Frans Bungeneers (Ranst, BE) excels in Barcelona

With 5 national top 7 finishes and 3 international top 9 finishes on his palmares in 12 years' time it is safe to say Frans Bungeneers from Ranst is one of the most successful Barcelona fanciers of the past decade. He did great in 2016 as well, winning a 6th national against 7,693 pigeons.

A top performer in Barcelona

Barcelona will always be the number one classic for any extreme long distance fancier. Each single one of them hopes to take home a victory from Spain one day. Frans Bungeneers has achieved some brilliant results in this classic over the last decade, winning most notably a 1st national against 13,066 pigeons (and 4th international 25,835 p.) in 2005, a 2nd & 4th national 13,503 p. (5th and 9th international 27,627 p.) in 2009, a 6th national against 7,693 pigeons (17th international 17,732 pigeons) in 2016, and a 7th national against 7,791 p. (25th international 19,089 pigeons) in 2015.  Click here for an overwhelming overview of his achievements in Barcelona from 2005 to 2016.

Frans won the title of Gouden Vleugel twice: in 2005 with Queen Tonny (1st national) and in 2009 with Icarus (4th national).  In addition, he won the title of Bronzen Vleugel twice with the same racing hen: Ellie claimed this title in 2015 (15th national) and in 2016 (6th national). Unsurprisingly, Ellie also won the PIPA ranking for Barcelona 2015-2016, and she finished in 2nd place in the PIPA ranking for 2014-2016, both at national and international level. A complete overview of all Barcelona ace pigeons can be found here.

Queen Tonny, which sparked a golden era for Frans Bungeneers in Barcelona

Here is a look at his results from Barcelona in 2015 and 2016:


Provincial (987 pigeons): 2-3-8-9-11-21-49-59-122-209-231-257 
National (7,791 pigeons): 7-15-55-56-78-144-315-397-819-1.584-1.829 


Provincial (943 pigeons):  2-8-10-122-283
National (7693 pigeons):  6-64-81-986
International hens (5523 pigeons): 8-64-77

Our report of 2015 had a complete overview of the pigeon breed of Frans Bungeneers, and we also discussed the racing approach that allowed him to excel in Barcelona every single season. Those who missed last year's report or would like to have another read can find the article here (Dutch only).

BE11-6047989 Iron Lady Ellie, 6th National Barcelona 2016 and 15th National Barcelona 2015

Iron Lady Ellie is the star of this loft and without doubt one of the most successful racing birds in Barcelona aver. The last two races have both been particularly demanding but they had an entirely different weather profile. Nonetheless Iron Lady Ellie managed to win a top prize in each race. Frans saw her arrive home in the two consecutive races, moving with great agility, despite the tough weather conditions. This is something only the strongest of racing birds can do. Iron Lady Ellie is in fact the first pigeon in the history of the Bruges Barcelona Club to win one of the Vleugel titles two years in a row. Additionally, she finishes in first place in the Euro Diamond Pigeon Ranking 2016 across two seasons. She also tops the podium in the PIPA ranking for Barcelona 2015-2016, both at national and international level.

The sire of Iron Lady Ellie is a half brother of Icarus, 4th National Barcelona 2009, and thus a son of the half sister of Queen Tonny, winner of a 1st national Barcelona 2005. In other words, she originates from some of the best Barcelona bloodlines on the market. Click here for the impressive pedigree.

BE09-6153586 Lily, 7th National Barcelona 2015 and 81st National Barcelona 2016

Lily is the second in command in the Bungeneers racing team. She too has won two top prizes in the last two races from Barcelona, finishing in 3rd place in the PIPA ranking 2015-2016 at national and international level. The sire is a crossing of Denys-Steketee; the dam is a sister of Pablo and thus a granddaughter of Cor de Heijde's Don Michel. Pablo won a 29th national Soustons 2009 and a 120th national Perpignan in 2010. You can read more about her in her pedigree.

BE11-6047958 Elena, 64th National Barcelona 2016 and 78th National Barcelona 2015

The third racing bird that deserves a mention is Elena. She got home injured after the 2014 race from Spain but she managed to finish in the national top 80 in the following two seasons. She won a 7th place in the PIPA ranking Barcelona 2015-2016.

The sire of Elena is a full brother of Queen Tonny, 1st national Barcelona 2005, and a son of Witpen. Witpen is the grandfather of Penelope and Icarus, 2nd and 4th national Barcelona 2009 respectively. And there is more: the dam of Elena is a direct daughter of national winner Queen Tonny. This is another impressive pedigree worth taking a look at.

Successes in other lofts

Tonny's racing birds not only performed really well in their home loft; many other fanciers have been very successful with descendants of Queen Tonny and his loft mates. By the end of 2016 no less than 23 youngsters and grandchildren had won a national top 100 prize in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Here is a brief overview of the top results in the past three years, or at least those that Frans knows about:  

  • Gunther Ceulemans (Emblem, BE) won a 10th National Barcelona and the Zilveren Vleugel in 2014 with a 100% Bungeneers pigeon and a granddaughter of both Icarus (4th National Barcelona) and Penelope (2nd National Barcelona). It was the only pigeon from the province of Antwerp that was clocked that evening, at 22h58'24.
  • G. Ceulemans (Emblem, BE) wins a 16th National St.-Vincent 2016 (the dam is a daughter of Icarus, 4th National Barcelona).
  • Galle-Wynants (Veldegem, BE) wins a 53rd National Barcelona 2015 and a 293rd National Barcelona 2016 (24th PIPA ranking Barcelona Belgium 2015-2016). The sire is a son of Son Don Michel x inbred stock breeder Witpen.
  • Galle-wynants wins a 39th National Narbonne 2016 and a 168th National Pau in 2016 and a 60th National Perpignan in 2014 with racing bird 905-12. The sire of this cock won a 1st provincial (and 26th national) Barcelona for Eddy d’Heedene (50% Bungeneers); the dam is Barcelonaduivin, a sister of the dam of Iron Lady Ellie, which stems from Blokje Bungeneers.
  • Jan Vanden Berg (Vladslo, BE) wins a 82nd National Barcelona 2015 with a 50% Bungeneers.
  • Jozef Van Elsacker (Zoersel, BE) wins a 96th National Barcelona 2015 and a 179th National Barcelona 2016, which resulted in a 15th place in the PIPA ranking Barcelona Belgium 2015-2016. The sire comes from a brother of the dam of Lily (7th National) x sister Queen Tonny.
  • Fellow fancier Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) wins a 2nd National Barcelona 2015 (3rd international) and a 1st NPO and 2nd National S1 Bererac 2015 with two pigeons that are related to Jesse. Jesse is a son of stock sire De Witpen (Cor de Heijde breed) paired to his own daughter Queen Tonny, 1st National Barcelona 2005.
  • Gerard Schalkwijk (Lopik, NL) wins a 2rd and a 3rd Perigueux 2016 against 7022 pigeons in S3. The sire of the 2nd and 3rd prize winner (a brother and sistes) is a brother of Elena and thus a grandson of Queen Tonny.
  • Gerard Schalkwijk wins a 9th Perigueux 2016 (Lopik, NL) and an 18th National Orange 2016 (arrival at night). The sire of this pigeon is a grandson of Queen Tonny and of daughter Queen Tonny, and a son of Don Michel.
  • Gerard Schalkwijk wins a 51st National Barcelona 2016. The dam is a granddaughter of Son Don Michel.
  • Gerard Schalkwijk also wins a 20th National Orange 2015, a 22ns National Narbonne 2015, a 31st National Pau 2015 and a 33rd National Agen 2015, all with at least 50% Bungeneers pigeions, which stem from the bloodlines of Son Don Michel, Queen Tonny and Blokje.
  • Lisa Boutens (Torhout, BE) wins a 14th National Cahors 2016. The dam is a nest sister of Sandra, 56th National Barcelona 2015 and a granddaughter of a 2nd National and a 4th National Barcelona (Penelope and Icarus).
  • Ed Van Bruggen (Meerkerk, NL) wins a 27th National Orange 2016. The dam is a half sister of Iron Lady Ellie bred from Blokje Bungeneers.
  • Van Vugt-Groeneveld (Nieuwendijk, NL) wins a 10th National Agen 2016 Sector 1 against 7,125 pigeions (afternoon release) with a grandson of Saartje, a daughter of Queen Tonny.
  • Martin d’Hooghe (Ursel, BE) wins a 4th National Montauban 2015. The dam is another full sister of the dam of Iron Lady Ellie bred from Blokje Bungeneers.

Closing words

Frans Bungeneers is really creating an impressive pigeon family here in Ranst. If there had been an award for best Barcelona breeding loft, Frans would be one of the major contenders. His racing birds have won many top prizes both at home and in other lofts, often in demanding conditions. And he has a bright future ahead: his 296/14, a two year old hen, won a 46st national St. Vincent, her very first long distance race. She had no experience at all. She is a daughter of Lilly (7th National Barcelona) x son Icarus (4th National Barcelona). "This is one of the advantages of racing from the nest", Frans explains. "Good quality pigeons that can show their breeding value already in the racing loft will give you a significant advantage over your opponents!" A great piece of advice indeed.