Flanders Collection, the loft with the most unique collection of original top breeders From the “Golden” pedigree De Rauw-Sablon!

“Flanders Collection”, a capital name, but deserves a word of explanation. What is Flanders Collection? What does Flanders Collection stand for? What is their aim? And in particular, what do they have under their roof? What you can now read in the text will make all these things clear.

What is Flanders Collection?

Flanders Collection is one of the most unique collections of original De Rauw-Sablon and Aelbrecht pigeons. They house no less than 85 of these most coveted pigeons in the current pigeon sport. But what makes them so unique?! Flanders Collection is not just any old collection, no! This is a collection of super breeding and racing pigeons, all out this “Golden Pedigree De Rauw-Sablon”. A never before seen collection of one for one proven TOP- breeders and excellent performing pigeons. This is unique in the world. Breeding first prize racers is essential for a ticket to enter the golden breeding loft Flanders Collection! A breeding pigeon which has not submitted top performances after 2 years in the breeding loft is immediately removed. There is only room for the best, the crème de la crème! For this, a very strong selection is needed of course. And who can do this better than the great master in the current day pigeon sport, namely Frans Sablon. Frans Sablon is a very close friend of the Flanders Collection and selects all the pigeons which reside in the lofts. Nothing escapes the notice of Frans Sablon. No preferential treatment for pigeons with a nicer pedigree, the quality prevails above everything. Only the toppers remain. To bring the quality to world level Frans Sablon also helps with the coupling of the pigeons, as such that they could also build up a breeding loft with an eye to the future out their own breed and bring more top pigeons into the world. It is an honour that a man like Frans Sablon, the man who managed to produce a super pedigree twice in no time at all, will couple and select the pigeons in our loft.

What does the Flanders Collection stand for?

One can confidently say that in the pigeon sport there has never been a pedigree as dominant as “De Rauw-Sablon” in the National Ace pigeon parade! There was not a moment over the last 20 years when this superior pedigree didn’t account for a national Ace pigeon title. One thing is indispensible for this, namely top quality! And that is what the Flanders Collection stands for. Flanders Collection guarantees only the best. They see it as their personal mission to keep this “Ace pigeon machine” running over the entire world. This is then also one of the reasons why a man so as Frans Sablon supports this young ambitious team for 100%. An example of this unseen treasure of top quality in the lofts of Flanders Collection is that they have no less than two Original De Rauw-Sablon pigeons in the lofts which have already producedNational winners, something unique in the current pigeon world. This, together with an unseen treasure of other original De Rauw-Sablon pigeons which have already produced numerous 1st prize racers, is the reprehensible proof of pure top class, top quality!

What is their aim?

  • To retain the excellent quality of this superior pedigree, both in their own loft as in the lofts of their customers.
  • To keep this “Golden Pedigree” with its immeasurable breeding power pure and unadulterated, so that the customers have the ideal inbreed product to cross with their own pedigree.
  • To create the ideal mix of Top performances with Top lineage.
  • To let the entire pigeon world enjoy this unseen source of quality to ensure the eternal fame of this super pedigree.
  • Mass production is not an option! A few times a year a limited number of selected pigeons offered for sale via PiPa.

This is a short but clear look at the vision of the Flanders Collection. It is the intention that via Flanders Collection people are able to obtain this top material, so that this never before known stream of Ace pigeons and national winners can keep flowing over the entire world.


What do they have under their roof?

The “Flanders Collection” can be divided into three categories.      

  •   Firstlythere is the extensive collection of numerous proven breeding pigeons, all original De Rauw-Sablonpigeons.                                                                                                                                                             
  • Secondly they possess one of the most unique collections of original Aelbrecht pigeons, once again all proven breeders and/or racers.                                                                                                     
  • Thirdlythey also have a modest collection of original Pros Roosen pigeons, the man who had numerous successes with the “golden” input of the De Rauw-Sablon pedigree.


A selection of the original top breeders of the pedigree De Rauw-Sablon

“THE” monument of the Flanders Collection! The direct son of “The Dreampair” De Rauw-Sablon. A full brother of all those top breeders which made the pedigree so famous, and als a top breeder!

A duo that everyfancier dreams of! No less than 2 original De Rauw-Sablon pigeons which have already produced provincial, zonal and even national winners! Both in the breeding lofts of the Flanders Collection!

Two of the three children “Fondman (son dreampair and 2nd nat Ace pigeon Long Distance ‘01) x daughter Dromer” which were bred before he left for Taiwan are owned by Flanders Collection. They shine in breeding first prize winners!

Kastaar (best brother Dromer) x Aline (best daughter Dreampair), or in other words, TOPxTOP!

“THE” succes formula of Flanders Collection, see here the result!

The direct children “Dromer”, prized over the entire pigeon world, Flanders Collection owns no less than 2 of these unique examples. Bred in the lofts of De Rauw-Sablon, a reference in itself!

Further another 2 daughters “Limoges” (mothers of 1/8.500 Bourges and 3x1st), 2 full brothers Asduifje 910/99, Daughter Kastaar x Aline ’03, Daughter “Freddy” (Mother of 6x1st) etc…

A selection out the original top breeders of the pedigree Aelbrecht Marcel.

Flanders Collection owns one of the greatest collections of direct children from the Bak 17 couple.

Including “THE” best breeding son Bak 17 “In the world”! Direct children of this clapper have already added 8 x 1st prize to their names, including the 11. Nat Bourges 29.984p.

Two sublime daughters out this same famous Bak 17 couple, both top breeders! The “Mooi Bak 17” was in 2010 mother of yet another 1st prize winner, and also the 17. Nat Bourges 22.442p. Her youngsters won 3 x per 10 in the 4 nationals!

A direct son out “The Marseille”x”Fijn Blauw”, and what a son! His descendants have made it as far as “national champions”, first prize winners of the highest level! Real long distance racers!

Two direct children “Brother Smallen 970/96”. Two of his children have already made it as far as National Ace pigeon! Here a very promising half-brother 1. Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance (Patron) and a “full sister” of the 7. Nat Ace pigoen Long Distance.

An excellent breeding hen out the famous “Crack 066” line and a direct daughter “309/02 Marseille”. Their direct children are good for no less than 7 x1st prize!

Further another 4 direct children Bak 17, 3 half-brothers “Goede blauwe”, a son “Perpignan” (father 1/3.602 Chateauroux), 2 out “Nest sister Bak 17, 2 out “Michael” (best current Aelbrecht breeder), 4 out “Jonge Marseille”, etc…

A selection out the modest collection of top pigeons, pedigree Pros Roosen.

“THE” very best breeding hen from Pros Roosen, she made a success story of the “Freddy” there in Kermt! She produced no less than 6 top breeders, wherefrom their descendants won no less than 16 x 1st! She was added to Flanders Collection, together with two of her best grandchildren! A golden transfer!


The best evidence of dedicated coaching and top quality are performances. A selection out the results 2009-2010 in the races between 200-350 Km (raced by Deridder). Our De Rauw-Sablon and Aelbrecht pigeons were tested in the National races for the first time in 2010! The youngsters participated in 5 extreme middle distance races. With a magnificent result! (raced by Team Van Den Brande- Deridder)

1,2,4,5,11,12,24...              366p
1,2,4,5,12,18...                 186p    14/15
1,2,5,11,18,20,21...             251p         
1,3,4,9,11,12,13...              178p         
1,3,4,8,11,13,18,20,21,22...     175p    21/22
1,4,7,13,14,14,16,20...          381p         
1,2,6,16...                      132p         
1,5,7,8...                       693p         
1,8,11,21,22...                  343p         
1,17,22,24,24,34,35...           408p         
1e (1 duif ingekorfd)            308p    1/1  
1e (78m/m vooruit)               409p             
2,6,11,12,13,22,23...            294p         
2,6,9,10,16...                   256p             
2,4,10,11...                     426p    
3,12,20,21...                    301p    
3,16,17,27...                    355p    
3,18,19,23,33,34...              419p    
3,10,14,15,17...                 194p    14/16
3,4,5,12,20,28...                427p    
4,10,11,15,20...                 213p    
4,6,7,20,23,24,25...             605p    
5,6,9...                         586p    
5,22,39,50...                  2.014p    
6,12,20,21,29...                 438p    
7,8,10,11,12,14,23,24,29,30...   310p
10,11,12,20...                   211p    12/14
10,12,13,14,22,24,28...          291p
Bourges II   
3,21,25,35,61,81,82,84...        780p    
Zone B : 43e                  11.739p    
Nationaal : 134e              30.742p    
2,5,18,20,31,33,34,37...         404p    
B.U. : 16e, 33e...             2.413p    
1,3,9,13...                      560p    1st with an 8 minute lead!  
Zone B : 4e, 67e...           11.816p    
Nationaal : 17e, 224e...      22.442p    
La Souterraine
7e en 15e ...                    375p  With 1st and 2nd nominated! Smallest Coeff. 1+2 in FCD! 
2,3,8,12,16,18...                239p    
Nationaal :183e, 250e...      13.885p