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Franz-Wilhelm Gonschior (Wenden, DE): who has had more Olympiad pigeons? - part 2

These were his biggest successes in 2012: the best overall classification at the DBA (for the third consecutive time!) with a first prize in five categories, a golden state medal by the Federal Ministry, a 6th place in the German national middle distance championship, a 6th prize at the Klinik Cup and a 6th place in the championship of the Brieftaube magazine. He also finished 7th in his union championship and 13th in the German national yearling championship.

The sisters 0710-06-21 and 0710-06-22

They are both grandchildren of the 851, who was exhibited at the 2002 DBA in Dortmund. The sire is 0147-04-365 bred from the Olympia Dynasty of Peter Janßen. He is a son of the 0147-98-274, an Olympiad pigeon in the sports category in 2001. He is in turn a son of 0147-88-108, also an Olympiad pigeon in the sports class in 1993. The 274 was paired with a daughter of Ringlose from Günter Prange. The dam is 0710-98-502, winner of a first prize from Wegscheid, which is why she is called Wegschied-Siegerin (Wegscheid Winner). She was the best hen in the union (six clubs).

The 21 proved to be a top class racer, winning first prizes in races of 500 and 600 km. Thanks to his achievements in 2007 he was nominated for the DBA, where he won his category immediately. In 2009 he was a pigeon in the standard category at the exhibition of Gonschior's region. He was again nominated for the DBA in Dortmund in 2010, as a matured and compact athlete. It was not surprising that this pigeon was nominated for the 2011 Olympiad in the standard category.

The “0710-06-21” developed as a first prize winner with victories in races of 500 and 600 km

The 22 is one of the most impressive hens that has ever been exhibited at the DBA. She was the best in her category, she won several exhibition prizes and she was an Olympiad pigeon! When she was nominated for the DBA for the first time, in January 2010, she won her category. Let’s take a look at her origins: her cousin and half sister 0710-07-221 was also a winner in her category and was awarded as standard hen! The 221 became 30th Ace Hen at national level in the following season and won 11 prizes in 2011 and 12 prizes in 2012! This perfectly illustrates the strength of this pigeon family.

Back to the 22. This successful pigeon has won 13 prizes in 2010 and she was again selected for the DBA, where she won the first place in her category. She was also selected for the Olympiad team 2011 in the standard category, together with her brother 21: two nest mates at the Olympiad! This time the 22 won the second prize in the hens’ category and Franz-Wilhelm Gonschior climbed the international stage once again. Unfortunately the 21 did not collect enough points to win a top three prize. Still, this pigeon played an important role in the performance of the German team and the winning of the gold medal.

The 2011 Olympiad was a complete success for Franz-Wilhelm: his hen 0710-09-522 was selected for the sports class category G. Of course you need some luck to have three of your pigeons in the German selection for the Olympiad.

Should you send your best pigeons to the Olympiad? That was of course an important question for Franz-Wilhelm. Eventually he did send the 22, because she gave him the impression that she wanted to keep on flying. This is of course something only the fancier can experience. Franz-wilhelm decided to send the 22 to the Olympiad again in 2011. She won 13 prizes that season and with 56 prizes in her entire career she now belongs to the special category in the DBA.

The 21 and the 22 have two sisters worth mentioning as well. The 0710-09-536 hen was the 1st Ace Hen in Gonschior's region in 2011 and 8th National Ace Hen. The 0710-09-595 hen was 1st Regional Ace Hen with 14 prizes in 2012 and 1,123 ace points.

The 851 is one of the sons of stock cock 0710-91-239

This stock cock was the best cock in the union in 1994 with 12/12 prizes and a 5th Ace Pigeon in District 5. He stems from a cock of Tamsen (06190-89-227) and he is a son of Tamsen’s stock pair 226 x 615. The 615 belongs to the bloodline of Grondelaer, which is still an important element in today’s Gonschior pigeon breed. The dam of the stock cock 239 is the 0710-88-619, a daughter of the old stock bird 100 from the red line. The success story of Franz-Wilhelm began with this line in 1971, with his first champion 469.

When a fancier pairs two of his birds he never knows in advance what the combination will bring and why some combinations breed descendants that are even stronger than their parents. In this case however, it is almost a certainty that the breeding quality of the 227 has given so many good descendants. After all the 227 has not only bred the 239; he is also the sire of 0710-92-19 and 0710-93-720. This means he has bred a great pigeon at least once a year, which makes him an outstanding breeder.

The dam of the 851 has a remarkable history as well. The hen 0710-92-422 was among the best hens of the loft at a young age and won for instance a 5th prize from St. Pölten in 1993. After several years she made a comeback as a racing bird in 2000 and she even won 10 prizes again! The sire of this hen, 0710-89-40, was also a very successful widower in the union with over 60 prizes. This bird won no less than seven victories as a nine-year-old.

Achievements in 2012

We have already discussed the results at club level in the intro. We also give you the championship results in Region 405:

1st German Regional Championship Middle Distance
2nd German Regional Championship Long Distance
1st Regional Championship yearlings
1st in the Brieftaube championship
1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th, 12th Ace Cock
1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 16th Ace Hen
1st prize Klinik-Cup
1st Union Championship
1st Regional Championship
1st, 2nd, 6th, 9th German Derby one year old cocks

Franz-Wilhelm Gonschior is not very well known outside his region. This is partly because he does not make too much fuss about his pigeons and partly because he does not have any Belgian or Dutch pigeons in his family. He always breeds with his own racing pigeons and their descendants, which in their turn originate from previous generations of top class racers with great lists of achievements. If he decides to add some other pigeons to his breed he will always obtain them from friends or fanciers from around. Still it would be fair to say that Franz-Wilhelm Gonschior is one of the best, if not the very best fancier in Germany!