Frans Bungeneers (Ranst, BE) has put his mark on marathon racing in Belgium and beyond the border

Every season, the name Frans Bungeneers shows up in the pedigree of pigeons which have achieved top results on (inter)national extreme long distance races. It is the ultimate proof of the quality rich stock that he built through the years.

In the years after the theft, Frans was forced to rebuild his stock. Since then, especially the genes of the hens Queen Tonny and her inbred granddaughter Elena have been responsible for new successes on his own loft. Above all, it is remarkable how after the theft the Bungeneers pigeons have become valuable in breeding and crossing with other lofts' bloodlines. The list of references each year is highly impressive! 

The past season Frans experienced ups and downs on his own loft, including a mouse infestation as a result of his cat being hit in traffic 2 years ago. Frans will also make some changes to his lofts to be better adapted to periods of extreme heat. 

Nonetheless, he managed the following magnificent results: 

7th Prov. Agen – 103rd Nat.
10th Prov. Souillac – 126th Nat.
12th Prov. Marseille – 110th Nat.

On Barcelona, which is the race it is all about for Frans, he managed an impressive series: 

Provincial: 36-50-68-101-197-289-314-315
National: 168-298-397-591-…


On Barcelona, the hen Jelsie showed herself for the second year in a row. In 2021, she won the 479th National Barcelona and improved in 2022 by winning the 168th National. 

Jelsie is cross between the best extreme long distance bloodlines. Father is Kleine Jelle (NL17-1732412) from Jelle Jellema, a son of New Jade 1 and Klein KweekstertjeMother is Daughter Penelope (BE16-6241523) of Frans. This hen was bred from the lines of Malasyia King, 1st Int. Perpignan, a sister Queen Tonny and Penelope, winner of 2nd Nat. Barcelona for Frans and an important hen in the development of the Bungeneers stock.  


Those who have followed Frans Bungeneers closely in the past years, won't be surprised to find a heap of beautiful references from 2022 were delivered to his doormat. It has become the colony's trademark and therefore regarded highly by fellow extreme long distance fanciers. 


We start off with two top references from 2022, the National victory on Narbonne by Dider Hoflack with his yearling Mister Frans and the international victory by Chris Paauwe with his yearling hen Thunder Queen! 

Narbonne was a tough race, one for pigeons with character and perseverance. Mister Frans showed to have exactly these qualities and won 1st National Narbonne against 3,324 p. and 14th Int. against 12,821 p. 

The mother of Mister Frans is bred from a hen of Frans Bungeneers who in turn is bred from Teen, brother Ellie and Saffier Jellema (inteelt Queen Tonny).

Moreover, this hen is also mother of the 2nd National Ace Pigeon France above 750km in 2021. A real breeding gem! 

Chris Paauwe (Kruiningen, NL) became the international victor on the tough Narbonne on the yearlings race. His hen Thunder Queen left all other 12,820 yearlings behind! Grandmother on father's side is a hen of Van Schijndel en Zonen which is inbred to Queen Tonny. 

Also on Narbonne yearlings, the combination Bastogne-Henry stood in the spotlights. Three of their National Top 100 racers are related to Bungeneers pigeons! The 22nd Nat. Narbonne 6,013 p. at Bastogne-Henry was won by BE21-1151261. Her grandmother is Beauty Elena, a daughter of Elena.

Winner of the 32nd Nat. Narbonne at Bastogne-Henry is a 100% Bungeneers. The hen BE21-1151331 was bred from the pair Sander x Micheline.

Bastogne-Henry could also rely on the DNA of Bungeneers pigeons in winning the 57th Nat. Narbonne. Father of the BE21-1153823, 57th Nat. Narbonne 6,013 p. was bred from the pair Blokje Junior x dochter Elena

Unbelievable how dominant the Bungeneers bloodlines were on this edition of Narbonne. The difficulty of the race explains why pigeons with Bungeneers DNA did so well... it is also crucial to be able to continue flying for hours on end during two other races on the international classics calendar, and impressive results were booked on these races 2022 as well. 

Barcelona and Perpignan

Gunter Ceulemans (Emblem, BE) won 14th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. with BE17-6079702. The father of this top performer on Barcelona is a half-brother of - again - Elena.

Also on Perpignan there were great results. Guido and Tom De Rijck (Lier, BE) won 63rd Nat.Perpignan 3,766 p. with BE20-6244306, of which the mother is a child from the pair Blokje Junior x daughter Elena.

Success with auctioned pigeons

It is nice to see that so many fanciers are successful with the pigeons which were sold by Frans in the past years at his yearly auction on PIPA. Meanwhile, 6 pigeons sold by Frans on PIPA became parents to a pigeon that few Top 100 National at their new owner. Several of the above mentioned performances included. Amongst them are the three pigeons which flew Top 100 National for Bastogne-Henry: 

  • 22nd Nat. Narbonne ’22  (grandmother is daughter Elena)
  • 32nd Nat. Narbonne ’22  (both parents, father is son Saartje and mother is granddaughter Queen Tonny and granddaughter son Don Michel)
  • 57th Nat. Narbonne ’22 

Also, the 63rd Nat. Perpignan at Guide and Tom De Rijck was bred thanks to their purchase on PIPA. The mother of this racer was bought on PIPA and was bred from Son Saartje x daughter Elena. 

Besides the performances mentioned earlier, Frank Zwiers won 8th International Narbonne back in 2020 with a pigeon whose father was bought on PIPA. The father of this international super racer is a son of Elena. 

Super fancier with an ironclad stock of marathon pigeons

Frans Bungeneers is someone with an eye for pigeons that can separate themselves from the pack. Based on knowledge, intuition and pigeon skills, he built his own stock of pigeons, which have proven to belong to the best on especially the toughest extreme long distance races such as Barcelona. Frans won National Top 7 prizes on Barcelona since 2005 6 times...the theft in 2016 was an enormous setback, both mentally and in terms of racing. Nonetheless, his stock was already so widespread on other lofts, that the performances and references didn't stop. Very impressive, knowing that more than half of his colony was gone after the theft at Frans Bungeneers...

Many colleague fanciers which focus on international extreme long distance racing, have invested in the stock of Frans Bungeneers in the past years. This is something they didn't regret, as many of them were succesful up to the highest (inter)national level. That his stock is doing so well, is something Frans can enjoy to the fullest!