasol
Wednesday: WN Red
Thursday : Belgasol
Saturday: by home-coming pure water, in the evening BS
Sunday: Vitamines from Herbots

With only a small number of pigeons Frederik still tries to take part in all the program races and also the ZLU races. His pigeons have to go virtually every week in the basket. Still his preference lies with the middle and extra long distance.

In 2005 he made his debut at Limoges with the 10th prize in the tough fondclub in Terneuzen.
Last year he flew a very early prize from Pau, namely the 59th national and 133e international. 

This year he had a good result from a very harsh afternoon release from Bordeaux. He took the 43e provincial prize from 2689 pigeons.

It appears that Frederik can see into the future. A week before he made a statement about the time he expected the pigeons to be home from this Bordeaux. His 05-1452924 was recorded first at 16.00.33. Now, a week later he was almost right to the second.
This entry, dated 30 June, from the discussion forum is evidence:

I have no idea what to expect.
Here in Aardenburg 770 km from Bordeaux
so between 16.00 and 17.00 arrivals can
be expected, meaning 1425 M/M. Who knows. Good luck everyone

It seems like a dream come true. This evening 3 pigeons are going to Barcelona. Secretly he is hoping for a classification in the top 100 national. But at only 30 years of age with an international victory to his name .... who can say that?
Frederik, well done, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!