Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (Kruisem, BE) are racing in a league of their own

No other pigeon loft in Belgium can match or even come close the incredible palmares of the Vandenheede Brothers. This team has managed to claim national top results and ace pigeon titles season after season. And it appears there is still a lot to be added to the wonderful success story of this pigeon family.

The most celebrated pigeon family at national level - Belgium's absolute number one

There is no getting around it. Freddy & Jacques have finished in the national top five of the KBDB 24 times, either as national champions or with a national ace pigeon. And that includes 9 x gold, 4 x silver and 4 x bronze:

For an overview of all of their titles and championship results in the national top fifteen, click here.
The big secret behind their incredible palmares is the dedicated strategy of this team: all of their national race winners and national ace pigeons KBDB go straight to the breeding loft, where they are paired up. Not a single one of them leaves the team. Their race winners and national ace pigeons are all kept on board to be used as breeding birds, and that is why no other team around the globe has so many national winners and ace pigeons in their breeding loft. This is a truly unique group of breeders, and it is the biggest strength of this family. It is the key to success, and their 2019 season was a continuation of their earlier great seasons.

They could not have dreamt of a better start to their 2019 season; they represented the KBDB at the Poznan Olympiad in January, with racing bird Olympic Tygo.

-Olympic Tygo BE15-4130410

 1. Best Belgian pigeon long distance old birds across all national long distance races (5 prizes) PIPA Ranking 2018
 2. Olympiad Pigeon KBDB – Cat C. Poznan 2019
 2. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2018
16. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2017
 7. Nat. Tulle - 4,169 p. 2018
13. Nat. Jarnac - 5,371 p. 2018
52. Nat. Limoges I - 14,937 p. 2017
73. Nat. Brive - 9,278 p. 2018
 2. prov. Angouleme - 1,148 p. 2018 – 12. Nat 4,525 p.
 8. prov. Limoges II - 2,082 p. 2017 – 51. Nat 9,151 p.   
‘Olympic Tygo’ is himself the sire of BE18-4097401
1. Nat. Zone Bourges - 5,684 p. 2018

This Olympic Tygo does have some excellent origins. He is himself a son of Grauzone BE11-424418 (winner of a 1st Nat. Libourne 2013 - 6,658 p., a 3rd Nat. Tulle of 10,251 p. from the line of Limoges of De Rauw-Sablon) x Hot Superke BE13-4050202 (granddaughter of top breeder Freddy – De Rauw-Sablon).
Click here for his full pedigree and his list of achievements

And there is another super class racing bird of Team Vandenheede that stems from a nearly identical pairing as Olympic Tygo:

-Wonderful Lady BE17-4200244

 7. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance KBDB 2018
12. Nat. Angoulême – 5,030 p. 2018
27. Nat. Limoges – 7,236 p. 2018
113 Nat. Tulle – 5,326 p. 2018
406 Nat. Zone Argenton – 7,382 p. 2017
427 Nat. Jarnac – 4,940 p. 2018
She is herself the dam of ‘145/19’
      5. Toury YB – 298 p.
      5. Chevrainvilliers YBs – 275 p.
Half sister (from the same sire) of ‘Ace Star’
      4. prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance YBs KBDB 2014
      13. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance YLs KBDB 2015

She is a daughter of Hot Spicy Junien BE12-4186003 (full brother of Hot Superke, the dam of Olympic Tygo) x Domino BE11-4244122 (granddaughter of stock breeder Frans, a son of Dream pair De Rauw-Sablon).
Click here for the pedigree of Wonderful Lady

Grauzone: himself a 1st Nat. Libourne and the sire of superstars Olympic Tygo and Scooter I

Another star in the racing lofts of Vandenheede is Scooter I, a half brother of Olympic Tygo (from the same sire), which was also a national ace pigeon KBDB in 2019. This phenomenal superstar claimed an impressive 9 national top 100 placings across his racing career, as well as three provincial top 40 finishes. Pigeons like Scooter I are quite rare indeed. We take a look at his palmares:

-Scooter I BE15-4130106

 5. Nat Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2019 
18. Nat Limoges    9,151 p. ’17
29. Nat Angoulême  4,525 p. ’18
36. Nat Tulle      7,447 p. ’17
48. Nat Limoges II 9,578 p. ’19
52. Nat Tulle      4,169 p. ’18
69. Nat Souillac   3,737 p. ’19
83. Nat Vierzon   20,956 p. ’19
91. Nat Aurillac   3,886 p. ’19
93. Nat Jarnac     5,371 p. ’18
125 Nat Argenton  15,235 p. ’19
139 Nat Limoges I 13,569 p. ’19
2. Prov Chateaudun 4,634 p. ’15
12. Prov Orleans   3,254 p. ’17
38. Prov Orleans   3,826 p. ’19

He too is a son of Grauzone BE11-4244118 x Science Ace BE12-4186125 (herself an 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB ’14 and a granddaughter of Topkweker Freddy of De Rauw-Sablon, himself a son of top pair Antigoon x ’t Krijt for the Vandenheede family).
Click here for the pedigree and the impressive palmares of Scooter I

This makes for a total of three pigeons from the same bloodlines that claim a national ace pigeon title KBDB.

20 x first national winner

Besides having won many national titles and ace pigeons, the Vandenheede pigeons prove to have a killer instinct in races as well. They have been extremely successful across different competitions, with an impressive 20 national victories to their name. And that is easier said than done!

Besides, they also win 36 first prizes Nat. Zone (click here for an overview), as well as 85 provincial victories. Their 2019 season was in fact their best yet, with as many as 13 provincial victories (for a full overview, click here).

These numbers clearly show that their opponents were often being outplayed. The Vandenheede pigeons have been overwhelmingly strong on numerous occasions, making them almost impossible to beat at times. The 2019 season was no different: they claimed three national victories, and 136 national top 100 finishes in 2019. We take a look at their best results from 2019:

Quicky Vierzon: 1st Nat. Vierzon 20,956 olds and fastest of 32,530 pigeons overall

-1. Nat Vierzon 20,956 p., and the fastest of 32,530 pigeons overall with Quicky Vierzon BE17-4200342. This racing cock also won a 13th Nat. Tulle of 5,326 p. as a yearling. He is an inbred bird, being a son of The Successor BE15-4130475 (bred from 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB '09 Triggerfinger, paired to Funnel of Love, a daughter of the legendary Limoges of De Rauw-Sablon) x Darya BE10-4101084, which is a daughter of Triggerfinger x Mariska. Click here for Quicky Vierzon's full pedigree.

Wild Heart: 1st Nat Vierzon 11,574 yearlings

Mooi Vierzonnetje: 2nd Nat. Vierzon 11,574 yearlings (behind a teammate)

-1st + 2nd Nat. Vierzon 11,574 yearlings: with Wild Heart BE18-4097035 (granddaughter of New Freddy: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB, see pedigree) and Mooi Vierzonnetje BE18-4097283, which finished right behind her teammate. She is herself a daughter of stock breeder Mattheo BE05-4045392 (a son of Limoges of De Rauw-Sablon). Mattheo was paired to Djenna BE15-4130094 (9th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB ’16 and a granddaughter of Topkweker Freddy of De Rauw-Sablon). Click here for the pedigree of Mooi Vierzonnetje.

Remco: 1st Nat. Cahors 6,905 old birds. Admire his beautiful wing.

-1st Nat. Cahors 6,905 olds: with Remco BE16-4065319, a son of Luc x Juliana (a direct late Jules Mannaert, a 100% De Rauw-Sablon). Click here for Remco's pedigree

This victory is no coincidence: the race winning bloodlines of these three national winners can be found in many other super class racing birds of Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, including for instance:

-Tamira BE16-4065083: winner of a 5th Nat. Libourne of 3,950 p. and a 6th Toury of 464 p. She is a half sister of Mooi Vierzonnetje, being a daughter of stockbreeder Mattheo paired to Katla BE09-4035215 (a sister of Triggerfinger). For Tamira's pedigree, click here.


-Rising Wonder BE4097093

 2. Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2019
 7. N.Zone Chateauroux 6,645 p. ’19 (8 June)
21. Nat Vierzon       11,574 p. ’19
38. Nat Bourges       17,969 p. ’19
206 Nat Argenton      22,826 p. ’19 (22 June)
36. Prov Argenton      4,986 p. ’19 (15 June)
37. Prov Chateauroux   2,355 p. ’19 (29 June)
37. Prov Orleans       5,021 p. ’18

Rising Wonder is a daughter of Dubble Mari BE13-4050056 x Ace Freddy BE10-5020450 (a daughter of Topkweker Freddy of De Rauw-Sablon, which is in turn a son of top pair Antigoon x ’t Krijt of Vandenheede). Double Mari and Ace Freddy are also the parents of Djenna, the dam of Mooi Vierzonnetje.
Click here for Rising Wonder's pedigree

Champions breed champions

This team can rely on an extensive selection of super class race winners and ace pigeons; it would be impossible to include them all in this article. Still, we would like to pick a few other pigeons that clearly illustrate how champions breed champions. Or how race winners breed race winners, if you like.
Take for instance the iconic Miracle Ace BE11-4244017 (pedigree), winner of:

 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB in 2013
 8. Nat Libourne   6,658 p. ’13
38. Nat Gueret    14,362 p. ’11
71. Nat Tulle      7,350 p. ’13
124 Nat Limoges   14,271 p. ’13
54. Prov Bourges   6,361 p. ’12
59. Prov Montluçon 5,335 p. ’12

This Miracle Ace developed into a fantastic breeding bird; he is now the sire of:

1. prov / 2. Nat. Jarnac - 5,371 p.
1. club / 2. prov. Brive - 2,043 p. / 13. Nat. 9,278 p.
1. prov. Limoges - 2,138 p. / 3. Nat. 7,236 p.
1. Aurillac YLs - 102 p. / 3. prov. 520 p.
4. prov. / 11. Nat. Limoges YLs - 6,272 p. 2015
7. prov. Orleans - 5,021 YBs 2018
8. Nat. Zone Libourne YLs - 1,373 p. / 24. Nat. 3,950 p.
16. Nat. Chateauroux - 6,198 YBs 2017
35. prov. Blois - 2,642 p.
46. Nat. Zone Chateauroux - 8,291 p. 2015
63. Nat. Limoges – 13,569 p.
67. Nat. Limoges – 9,578 p.
68. Nat. Jarnac YLs - 3,904 p. 2016
74. prov. Chateauroux – 4,057 p.

Another racing bird that is almost just as talented is Ace Marsupilami II BE13-4050439, a 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB in 2014, and a 34th Nat. Bordeaux-Agen of 3,180 p. and 95th Nat. Narbonne of 2,835 p. He is a half brother of a 2nd + 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB in 2014, and he is a grandson of De Sjah (another son of Limoges of De Rauw-Sablon; his pedigree can be found here).

Champions x Champions continues to be the favourite breeding strategy in Zingem-Kruisem. For instance, their Ace Marsupilami II was paired to Sennek BE16-4260927 (pedigree), a full sister of:
-Boaz BE14-4000249: Belgium's best pigeon in Limoges 2015-2016 PIPA Ranking, and now the sire of a 1st Prov. Vierzon 2017, a 2nd Prov. Vierzon 2018 and a 2nd Prov. Blois in 2018
-Fashion BE14-4000050: winner of a 1st Nat. Argenton 13,629 p. and several other top results (for Fashion's pedigree and palmares, click here). Fashion proved a terrific breeding dam as well; she is now the dam of:

 9. Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2019
26. Nat. Aurillac – 3,584 p. 2019
39. Nat. Limoges – 10,699 p. 2019
60. Nat. Souillac – 4,056 p. 2019
96. Nat. Vierzon – 11,574 p. 2019
8. prov. Orleans –  2,721 p. 2019
1. club / 8. Nat. Brive – 4,384 p. 2018
1. club / 22. Nat. Souillac – 3,737 p. 2019
28. Nat. Aurillac – 3,886 p. 2019
1. Vierzon – 103 p. / 13. prov. 1,055 p.
51. prov. Argenton – 1,947 p.
73. Nat. Argenton – 22,826 p.
And the grandmother of a 1st Prov. Orleans of 3,341 pigeons

And we have yet to talk about Fantion BE16-4065045 (pedigree), a brilliant breeding dam bred from two national first prize winners: Fantast BE12-4186321 (winner of a 1st Nat. Libourne of 6,134 p.) x Science Fiction BE10-4101420 (winner of a 1st Nat. Tulle of 6,345 p., and the dam of Scooter I - see earlier). This combination of bloodlines has produces many world class pigeons, including Valeska, Tamino, Holiday, Wanda, Conan, Scooter I, Scooter II, Liquido, Science Victory I, II and III. This is a success story with quite a few chapters already.

A pigeon family in full bloom

This team is clearly on a roll, with so many top class pigeons in their collection. They are set for a bright future. Some might be hoping that the Vandenabeele Brothers will take a step back in the next few years, but we would not count on that to be honest. No other team in the Western-European hemisphere has such a top quality breeding loft, consisting of nothing but national race winners and national ace pigeons KBDB, or their parents or direct descendants. These are mainly bred and raced in their own loft. It sometimes feels as if Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede are racing in a league of their own, hence the title of our article. And we recon it would be quite a challenge for their opponents to try and match the results of this breed!

Djenna: a 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB and now the dam of Mooi Vierzonnetje: 2nd Nat. Vierzon in 2019 (behind a teammate)