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Franz-Wilhelm Gonschior (Wenden, DE) takes a super class hen to the Olympiad in Nitra

Breaking news about the German superstar Franz-Wilhelm Gonschior. Here at PIPA we call him ‘Mr. Olympiad’ and that is an appropriate name! It was confirmed yesterday that his DV00710-09-595 ‘As Weibchen 595’ will be representing Germany at the 2012 Olympiad in Nitra in category A!

‘As Weibchen 595’ had already won a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon against 400 lofts and she is included in the total auction (at PIPA) of this German superstar, which ends next weekend (Part 5, lot number 5). The sire of ‘As Weibchen 595’ is the stock cock ‘Son Olympiad 274’ and will also be sold in this auction (Part 1). This cock is now the sire of no less than three (!) different Olympiad pigeons.