Four auctions end today: a.o. Cooper & Gilbert, G&S Verkerk and Jewels of the Sky

Today four auctions are ending, below an intro on every auction. U find these auctions by clicking 'Auctions' in your menu.

Scheers-Lodewijckx: best old racers & breeders
The traditional ‘Mecca of Belgian pigeon racing’ is the Antwerpen Union, where the duo Scheers-Lodewijckx performs at the highest level for a long period already … they won 3 cars, won National aces and are amongst the champions for 10 years; it makes the colony of Scheers-Lodewijckx to one of the best in short and middle distance racing. In this exclusive auction the best breeders and racers, like ‘Blue Dream’ (8x 1st), ‘Little Princess’ (1st acebird Antwerpen Union) and ‘Stefke’ (3e acebird Vanrobaeys 2012) … all blessed with the golden bloodlines of founding pair ‘Marco’ x ‘Witpen Engels’

Mark Gilbert & G&C Cooper: 33 yb from the best breeders (with DNA!)
It is quite clear that fanciers from Great Britain are playing a role in the international competitions. The best example is the lofts of Mark Gilbert and Geoff & Catherine Cooper. They are without a doubt the strongest extreme long distance lofts in England and they have both won international victories. Both the lofts excel in the same discipline and they are good friends so some of their bloodlines can be found in the two lofts. For PIPA this was reason enough to auction the best birds of the two lofts. Both the two top lofts will offer together 33 young birds which were bred especially for PIPA. They stem from all the national and international winners and their parents.

G&S Verkerk: 41 yb from the best breeders (with DNA!)
The career of Gerard and Bas Verkerk is a continued success story. Only a year after they moved to a new loft they have regained their position at the top. They had numerous NPO top prizes (no less than 27 top-25 results in the NPO) and provincial top prizes. They also took a top 10 prize in their First ZLU marathon classic. Gerard and Bas have never sold one of their national or international stars and their basis is almost impossible to beat. This auction has young birds from all of their excellent breeding pigeons.

Jewels of the Sky December - Part 2
The champions league of pigeons racing comes together in PIPA’s Jewels of the Sky 2012-2013 … PIPA’s famous formula of success that guarantees sensational offfers in its 8th edition. The International top offers only their best quality … for years it makes Jewels of the Sky record breaking auctions. Unique in this seasons episode is the label ‘The Vet edition’; dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht will visit the buyers of the three most expensive pigeons to supply them with medical advices, anywhere in the world. As extra service from PIPA to their loyal customers. In Jewels of the Sky December II an offer of top class birds by Hok Jos Vercammen, Steveninck Benny, Clicque Gino, Beukenne P&F, BDS Team and Van Winkel Jef.