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Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Zingem, BE) show their skill once again from Limoges

The Vandenheede brothers showed their tremendous skill once again on the national flight from Limoges (622km). 2-4-8-27-28-53-55-78-95-... nationally against 10,653 old birds.

The national season is only 2 races away and Freddy & Jacques already won 2nd National twice. Will there be a 3rd golden flight?

If we take in last week's results from Bourges, we arrive at no less than 20x top 100 National performances in two weeks:

Bourges (458km)
24,006 old pigeons: 2-6-9-13-15-29-30-37-95-... (36/64)
18,785 yearling pigeons: 4-55-128-135-145-192-... (37/98)

Phenomenal figures! Let's take a closer look at the top pigeons at Limoges.

'Valentina', BE22-4137404 - 2e Nat. Limoges

'Valentina', a beautiful blue hen, showed great skill and excelled at Limoges. She won : 

  • 2. Nat. Limoges 10,653 p.
  • 28. Nat. Argenton 14,174 p.
  • 113. Nat. Bourges 24,006 p.
  • 157. Nat. Libourne 4,822 p.
  • ...

Taking a closer look at the pedigree, these results are not accidental. 3 of the 4 grandparents win either a 1st National or 1st National Ace Pigeon. Father 'Jimmy' is a son of 'Golden King', 1st Nat. Ace Fond 2018 at Gino Clicque paired with 'Laura', 1st Nat. Limoges 20,075 d. 
Mother 'Valeska' in turn is a daughter of 'De Fantast', 1st Nat. Libourne 6,134 d. coupled with a daughter of 'New Ace', 1st Nat. Ace Fond 2012 with Wilson Dekens. Champion genes to spare. 

'Presence', BE21-4007014 - 4e Nat. Limoges

The 2nd arrival of the Vandenheedes was also a hen. 'Presence' has more than earned her stripes, winning among others:

  • 2. Best Souillac pigeon 2022-2023
  • 4. Nat. Limoges 10,653 p.
  • 4. Nat. Souillac 4,637 p.
  • 210. Nat. Brive 5,885 p.
  • 260. Nat. Souillac 4,827 p.
  • 310. Nat. Argenton 8,777 p.
  • ...

'Presence' too, comes from noble bloodlines. Father 'Fausto' himself won 4th Nat. acebird long distance 2016. Mother 'Rhonda' is a daughter of stock breeder 'Mattheo' paired with 'Djenna', 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Great Half-Fond 2016.

'Rush', BE22-4137539 - 8e Nat. Limoges

The 3rd pigeon in the top 10 is also a hen, the ladies are clearly in power in Limoges. She also took the win in Libourne last year. 'Rush' won among others:

  • 8. Nat. Limoges 10,653 p.
  • 17. Nat. Libourne 4,822 p.
  • 174. Nat. Argenton 14,174 p. 
  • ...

The father of 'Rush', comes from 'Boss Simone', father of 1st Nat. Libourne, coupled with 'Rikkertje Van de Wouwer', direct Gaston Van de Wouwer and mother of 'Laura', 1st Nat. Limoges, which is also in the pedigree of 'Valentina', 2nd Nat. Limoges.
The mother of 'Rush' comes from 'Picasso' x 'Chanel Nr. 1', bought in the PIPA auction from Hok Verhestraeten and they turned out to be super breeders in Zingem.

Another season start to celebrate in Zingem. Congratulations Jacques & Freddy!